208 Is This Called a “Righteous Person”?

A dream was like reincarnation.
After the dream ended, a hundred years had passed.

When Fang Jinyu opened his eyes, he realized that someone was talking to him.

“Brother Jinyu, you might not believe me, but I keep feeling that… My wife wants to eat me.”

Fang Jinyu looked up and saw a gray face.
Strangely, the person’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears were square!


It was a cuboid with identical facial features.
However, other than the overly peculiar facial features, the other parts of the person were very normal.

However, Fang Jinyu also realized that he had misjudged the person because the person who spoke wasn’t the person he first saw, but someone sitting next to him.

The person’s face was dark, but his facial features were much more normal.

At this moment, some related memories appeared in Fang Jinyu’s mind.

He, Fang Jinyu, was a low-level apocalypse demon from the Sorcery Grass Capital.
He had inherited the position of Constable of Seventh Street in the Sorcery Grass Capital and had the cultivation of a late-stage Sorcery Immortal corpse immortal.

The person sitting next to Fang Jinyu was called Chen Qianan.
He was also a low-level apocalypse demon from the Sorcery Grass Capital, but unlike Fang Jinyu, he was just a commoner.
His cultivation was even lower, only middle-stage Sorcery Immortal corpse immortal.

The dream was different from the past!

Fang Jinyu suddenly realized it.
At the same time, he was already prepared to say, “Shopkeeper Chen, can I take it that you are showing off your love?”

“Forget it, forget it.
This matter is too absurd.
It should just be my illusion.
Brother Jinyu, let’s start eating! This is made by a chef I hired from the Blossom Inn with great difficulty! It cost me three Dark Spirit Pearls!” Chen Qianan said as he waved his hand.

Fang Jinyu looked at the “Chef’s Cuisine” in front of him.

A stack of yellow paper wax, two skull stews, two glasses of scarlet wine, three “medium-well” incense sticks, and a few raw pickled paper boats…

For a moment, Fang Jinyu fell silent.

What the hell is this?

Although Fang Jinyu was in a dream, should he eat it or not?

Fang Jinyu was in a dilemma.

After all, Chen Qianan, who was beside Fang Jinyu, was extremely enthusiastic at the moment.

Chen Qianan’s expression changed, and he quickly said to Fang Jinyu, “Brother Jinyu, my wife is making a scene again.
Please go back quickly!”


Fang Jinyu took the opportunity to escape and followed the square-faced man.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu knew the identities of the square-faced people.
They were all slaves in the Sorcery Grass Capital and didn’t have any cultivation bases.
Those with normal facial features were all low-level apocalypse demons and their cultivation bases were between the early-stage and late-stage Sorcery Immortals.

As for those above the Sorcery Immortal stage who had broken through the Fire Catastrophe stage, they would become more good-looking, and their faces wouldn’t be so dull.
They would no longer look like the ash immortals.

The Sorcery Grass Capital slave leading the way was given to Fang Jinyu by the Sorcery Grass Capital’s government office as a reward for his official status.

Together, they gave Fang Jinyu a woman.

She could be considered Fang Jinyu’s wife.

The Sorcery Grass Capital’s government office was also responsible for distributing wives.

After taking a few steps, Fang Jinyu felt that something was wrong.
Therefore, after carefully sensing it, he realized that he was hanging upside down.

“Did I enter the apocalypse demons’ area of the Land of Distorted Truth in my dreams? If that’s the case, what’s the identity of this apocalypse demon who shares the same name as me?”

The previous two dragon incarnations had miserable endings.

One of the dragons had even become an “immortal,” but it still ended up with its entire family being wiped out.

At this moment, the Sorcery Grass Capital’s slave, who was walking in front of Fang Jinyu, suddenly said, “Lord Fang, Madam is inside.
We don’t dare to go in, so we can only trouble you.”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but look forward and realize that it was a place that was out of place with its surroundings.

The surrounding environment was a dark scene.

Whether it was the streets, the houses, or the low-level apocalypse demons and slaves walking on the streets, they were all the same.

However, at this moment, the place in front of Fang Jinyu was shining brightly.

After looking at it a few more times, Fang Jinyu knew what kind of place it was because the surrounding low-level apocalypse demons were whispering.

“Did someone run in again?”

“What do you mean by running away? She’s sick and thinks she’s still alive.”

“Then can they come out after entering this corpse land?”

“Yes, when they find their former corpses, they can come out.”

Hearing it, Fang Jinyu said to the Sorcery Grass Capital slave, “I don’t dare go in either.
I’ll just wait here!”

As soon as Fang Jinyu finished speaking, the square-faced Sorcery Grass Capital slave’s eyes widened.

It seemed unbelievable.

Afterward, the Sorcery Grass Capital slave suddenly looked like he wanted to rush in, but in the end, he gave up and said, “Then I’ll wait here for Madam.”

Fang Jinyu felt that the scene was a little strange.
Just as he was thinking about it, he realized that a middle-level apocalypse demon was coming over on a tool.

It was a Fire Catastrophe stage corpse immortal, which corresponded to the Foundation Establishment stage.

The middle-level apocalypse demon flew over and took out something that looked like a calendar.
He drew a tick on the top of the thing, and instantly, the world became bright and dark.

A late-stage Sorcery Immortal stage corpse immortal sighed, “It’s good to live for another day!”

“That’s right!”

Some Sorcery Immortal stage corpse immortals said with a look of agreement.

A day had passed just like that?

Fang Jinyu was shocked.
It was the first time he had seen such a method to refresh the day and night.
Moreover, wasn’t the night passing too quickly?

Fang Jinyu didn’t even have the time to open and close his eyes!

Fang Jinyu was silent for a moment.

At this moment, another Sorcery Grass Capital slave with square-looking features ran over and said, “Lord Fang, bad news.
Your good friend is dead!”

“Chen Qianan?”

Fang Jinyu was stunned for a moment because there was only one such person in his memory.

The square-faced Sorcery Grass Capital slave said, “It’s indeed Shopkeeper Chen.”

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Hence, Fang Jinyu thought about it and decided to go take a look.

Soon, Fang Jinyu arrived at Qianan’s house.
It was a large, dark mansion with high walls.
When he walked in, it was clearly “broad daylight” here, but the interior environment was extremely dark.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t say that he couldn’t see his fingers, but he was sure that he couldn’t tell the difference between humans and ghosts three meters away.

Someone said, “You’re here?”

Fang Jinyu looked in the direction of the voice and immediately saw a graceful figure standing behind a dimly lit door.
Under the limited light, he could vaguely see a fair and exquisite face and vermillion red lips.
In this dim environment, they were exceptionally outstanding.

It made Fang Jinyu dumbfounded.

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