196 Just Learn From Han Paopao (Part 3)

Although they had captured these people, they didn’t have the right to punish them.
The matter had to be handed over to “Sect Leader Han” for judgment.

If they dealt with it privately, the others would have a reason to find trouble.

After all, the great families weren’t united.

Afterward, Ye Wenting and the rest discovered to their horror that “Sect Leader Han” wasn’t there!

“Where did Han Feiyu go? How preposterous!”

A hot-tempered Nascent Soul stage cultivator of the Ye family asked angrily.

However, how could the Foundation Establishment stage guards of the Megrez Star Hall know? Hence, the group of people could only wait.
After waiting for a long time, they finally saw Fang Jinyu, who had arrived late.


At this moment, there was a young girl beside Fang Jinyu.
However, Ye Wenting and the others, who had been waiting for so long, directly ignored the young girl and looked at Fang Jinyu with unfriendly gazes.
“Sect Leader Han, what crime do you deserve for neglecting your duty?”

“If you have something to say, say it.”

Fang Jinyu replied helplessly.
Being inside a group of “Dragon Proud Skys,” he was like a drop of colorful color that had accidentally entered a black-and-white world.
Everyone would find him dissatisfied wherever he went.

“Alright then.
Sect Leader Han, this group of people has been talking nonsense about you and has no respect for their elders.
We’ve already taken them down.
Sect Leader Han, deal with them!”

Ye Wenting walked out and glanced at Fang Jinyu before speaking casually.

Fang Jinyu took a glance and knew what was going on.
It was nothing more than a conflict between aristocratic family disciples and ordinary sect disciples.

In the past, Fang Jinyu had heard of some of them, but ever since he became a legacy disciple, he had rarely encountered such a thing.

After all, Fang Jinyu had been in closed-door seclusion all year.

Even if people wanted to find trouble, they couldn’t find him.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu said, “We’re all from the same sect.
Let’s drop this matter!”

As Fang Jinyu spoke, he waved his hand.

Instantly, the restrictive enchantments that Ye Wenting and the others had placed on the ordinary sect disciples were all broken by Fang Jinyu’s gentle wave of his hand.

“How dare you!”

It was the hot-tempered Nascent Soul stage cultivator of the Ye family.
At this moment, his eyes were wide open, and he looked furious.
“How dare you release them without our permission?!”

Fang Jinyu asked in surprise, “Didn’t you already see me release them?”

“You’re courting death!”

The Ye family’s Nascent Soul stage cultivator directly attacked.

The moment he attacked, he used a magic treasure.
It was a direct death blow.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t care about the “abandoned child.” He raised his hand and pointed.
Afterward, the person lost control of the magic treasure in his hand.
Meanwhile, the person’s body was also shattered by Fang Jinyu, leaving only a Nascent Soul to escape in a panic.

“In my opinion, you are the one who has no respect for your elders…” Fang Jinyu looked at the group of people with a faint gaze.
His ruthless attack had made the group of people present not dare speak, even if they were contaminated by the devil’s intent.

However, there were still “problematic ones.”

It was Ye Wenting who relied on his status and said, “How dare you to injure a member of my Ye family?! I will definitely…”

When Fang Jinyu saw that it was him, a smile appeared on his face.
In the past, he didn’t have the chance to deal with the other party, nor did he have the time to meet the kid.
However, since he had taken the initiative to find him trouble, he naturally had no reason to let him go.

“What will you do?” Fang Jinyu interrupted him.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu swept his gaze across him.

Ye Wenting was instantly struck by lightning.
Not only was he sent flying, but more than half of his ranked 9 in the Core Formation stage cultivation was crippled.

It was naturally Fang Jinyu’s doing.

Everyone present was shocked to see how Fang Jinyu had dealt with a Nascent Soul stage and a Core Formation stage cultivator who had an immortal seed in such a casual manner.

“Alright, let’s disperse.
If this farce continues, what will happen?” Fang Jinyu said it unhappily as if he had no personal grudge just now and was just enforcing the law impartially.
He was only making an example of someone to threaten others.

No one present dared to object.

Even though they were all affected by the devil’s intent, Fang Jinyu’s use of strategy undoubtedly shocked them and left them terrified of confronting him in person.

“Yes, Sect Leader Han.” The group of people hurriedly bowed.

As soon as they left the Megrez Star Hall, the young girl who had followed Fang Jinyu over couldn’t help but come over and ask softly, “Brother Feiyu, what’s going on with them? All of them have become so strange!”

The girl was Shi Wushuang.

Fang Jinyu had specially gone to look for Shi Wushuang previously.
It could only be said that she was indeed a naturally born possessor of great luck.
Under the pollution of the devil’s intent, it turned out that she was completely fine.

As expected, a passerby like Fang Jinyu had no human rights.

Fang Jinyu said helplessly, “If you go out, you’ll find that all the cultivators in the entire realm are already like this.” Then, he briefly told her about the contamination of the devil’s intent.

It made the girl anxious.

“Brother Feiyu, what should my father and mother do?” Although her father was ugly and fierce, and her mother always beat her up, Shi Wushuang still cared about her parents.

After all, Yin Wujiu still had a large family business waiting for her to inherit, right?

“Regarding this, you don’t have to be anxious.
If nothing unexpected happens, Brother Wujiu and your mother have both met with an accident.” Fang Jinyu comforted Shi Wushuang, but it didn’t sound like a consolation.

Hence, a certain girl looked at Fang Jinyu with a resentful look.

Fang Jinyu really couldn’t stand her resentful gaze.
He could only say, “You don’t have to be anxious about this matter.
Being tainted by the devil’s intent isn’t necessarily a bad thing for some cultivators.
Moreover, it’s useless even if you’re anxious.”

“Brother Feiyu, why aren’t you affected?” Shi Wushuang asked curiously, “Are you the same as me?”

“I have sharp senses, and I can predict what is wrong in advance.” Fang Jinyu didn’t elaborate.

“Brother Feiyu, what should we do next?” Shi Wushuang asked again.

“Learn from Senior Han.”

Shi Wushuang was speechless.

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