201 Finally Becoming a Person Again (Part 2)

It was because their disciples had all been taught a lesson by Shi Wushuang.

However, since they were powerful, shouldn’t they enjoy the offerings of some weaker disciples?

After all, in their opinion, it was better to give those resources to them than to the ordinary disciples!

Ye Wenting and Sun Wujing were also among these people, but they didn’t speak at this moment.
After all, there were too many Nascent Soul stage cultivators here.
Since they were only Core Formation stage cultivators, it wasn’t appropriate for them to rashly interrupt.


Shi Wushuang couldn’t tolerate them belittling her “Brother Feiyu” in such a way.
However, no one paid attention to her snort.
However, when Fang Jinyu’s virtual body appeared, everyone instantly felt their hearts palpitate and looked over in shock.

After all, the contamination of the devil’s intent didn’t affect their ability to have sudden warnings.

Of course, they could feel the sudden warnings other than the devil’s intent.

Shi Wushuang said angrily, “How dare you speak nonsense about the sect leader? You’re so lawless.
Do you think that you can threaten me just because you have gathered so many people?” She turned around and bowed respectfully to Fang Jinyu’s virtual body and said, “Brother Feiyu, please help!”

Shi Wushuang admired Fang Jinyu immensely.
How could she tolerate them badmouthing Fang Jinyu?

When the virtual figure heard it, he nodded slightly in response.
Then, the virtual figure raised his hand and waved his sleeve.
Immediately, the terrifying power of lightning gathered and interweaved into swords of lightning.
As the Nascent Soul stage cultivators were shocked, they were all blasted out.

The Nascent Soul stage cultivators had all unleashed their techniques, so no one was injured.
However, each one of them was extremely embarrassing.

Even Nascent Soul stage cultivators were in such a state, let alone those Core Formation stage cultivators among them.

Especially Ye Wenting.
After being taught a lesson by Fang Jinyu the last time, his injuries hadn’t recovered yet.
Now, with the addition of old injuries and new injuries, his cultivation had directly fallen from the Core Formation stage.

His grade 2 core had been destroyed.

When the core retreated, Ye Wenting was instantly in a state worse than death.
After he spat out a mouthful of blood, he fainted.

Afterward, something unexpected happened!

An immortal seed flew out of Ye Wenting’s body.
Afterward, before the Nascent Soul stage cultivators could react, it disappeared without a trace.
However, although the immortal seed was gone, these Nascent Soul stage cultivators began to go crazy because of the appearance of the immortal seed.

Even though the immortal seed had disappeared, they couldn’t help but search everywhere.

For a moment, the scene was chaotic.

When a few Core Formation stage cultivators saw the scene, they hurriedly went to invite Shi Wushuang out.

Although these cultivators seemed to be covered in a halo of being stupid after being contaminated by the devil’s energy, and their arrogance and presumptuousness were infinitely expanded, they were still afraid of death.
Now that they had seen the power of Fang Jinyu’s virtual body, how could the Core Formation stage cultivators dare to oppose Shi Wushuang?

Unless… There was someone who could fight against “Han Feiyu!”

It was a kind of thing that was simply unheard of.

However, it would be a problem to let the Nascent Soul stage cultivators continue to be chaotic.
Therefore, Shi Wushuang could only ask for help from Fang Jinyu’s virtual body again.

With the words “Brother Feiyu, please help me,” all the Nascent Soul stage cultivators present immediately became obedient.

Some who didn’t have time to stop were taught a lesson by the virtual body.

However, how could the Nascent Soul stage cultivators be willing to let go of the immortal seed? Immediately, a Nascent Soul stage cultivator shouted, “If we don’t find the immortal seed, we won’t stop here.
Miss, please let Sect Leader Han’s clone attack again!”

With their eyesight, they couldn’t tell the difference between a clone and a virtual body.

At this moment, as soon as the Nascent Soul stage cultivator finished speaking, the other Nascent Soul stage cultivators responded one after another.

“Sect leader’s clone, please make your move!”

“Otherwise, we really won’t be able to accept it!”

When Shi Wushuang heard it, she felt that it made sense.
Hence, she bowed to Fang Jinyu’s virtual body and said, “Brother Feiyu, please help us find out the immortal seed!”

The virtual body nodded slightly, then waved his hand, and instantly, streams of light flew out.

Soon, the spiritual energy in the world changed.
Afterward, a low roar spread out.
When the spirit Kui cattle phantom appeared, a little immortal light appeared in the sky.

It was the immortal seed.

At this moment, the virtual body raised his right hand.
His fingers were like a sword, and then he quickly wrote a word in the air.

It was the immortal symbol—”Fang!”

In an instant, the immortal seed could no longer hide or escape.
It could only obediently fall into the hands of Fang Jinyu’s virtual body.


All the Nascent Soul stage cultivators couldn’t help but look at the hand of this illusory body.
Of course, the Core Formation stage cultivators did the same.

After all, they were all disciples of the Shenhua Sect.
Who didn’t know the benefits of immortal seeds? Even though they were contaminated by the devil’s intent, they never forgot the fantasy of the immortal seed.

It was just that after getting too worked up, it was easy to lose their minds and ignore the point.

Seeing that the Nascent Soul stage cultivators were all staring at the immortal seed, Shi Wushuang also knew that it was a hot potato, so she immediately said, “If I simply give this immortal seed away, I believe none of you will be convinced.
In that case, we’ll hold a competition.
Both Core Formation stage cultivators and Nascent Soul stage cultivators can participate.
Only the winner of the competition can claim the immortal seed.
What do you think, elders?”

“You’re right!” The group of Nascent Soul stage cultivators couldn’t think of any other way, so they agreed one after another.
Moreover, it included the Core Formation stage cultivators.
Those Core Formation stage cultivators naturally had no objections.

“Since Sect Leader Han has given you the authority, then you have the right to decide on this matter.
Everything will be done according to what you say!”

The Nascent Soul stage cultivators immediately changed their attitudes and acknowledged Shi Wushuang.

After all, no matter how much his family lost, it couldn’t compare to the immortal seed!

Thus, a grand yet inexplicable competition was held.
As for the only victim, Ye Wenting… Who cared?

Although there were people in the Ye family who were indignant and angry, there were also people in the Ye family who agreed with it.

It was because they also wanted that immortal seed.

If Ye Kuiyi was still in charge, he would naturally be able to suppress his dissatisfaction.

But now?

Hehe! Who cared?

Fang Jinyu was naturally unaware of it.
Perhaps he could sense it through his virtual body, but he didn’t care.
At this moment, Fang Jinyu’s mind was completely focused on comprehending the Nascent Soul stage part of the incomplete thunder scripture.

When Fang Jinyu was in closed-door seclusion, there was still a gourd in closed-door seclusion.

It was naturally An Ruyin.

At this moment, An Ruyin had finally perfected her method of reconstructing her physical body.
Thus, in a burst of milky white light, a slightly foxy and beautiful woman appeared in Fang Jinyu’s place of closed-door seclusion.

She was as graceful as a swan, and her eyebrows were beautiful like a painting.
At this moment, her eyebrows were raised, and her exquisite white facial features were filled with joy.

“I’m finally becoming a person again!”

An Ruyin couldn’t help but mutter to herself because she was now truly alive.

Afterward, she was in a dilemma.

It was because Fang Jinyu’s place of closed-door seclusion had two layers of restrictive enchantments.

The two layers of restriction arrays were different.
The outer layer was simple, but the inner layer was complicated.
Fang Jinyu was naturally in the inner layer, while An Ruyin was in the outer layer.
However, An Ruyin’s current cultivation level was too low, so much so that she couldn’t even open Fang Jinyu’s outer layer array formation.

In other words, An Ruyin had to accompany Fang Jinyu in closed-door seclusion.

However… Accompanying a Nascent Soul stage cultivator in closed-door seclusion?

An Ruyin couldn’t help but mutter with a pale face, “I won’t starve to death here, right?”

An Ruyin was only a Qi Condensation stage cultivator.
Although she could survive by drinking dew because her body was formed by a gourd, she couldn’t live long without food!

“No, I just became a human!”

An Ruyin couldn’t help but feel aggrieved.

Fortunately, Fang Jinyu had already noticed it.

Afterward, a streak of light flew over.

There were some elixirs and spiritual items.

“Sister An, use these things to cultivate first.
You can go out when you reach the Foundation Establishment stage.” Fang Jinyu’s calm voice rang out, making An Ruyin unable to hide her joy.

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