202 Passing Days and Months With a Wave

Three years later.

The Shenhua Sect’s competition had finally ended, but the result was that they had to hold it again.

It was because everyone was still not convinced.

Those who failed this time were prepared to hold another competition three years later.
At that time, they would decide the true ownership of the immortal seed.

Shi Wushuang naturally didn’t have any objections.

As long as they didn’t disturb her “Brother Feiyu’s” closed-door cultivation, she would let them do whatever they wanted.

“How can they do this?! Junior Sister Ah Lan.”

“That’s right! Go back on your word!”

Some people were unhappy about it, including Yin Xueer and Qi Shuxian.

It was because the winner of the competition this time was the ancestor of Yin Xueer’s family.

Although the matter had nothing to do with the Qi family, Qi Shuxian was Yin Xueer’s good friend, so she naturally hoped that the Yin family would get the immortal seed.

After all, the Qi family had no chance of getting the immortal seed.

The two had also been contaminated by the devil’s intent, but perhaps because they were more docile, they didn’t change much compared to the others.

The reason they were by Shi Wushuang’s side was that their families had asked them to come.

Although Fang Jinyu had given up all the power in his hands, immortal cultivators still relied on their cultivation base.
Therefore, after his virtual body showed overwhelming power, even if those immortal cultivation families who had benefited from it were unwilling, they could only return all their power.

However, Fang Jinyu had been in closed-door seclusion all this time, so his power had fallen into Shi Wushuang’s hands.

It caused the young girl to act like a fox, assuming the majesty of the tiger for three years.

Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer had some friendship with Shi Wushuang.
The Qi and Yin families did it to indirectly befriend Shi Wushuang.

After three years of being powerful, the young girl had also changed a little.
She had the faint aura of an empress!

“This matter has already been decided, and it can’t be changed even if you want to.”

Shi Wushuang spoke softly as if she were comforting the two of them.
However, after she spoke, neither Qi Shuxian nor Yin Xueer said anything else.

Life changes the spirit, and cultivation changes one’s physique.
Everyone would encounter such a thing.

Since Shi Wushuang had been in power for three years, she had given up on her initial “ideal” thoughts.
She had realized the most critical problem.

It was something that even Fang Jinyu’s senior brother, “Grandmaster Meng,” couldn’t solve.

Fang Jinyu was still in closed-door seclusion.


To Fang Jinyu, there was nothing happier than making progress in his cultivation.
After three years, Fang Jinyu finally began to cultivate the Nascent Soul stage chapter of the incomplete thunder scripture.
Apart from the two secret techniques that he had obtained from Qing Fu, which were “Qing Fu is so powerful” and “I eat a lot, but I’m super strong,” he had already cultivated all the other secret techniques to perfection.

Among them, one of Qing Fu’s secret techniques shocked Fang Jinyu the most.

It was to open up the “mystery realm!”

It was one of the two secret techniques Fang Jinyu had obtained at the beginning.
One of them was “I’m good at hiding,” which was used for concealment, movement concealment, and breath concealment.
The other was to open up the “mystery realm.”

The secret technique was far more powerful than Fang Jinyu had imagined!

During the beginner level, minor success, and phenomenal success, the progress of cultivating the secret technique was slow.
However, when Fang Jinyu comprehended it by analogy and completely cultivated it to perfection, he realized how incredible the secret technique was.

The sorcery-attribute stone orb magic treasure had returned, but it had already turned into a great divine power.

The portable space of the “mystery realm” had expanded by nearly a thousand times!

Afterward, Fang Jinyu finally understood why the little girl had named it the “mystery realm.” It was because the “mystery realm” really looked like a maze.
There were several overlapping spaces inside.

If one were to compare it to the “mysterious sleeve” in Journey to the West, the “mystery realm” had already possessed one-tenth of its power!

It could be used to hide people and things.
If a person was taken in, they would quickly lose their sense of existence.
Afterward, they would start talking nonsense, couldn’t distinguish time, and be ignorant.

It was because it had merged with the “gourd’s fiendish aura space.”

Although Fang Jinyu hadn’t used the great divine power to fight against anyone, based on the current power of the “mystery realm” great divine power, once a Nascent Soul stage cultivator without an immortal seed was sucked into it, even if he could gather and disperse at will and transform between reality and virtual, he couldn’t escape!

Therefore, Fang Jinyu specially named it—passing days and months with a wave!

After all, it wasn’t as magical as the “mysterious sleeve” in Journey to the West, so Fang Jinyu was embarrassed to name it after it.
He would change its name when it was worthy of its name.

Other than that, even though “I’m good at hiding,” “I guess you can’t hit me,” and “Mother Qing Fu, please protect me” weren’t as mystical as the “mystery realm” after they were cultivated to perfection, their power was still extraordinary.
It was especially true for “I guess you can’t hit me.” Combined with the gathering and dispersing at will and the transformation of reality and the virtual of the Nascent Soul stage, it could be said to be an immortal technique below the Incarnation stage!

“It’s time to transform into lightning and roam the 8,000 miles of lightning territories.”

Fang Jinyu felt he was almost ready, so he decided to travel to the 8,000 miles of lightning territories to have a look.

Fang Jinyu had to make a trip to cultivate the lightning heavenly book.

After all, it was hard to increase one’s cultivation with ordinary hard-working cultivation after one broke through the Nascent Soul stage.
Although Fang Jinyu could refine Nascent Soul stage elixirs, he was helpless since he didn’t have enough spirit herbs.

The spiritual items required to refine Nascent Soul stage elixirs were all at least grade 6 heavenly materials and earthly treasures!

As for a spirit herb, the core ingredient required was at least grade 7 or grade 8.

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