185 The Spell, the “Sacrifice” of the Descendants

In the upper realm’s Cave Lake Realm, Liting was fleeing for his life to other realms.

It was because his evil corpse clone had been killed.

Liting’s evil corpse clone was different from ordinary clones.
It had the characteristics of immortality.
It could be destroyed and reborn at any time.
As long as evil thoughts were endless, his evil corpse clone wouldn’t die!

Even those five who were on the path of cultivation validation might not be able to kill his evil corpse clone.

They could only seal it!

However, Liting’s evil corpse clone only lasted for two days and two nights to stop Qing Fu from killing Liting before it was destroyed.
As a result, he was severely injured.

However, Liting also gained something.

“She’s definitely not human!”

The evil corpse clone had also injured Qing Fu, but green-gold blood flowed out of the little girl’s body.


Although it seemed to exaggerate, every drop contained nomological powers.
Without a doubt, such a drop of blood was already equivalent to a grade-8 heavenly material and earthly treasure.

“The more I beat you up, the better I feel.
Was our hatred so deep in the past?” At this moment, the crisp voice of a girl that made Liting fear suddenly sounded.

It made him hurriedly raise his hand and grab something.

Instantly, the images of mountains and rivers were drawn out of the land.

It was a formation formed with a single thought, with mountains and rivers as the foundation.


Heaven and earth seemed to be shaking, and countless turbid rays rolled back.
One could vaguely see the shadows of cold bones flickering within.
It was a living being that had once died in the area.
At this moment, the array formation had caused it to turn into a ghost spirit and reappeared in the human world.

In a moment, the evil aura rolled and the cold wind blew, and the faint whimpers spread from far to near and from near to far.

Such a terrifying power, let alone for Nascent Soul stage cultivators who have immortal seeds, would make even other early-stage Incarnation cultivators have to avoid it first to avoid being polluted by the array formation.

However, a certain fair and tender hand also reached out and grabbed.

The sun immediately cast down a phantom!

“Eh? So you know the spell too?”

Qing Fu’s figure appeared.
She looked at Liting in front of her, her big eyes filled with curiosity.

At this moment, Liting’s expression turned bad.

In Liting’s desperation, he forgot that the spell he knew was from Qing Fu.

However, he had only learned a little.
How could he compare to Qing Fu?

However, the power of the spell had to be described as extremely terrifying.
He had only grasped a little bit of it, but he could transform the heavens, the earth, the mountains, and the rivers into an array formation with a thought.
He could move Yin and Yang, and he could set up the Red Deity.

“You’ve already killed my good corpse and evil corpse.” Liting was no longer as arrogant as when he first saw Qing Fu.
At this moment, he only felt a chill in his body and mind.

He was too powerless.
No matter how he attacked, he couldn’t do anything to Qing Fu.

Even if his evil corpse clone tried its best to stall Qing Fu for two days, she only took a moment to catch up.

“But why do I feel that killing you is the end?”

Qing Fu looked at Liting and couldn’t help but frown.

Qing Fu had no memories of the past, only some fragmented memories.
Many things were blurry.

However, her feelings couldn’t go wrong!

Liting’s expression changed drastically.

However, a look of joy immediately appeared on his face because the aura of a cultivator who ranked 9 in the Incarnation stage surged over him.
After that, the wind stopped, and the invisible wind turned into a human face with a high crown.

Two strands of long black and white hair fell from the two sides of the face.

It was also a unique characteristic.

He was the Lord Cultivator Baixuan of the Lanxing Sect.

Meanwhile, his face concretized, and he glared at Qing Fu with anger.
“How dare you come?”

Lord Cultivator Baixuan and Qing Fu had never met before.

However, he wasn’t unfamiliar with Qing Fu because the shadow that blocked his path of cultivation validation was the same as the person in front of him.

Even without the shadow, he might not be able to achieve his cultivation validation immediately.

However, what was the difference between such an action and provoking him?

As one of the five “hardworking experts” of the Cave Lake Realm, how could he tolerate an early-stage Incarnation stage cultivator provoking him in such a way?

“Are you blind? Aren’t I already here?” Qing Fu glanced at Lord Cultivator Baixuan’s projection before asking in a friendly manner.

Yes, friendly.
Qing Fu had learned it from Fang Jinyu.

“How dare you!”

Lord Cultivator Baixuan’s gaze turned cold.
He had been rather angry at the loss of the head in the immortal realm, but now that he heard Qing Fu’s words, his anger flared up, and he immediately attacked.

However, how could Qing Fu just stand there and wait to be beaten up? The moment Lord Cultivator Baixuan attacked, the little girl ran away without a trace.

“Liting thanks to Lord Cultivator Baixuan for saving my life! Lord cultivator, in the future, if you need any help, I’ll immediately help you.”

Liting hurriedly thanked Lord Cultivator Baixuan.

However, when Lord Cultivator Baixuan heard Li Ting’s words, he knew that Liting wanted to rely on him.
Otherwise, which lord cultivator would say such a thing?

However, although Lord Cultivator Baixuan was angry with Qing Fu, he had no intention of helping Liting.
Thus, he said coldly, “If you ever come near the immortal gate of Lanxing Sect again, I’ll definitely suppress you for a thousand years!”

After saying that, the projection of Lord Cultivator Baixuan’s face disappeared.

It made Liting change his expression a few times.
However, very soon, Liting couldn’t care about the anger in his heart because he felt Qing Fu appear near him again.

Liting immediately turned around and fled without hesitation.

However, Qing Fu soon caught up with him.

“Don’t run!”

Liting naturally wouldn’t listen.

Qing Fu was unable to kill Liting as he was running at full speed.
After all, the Incarnation stage cultivators had the characteristic of being indestructible and eternal.

However, the pursuit wasn’t completely ineffective.

Liting’s cultivation base kept dropping.
From the initial peak of ranking 3 in the Incarnation stage to now, he was about to drop to rank 1 in the Incarnation stage.

It was the result of too many of his incarnations being killed.

In the end, after Qing Fu summoned her Incarnation place and drowned Liting’s Incarnation place with a vast sea of smoke, Liting’s Incarnation stage foundation began to have problems.

However, Liting wasn’t dead yet.

Because he had a family!

His family was originally insignificant in the Cave Lake Realm of the upper realm because the Li family didn’t even have a Nascent Soul stage cultivator who had an immortal seed until Liting returned after he broke through the Incarnation stage!

In an instant, the Li family became one of the major families in the cultivation world.

After a thousand years of development, although Liting didn’t have any descendants in this life, he did have descendants in his previous life! Liting wasn’t a reincarnation.
Thus, his soul was infinitely close to his children in his previous life.

Because of this, Liting’s bloodline from his previous life was now the best “sacrifice” for him.

Liting had been killed by Qing Fu three times.
It meant that three cultivators of the Li family who have Tianling spiritual roots had suddenly died.

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