192 The Busy “Master Xia” Gradually Changes His Style

Once, several immortals fought in the upper realm.

Then, some things suddenly fell.
Among them were fragments of immortal treasures and unknown items.
There were a total of 17 pieces.
It was also these things that formed the current five “immortals” and 12 lands.

In addition to the devil’s intent inside, the fragment of the immortal treasure that was suppressed by the Zhudao Sect had a few incomplete cultivation runes.

The formation of the Demon-extinguishing Sea was affected by the incomplete cultivation runes! At that time, some cultivators were affected by the incomplete cultivation runes.
Fortunately, those cultivators didn’t live long.
After they died, the influence of the incomplete cultivation runes disappeared.

However, at this moment, when Xia Yi’s fair and jade-like palm touched the immortal treasure fragment of the Zhudao Sect, two wisps of invisible gray energy quickly entered his body from the immortal treasure fragment.

Even though Xia Yi was already ranked 9 in the Incarnation stage and had already embarked on the path of cultivation validation, he couldn’t sense it at all.

He didn’t even react to the sudden change of mind.

It was because the two wisps of dark gray energy were compatible with Xia Yi.
Now that they had entered his body, it was as if they had returned to their original owners.
They fused without any hindrance.

Xia Yi’s gaze flickered slightly.
His face, which looked as perfect as if it had been carved out, didn’t have any change in expression.
However, when he raised his eyes slightly, an extremely confident and arrogant aura emerged.

However, Xia Yi didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.
He turned around and walked out.

As Xia Yi had always been like this, the other Incarnation stage lord cultivators didn’t notice anything amiss.
They cupped their fists and bowed to the Incarnation stage lord cultivator from the Zhudao Sect before disappearing.


Although the Incarnation stage lord cultivator from the Zhudao Sect didn’t look good at the moment, he still returned the bow.
Under the influence of the devil’s intent, although his personality was inclined towards arrogance, he still had to see who the other party was!

However, after Xia Yi left the Zhudao Sect, the Incarnation stage lord cultivator’s gaze instantly turned sinister.

“Xia Yi, I will return the humiliation you gave me today!”

At this moment, Xia Yi, who had taken the magic treasure fragment, didn’t go far because he was stopped by someone before he could leave the Zhudao Sect’s encampment in the “Vast Realm.”

The person who stopped him was a female Core Formation stage cultivator.

The female cultivator was pretty and petite.
She was wearing a light-colored dress and stood in front of Xia Yi.
Her delicate little face was filled with a stubbornness that was visible to the naked eye.

The female cultivator shouted, “You can’t take away the thing that our Zhudao Sect has suppressed!”

Initially, Xia Yi wouldn’t even look at the female cultivator, but for some reason, when the female cultivator appeared, it was as if fate had arranged it.
For some reason, Xia Yi looked at the female cultivator and even took the initiative to ask, “Why?”

The female cultivator shouted, “Although this matter may be related to our Zhudao Sect, there’s something wrong with the object of suppression.
No matter what, we can’t be blamed! After all, we are all cultivators of the Cave Lake Realm.
No matter what, we are one.
We should all bear the responsibility together!”

As soon as the female cultivator finished speaking, a few people immediately responded to her.

Many cultivators nearby heard the conversation between Xia Yi and the female cultivator.

After all, cultivators had a keen hearing.

They were all “elite disciples” of the Zhudao Sect.
Although they didn’t know what their sect was suppressing, they knew that it was very beneficial to their cultivation!

Therefore, no matter what, they refused to let Xia Yi take away the object of suppression.

“Junior Sister Lin is right.
Lord Cultivator Xia, I hope you can give our Zhudao Sect another chance!” It was a Nascent Soul stage cultivator of the Zhudao Sect.
At this moment, he also stood out and expressed his thoughts.

Although his appearance was not as good as Xia Yi’s, he was still a handsome man with a graceful bearing.
As he said this, his gaze was fixed on the female cultivator.

Obviously, he was standing up for the female cultivator.

Seeing the Nascent Soul stage cultivator stand out, two more people immediately followed suit.

They were also disciples of the Zhudao Sect, and they were also quite good-looking.
Although they were Core Formation stage cultivators, they were obviously cultivators who had immortal seeds.
After all, cultivators without immortal seeds weren’t qualified to come to the secret realm called the “Vast Realm.”

When Xia Yi saw the scene, he couldn’t help but laugh.
After a while, his expression didn’t change, but his words were extremely cold, “Are you guys a match?”

The male cultivators who stood up for the female cultivator were stunned.

Their families weren’t ordinary, and they were quite famous in the cultivation world.
However, they were nothing compared to Lord Cultivator Xia Yi, who was considered the ceiling of the Cave Lake Realm.

However, at this moment, another handsome male cultivator who wasn’t inferior to Xia Yi stood out.

It was a male cultivator who looked like a teenager.

He was handsome and extraordinary.
Just by standing there, he could make countless female cultivators fall in love with him, including male cultivators occasionally.

In fact, he was still young.

“Then I wonder if I’m worthy?”

The youth said coldly.

Many people were shocked when the youth stepped forward.
Although he wasn’t a disciple of the Zhudao Sect, the people in the sect treated him with great respect because he was an Immortal Ascension stage descendant from another realm!

“What do you think?” Xia Yi asked calmly when he sensed a trace of Immortal Ascension stage cultivation runes from the youth.

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