207 I Can’t See the Tip of My Shoes When I Lower My Head

When Fang Jinyu first ascended the throne, he didn’t do anything to establish his authority.
He even divided his power as the sect leader.

Moreover, before Fang Jinyu became the sect leader of the Shenhua Sect, he didn’t even show his strength.

Fang Jinyu didn’t have any achievements to show his strength.

The only thing that could catch people’s eye was his status as Lord Cultivator Yuanyu’s in-name disciple.

As for the fact that Fang Jinyu had once handed over a secret realm to the Shenhua Sect… At least two or three out of ten Core Formation stage cultivators had done such a thing.

In the upper realm, secret realms weren’t rare.

However, Fang Jinyu’s virtual body’s several attacks had helped him gain a foothold.
Previously, with just a single move, he had caused the eldest young master of the Qi family to disappear without a trace.
It had even pushed Fang Jinyu’s prestige to its peak.

Before the Nascent Soul stage lord cultivators in the “Vast Realm” secret realm came out, no one in the entire Shenhua Sect dared disrespect Fang Jinyu!

Fang Jinyu changed his gaze.
All the cultivators who were participating in the discussion, whether they were Core Formation stage cultivators or Nascent Soul stage cultivators, had a cowardly look.
Therefore, after exchanging a glance with Shi Wushuang, he said, “You can continue your discussion.”

Afterward, Fang Jinyu’s figure dissipated and silently disappeared from the perception of the cultivators.

“We are sending off the sect leader!”

The cultivators spoke in unison.

Meanwhile, Shi Wushuang looked depressed because, when Fang Jinyu left, he took the opportunity to rub her head.

Fang Jinyu was still treating Shi Wushuang like a child.


However, Shi Wushuang had grown up!
Shi Wushuang lowered her head slightly.
She couldn’t see the tip of her shoes.

Fang Jinyu continued his closed-door cultivation.
This time, he was prepared to be in closed-door seclusion until Xin Qianqian returned from her lotus transformation.
It might be 30 years or perhaps more than a hundred years, but it didn’t matter.
Ever since he broke through the Nascent Soul stage, his dragon body had increased his lifespan by 5,000 years!

If Fang Jinyu could cultivate to rank 9 in the Nascent Soul stage, he could enjoy ten thousand years of lifespan!

Therefore, a mere hundred years of waiting were indeed nothing to Fang Jinyu.
The only thing that caught Fang Jinyu’s attention was the 1,000 years of lifespan he had to expend to cultivate the dream of a thousand-year reincarnation technique.

However, although his dragon body was powerful, the corresponding restrictions began to gradually appear on Fang Jinyu.

It was the limitation of the nomological powers of heaven and earth—The longer one’s lifespan, the slower one’s cultivation speed.

No living being could avoid it.

Unless one day, one could transform into nomological laws.
However, when one had such a strength, cultivation speed was no longer important, and could even be ignored.

However, as the saying goes, plans couldn’t keep up with changes.
Soon, Fang Jinyu was summoned by a little girl to the Land of Distorted Truth in the apocalypse.

As Fang Jinyu cultivated Qing Fu’s secret technique to perfection, they had an inexplicable connection.

It was because the connection was equal.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu could summon Qing Fu, and Qing Fu could also summon Fang Jinyu.

However, the matter that fucked Fang Jinyu up was that the little girl’s cultivation was too profound.
She was an Incarnation stage cultivator! Therefore, Fang Jinyu couldn’t summon her at all.
It was like an ant couldn’t drag a 200-pound little fatty.
When the little girl summoned Fang Jinyu, he could only respond to her and immediately switch between reality and virtual to meet her.

“Mother, today is the second day.
If you didn’t want to go yesterday, do you want to go today?” A pair of big, clear eyes looked at Fang Jinyu and spoke to him face-to-face.

“I still don’t want to.”

Fang Jinyu was decisive and firm.

To find trouble with 12 Incarnation stage lord cultivators and made him a monkey… Well, he might dare go.

“Mother, one of the Incarnation stage lord cultivators is injured, so the remaining 11 have to go out together.
It’s a rare opportunity!” Qing Fu didn’t give up.

Then, to convince Fang Jinyu, Qing Fu continued, “Moreover, Mother, the passing days and months with a wave of great divine power that you created can suppress those who have grafted fate! Even if it’s an Incarnation stage lord cultivator, as long as it’s one with a grafted fate, you can use it to deal with it.
However, you’ll most likely be beaten to death after that…”

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but roll his eyes.
He thought for a moment and asked, “What exactly do you want inside?”

Fang Jinyu had wondered what could make the little girl think of it for so long.
He had thought that it was a magic treasure with five magic domains, but now that he thought about it, it was probably far more precious than the magic treasure with five magic domains.

It must be a superior-grade magic treasure that could make Incarnation stage lord cultivators fight with it!

Qing Fu blinked and said, “Two lotuses, one small and one big.
When the time comes, the big one will belong to you!”

Fang Jinyu looked at the little girl suspiciously.

Something fishy was going on!

Fang Jinyu asked warily, “Can I refine it?”

If it was like the magic treasure, the Yin and Yang Brocade Handkerchief, then he would most likely only be able to look at it to satisfy his greed and then make it a gift for others.

“You can.
It’s effortless to refine.” Qing Fu’s eyes curled into crescents because she knew that Fang Jinyu was already interested in it.

After Fang Jinyu made up his mind, he asked, “How should I do it?”

Fang Jinyu believed that the little girl wouldn’t trick him… Right?

Qing Fu smiled happily and said, “Mother, you can enter the cycle of reincarnation in your dream first.
Afterward, just follow your heart.
It’s very simple.”

Fang Jinyu suddenly felt that the little girl was tricking him.
However, since he had already agreed, he wouldn’t go back on his word.

However, there was one thing Fang Jinyu still had to ask, “I have to cultivate the dream of a thousand-year reincarnation technique here?”

“That’s right.
Mother, you’re not an apocalypse demon who belongs to the apocalypse.
If you suddenly appeared, you’d be discovered by the apocalypse demons in this place.
Although most of them can’t do anything to you since you’re a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, the apocalypse demons in the Land of Distorted Truth are especially hostile towards immortal cultivators.
Once they discovered immortal cultivators, they will often fight to the death…”

Qing Fu mumbled, then tilted her head and asked Fang Jinyu, “Mother, do you want to cultivate the path of slaughter?”

“No, why do you ask?”

Fang Jinyu was surprised.

The path of slaughter and the ruthless cultivation method were both supplementary cultivation methods and immortal cultivators’ cultivation methods.

At the same time, there were also the two most common types.

The Goddess Sect in the Cave Lake Realm was the epitome of the ruthless cultivation method.

Just like the ruthless cultivation method, the path of slaughter was also divided into two cultivation methods.
The first was to cultivate a decisive heart for killing, and the second was to destroy humanity completely.

One had to wipe out their feelings, desires, life, death, personality, thoughts, and everything else.
The seven “wipeouts” finally formed the supreme immortal energy of slaughter.

However, those who cultivated the second type would mostly lose themselves.

Other than these two, there was also the path of Nirvana, the path of being a fairy, and the path of mortalization.

The most mysterious of them all was the path of mortalization.

It was said that an Incarnation stage lord cultivator who had once used the path of mortalization had refined himself into a mortal, but he had lived for tens of thousands of years.

He could be said to be immortal.

However, an immortal mortal could only look down on the human world.

It was equivalent to cutting off the possibility of immortality.

Qing Fu replied, “Because you can take the opportunity to speed up!”

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