178 According to the Cliche, This Is the Main Character

There were a few people who were on the verge of death.
Falling from a high altitude didn’t aggravate their injuries.
It was clear that other factors contributed to their appearance of being half-dead.

Fang Jinyu had already seen the person who had thrown them down.
It was a beautiful woman whose body was enveloped in a layer of light.
However, unlike this woman’s beauty, her words were extremely vicious.
She said, “You lowly cultivators, how dare you offend your superiors and hurt my child.
I will make you beg for death!”

“Your son has committed all kinds of evil deeds.
He killed millions of innocent mortals and cultivators just to refine a piece of magic treasure.
It’s a shame that I didn’t kill him!” One of the people who had been thrown down forced himself to sit up and looked at the woman with hatred.

“Chen Taian, you like to meddle in other people’s business as much as your master.
Do you know how your master died? Do you see that? That’s your master’s corpse!”

The beautiful woman snorted, “You still have a beloved junior sister.
Don’t worry, when my son is tired of playing with her, I will leave her to accompany you!”

After saying it, the woman disappeared into the blood-colored fog on the horizon.

As for the man named Chen Taian, he fainted in anger.
However, he was lucky because the others who were thrown down were all dead under the corrosion of the aura.

The man named Chen Taian seemed to have cultivated some kind of incredible cultivation technique.
His little bit of vitality was gradually recovering.

Fang Jinyu saw the scene but didn’t say a word.

It was because the beautiful woman had seen him struggling, but she had ignored him.

It revealed a lot of information.

“What’s wrong with them?”

Fang Jinyu asked the woman.

The woman said indifferently, “What kind of new things will happen? It’s nothing more than the son of that woman from the Wang family.
Someone acted bravely while seeing the son of that woman from the Wang family harming people outside.
However, that person didn’t expect to be captured by the other party’s parents after beating the other party up!”

From her tone, it seemed that she had seen such a scene before.

Fang Jinyu was silent for a moment.

However, Fang Jinyu wasn’t speechless.
He just thought of a possibility—could it be that Chen Taian was a protagonist?

The standpoint of justice, the suppression of the villains, the tempering of life and death—now the last thing missing was a counterattack!

Afterward, Fang Jinyu didn’t know how much time had passed because he felt that it was very fast.
However, in the blood-colored fog in the sky, another light appeared.
However, the figure of the previous beautiful woman didn’t appear.
Only two people in black armor came.
They threw down a corpse.

It was a female corpse.

Looking at her appearance, she should have been a young and beautiful girl when she was alive.
Unfortunately, she had been ruined and almost lost her human form.

At this moment, Chen Taian woke up.

Soon, Chen Taian found the corpse of the young girl.
He went crazy and screamed nonstop.
Fang Jinyu thought he would recover, but the man named Chen Taian didn’t recover until he died.

Fang Jinyu thought, “I’ve been looking forward to it for nothing!”

“How long has it been?”

Fang Jinyu asked the woman again.


At this moment, four-fifths of the woman’s flesh and blood had disappeared.
Only half of her face and neck were left with flesh and blood, and the other half of her heart had already stopped beating.
When she heard it, she smoothed her dry hair and said, “I don’t know.”

Fang Jinyu asked her some other questions, but she didn’t know anything.
However, Fang Jinyu understood that it wasn’t that the woman didn’t know anything, but that she didn’t dare say it or didn’t want to.

However, it wouldn’t affect their “friendship.” After all, Fang Jinyu had only entered reincarnation in a dream.

At this moment, the light in the sky appeared again.

Every time the light appeared, it seemed to mean hope.
However, every time it appeared, it meant that a corpse would be thrown down.

Of course, there were also people like Chen Taian who were still alive.

However, in this place, even if a person could survive at the beginning, they would die very quickly.

From this aspect, it could be seen that the woman wasn’t simple.
It was a pity that only half of her face was left.
So on this day, the woman suddenly said to Fang Jinyu, “Old dragon, I can’t hold on anymore.
It seems that he doesn’t plan to save me! Haha! I didn’t hesitate to barge into this place for him.
I was indeed too stupid to exchange it for him to go out…”

Fang Jinyu didn’t respond.
He was biting the iron chain.
Although it was useless, he would feel unhappy if he didn’t do anything.

The only pity was that in this dream, Fang Jinyu couldn’t gain anything from the system.

The woman was also deeply impressed by Fang Jinyu’s perseverance, especially when the old dragon was dead and all its essence had been sucked away.
However, he still managed to gather his vitality and forcefully get back to life!

Therefore, she continued, “I have a younger sister.
She left with her master when she was very young, so I’m not very close to her.
She is from the Gratuitous Heavenly Secrets Realm.
This is the method to contact someone in the Gratuitous Heavenly Secrets Realm.
If you can get out, help me tell her…”

After the woman finished speaking, she recited a spell.
After that, the last bit of flesh on her face began to disappear.

Seeing that she was only left with a skeleton, Fang Jinyu quickly asked, “What’s your sister’s name?”


The woman only uttered a single syllable before completely dissipating.

Fang Jinyu could feel that a force had appeared on the woman’s body.
It had sucked away all her essence, energy, and soul.
It had even devoured the last bit of her mark, not giving her a chance to enter reincarnation.


Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but roar at the sky.
He was using the opportunity to vent the inexplicable pressure in his heart.

With Fang Jinyu’s roar, a ray of light appeared above his head again.
The light was like hope and was extremely dazzling.
Afterward, a frivolous man’s voice sounded, “This old dragon is still alive?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the man descended from the light and stepped on Fang Jinyu’s head.

“Hey, the old dragon, do you know where a man named Chen Taian goes?” After asking the question, the man even stepped on Fang Jinyu’s “dragon head” with one foot.

Fang Jinyu’s eyes were filled with hostility.
Afterward, he turned his head and opened his mouth, instantly tearing the man apart.

Blood gushed out as the man screamed and tried to escape.
However, Fang Jinyu controlled his dragon’s body and smashed him into pieces.

Fang Jinyu opened his mouth and spat out black flames that burned the man’s body into ashes.

As Fang Jinyu “fought,” a large amount of battle information related to the battle appeared in his mind for no reason.
At the same time, there was also a lot of experience related to the cultivation of the black dragon.

Only then did Fang Jinyu realize the use of his body in this dream.
However, it was too late.
He was discovered here after killing the man.
Immediately after, a dragon’s head flew up.
Fang Jinyu turned his eyes slightly and even saw his “headless dragon corpse.”

“I’m dead?”

With this thought, Fang Jinyu felt as if he had just woken up from a dream.
He subconsciously stretched and realized that he was back.

“That’s not right.
I didn’t leave at all.
I just entered a dream and reincarnated…”

Fang Jinyu circulated the spell to make himself more clear-headed.
After that, he observed changes in his body.

Fang Jinyu’s appearance didn’t become weird, but his heart was a little different from before.

It was because something that looked like a core had appeared in his heart.

However, it wasn’t the core of a Core Formation stage cultivator.

It was the dragon’s core!

Fang Jinyu had a feeling that even if he didn’t have the immortal seed, he only needed to transform into the night dragon body, and he could face other cultivators who had immortal seeds without being at a disadvantage!

“The dream of a thousand-year reincarnation technique is really amazing…”

Fang Jinyu thought that if he could obtain such a harvest from an incomplete dream reincarnation, then what if he had a complete dream reincarnation?

Fang Jinyu wanted to continue, but at this moment, he was mentally and physically exhausted.
He had strong mental fatigue that forced him to rest first.

Fang Jinyu slept for half a month for his “rest.” The Shenhua Sect’s competition had already ended by the time he awoke.

However, nothing happened to the Hall of Rites’ performance.

The Hall of Rites was full of handsome men and beautiful women, making the opening performance even more enjoyable.

Therefore, even if Fang Jinyu didn’t do anything, he still received a generous sum of contribution points since he was the palace leader.

The Hall of Rites disciples who participated in the performance mission each worked hard and only received 300 contribution points.
Fang Jinyu, on the other hand, received 3,000 contribution points.

It was because “Han Feiyu” had been recognized by the Shenhua Sect!

Although Fang Jinyu hadn’t officially sworn an oath, the Shenhua Sect had no reason to let a cultivator who had an immortal seed go.
It was just because he was recruited by Lord Cultivator Yuanyu, who was still in closed-door seclusion, that even the sect leader Ye Kuiyi didn’t dare decide on his own to take in Fang Jinyu.
Therefore, he could only let Fang Jinyu wait.

After all, in the past, all cultivators who had an immortal seed would be summoned by Incarnation stage lord cultivators without exception.
If they found them pleasing to the eye, they would be taken in as disciples.

As the sect leader, Ye Kuiyi didn’t dare fight with an Incarnation stage lord cultivator over a disciple!

“Senior brother, why did you sleep for so long?” Xin Qianqian was still in the Shenhua Sect.
It was because, after every competition among the five great immortal sects’ disciples, they would set up a few temporary markets to exchange what they needed.
She strolled around the market and bought a spiritual item.
Then, she went to look for Fang Jinyu as usual and found that he had opened the restrictive enchantment.

Xin Qianqian thought that Fang Jinyu was in closed-door seclusion, but she found out that he was sleeping.
That was why she asked the question.

“I didn’t expect to overuse my energy to cultivate a secret technique.” Fang Jinyu gave a simple explanation and then asked, “Junior Sister, do you still remember the immortal seed that jumped into your body outside the Moongazer Immortal City?”

Previously, Fang Jinyu didn’t understand what was going on.
In addition, he had some “problems” with himself, so he didn’t bother to ask.

“Senior brother, are you sure that you didn’t make a mistake back then?” When Xin Qianqian heard it, she couldn’t help but glance at Fang Jinyu.
Previously, she had formed a grade 2 core, but no embryonic form of a magic domain appeared, so she thought that what she had obtained that day wasn’t an immortal seed.

If Xin Qianqian said it directly, it might be insulting her “Senior Brother Fang.” Moreover, it was too difficult to obtain immortal seeds in the upper realm, so she didn’t mention it at all.

“Looks like that immortal seed has been reserved…”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but think of Lin Xianer.
According to the cliche, Lin Xianer would fall out with her father.
After she killed her evil father, she would receive an immortal seed.
It would allow Lin Xianer to have a greater sense of justice, and at the same time, she would be able to live up to her “righteousness over family.”

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