The Frivolous Junior Sister

Mount Goddess, as its name suggested, was named because the mountain looked like a shy young girl waiting.
It was related to an ancient legend, but since the story was cliche, it was better not to mention it.

Compared to Mount Tianling, which was full sounds of trees swaying, Mount Goddess was filled with birds chirping and flowers’ fragrance.

They were all essential ingredients for making the Blossom Dew.

Since Blossom Dew was a popular resource, two great Core Formation stage cultivators were in charge of Mount Goddess.
Every year, 60% of the spirit stone income from selling the Blossom Dew was given to the two great Core Formation stage cultivators.
As for the remaining 40%, 30% would be given to Mount Tianling, and 10% would be sent to Mount Guiwang.

Although the Grandmaster didn’t need spirit stones, they had to give him some as a token of respect, right?

Moreover, the 10% that was sent to Mount Guiwang was actually only in name because it was Mount Goddess Qi Condensation stage disciples’ salary.

Fang Jinyu arrived on his spirit tool, and the moment he landed at the foot of the mountain, two decent-looking disciples of Mount Goddess came forward to welcome him, “Greetings, Martial Uncle!”

Fang Jinyu put away his spirit tool and explained his purpose, “Junior Sisters, please help me to inform Junior Sister Xin that Fang Jinyu has come to visit.”

A female disciple said hesitantly, “But there’s no martial uncle with the surname Xin on Mount Goddess…” They were familiar with all Mount Goddess Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

Fang Jinyu said, “Junior Sister Xin’s name is Xin Qianqian.
She hasn’t broken through the Foundation Establishment stage yet.”

“So it’s Junior Sister Xin!” When the two female disciples heard it, they couldn’t help but look at each other with a smile.
Then, they said, “Martial Uncle, please go to the guest hall and wait for a moment because Junior Sister Xin’s aunt has just come to see her.”

“Alright,” Fang Jinyu said.

Fang Jinyu nodded, and a female disciple led the way.

Actually, Fang Jinyu knew where the guest hall was and didn’t need the female disciple to serve him.
However, it was the rule of Mount Goddess.
After all, he was a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator so he couldn’t be rude.

After arriving at the guest hall, Fang Jinyu waited a long time.
The female disciple had filled three pots of Blossom Tea before he met Xin Qianqian, who had dressed up.

Xin Qianqian said shyly, “Senior Brother Fang, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Fang Jinyu was not impatient because it was within his expectations.
He knew Xin Qianqian didn’t treat him as her senior, but she admired him.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have called him “Senior Brother Fang” when she spoke.

According to the rules of the cultivation world, she should call him “Martial Uncle Fang”!

Fang Jinyu laughed and said, “In the past, I have only heard of the name Blossom Tea and have never tasted it.
Thanks to Junior Sister Xin, I have finally tasted it today.”

Drinking Blossom Tea could slightly increase the magic power of cultivators who ranked 1 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
Although it was ineffective for Fang Jinyu, it is still a famous spiritual tea in the Qi Condensation stage cultivators.

The former Fang Jinyu had desired to have it.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu took out the jade bottle with the three Foundation Establishment Elixirs and handed it to Xin Qianqian.

“Junior Sister Xin, this is for you.
It should be useful for your cultivation.”

Although Xin Qianqian was born into a noble cultivation family, she was only a marginal figure in the Xin family.
Therefore, she wasn’t qualified to obtain an opportunity to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm.

If Xin Qianqian wanted a Foundation Establishment Elixir, she could only accumulate merit points like other ordinary disciples or try her luck in the immortal sect market.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Fang!” Xin Qianqian didn’t even look at what was inside the jade bottle and happily accepted it.
After all, in her opinion, as long as it was a gift from “Senior Brother Fang”, she would like it even if it was the cheapest Qi Condensation Elixir!

It was the first time “Senior Brother Fang” had given her something.

“Fellow Daoist Fang”

Meanwhile, someone spoke.

Fang Jinyu looked over and saw a beautiful stranger.

Even though Fang Jinyu didn’t know her, he could tell that her cultivation base was very high.
Fang Jinyu could feel her aura with a cursory glance, and he could even sense a hint of power similar to a Core Formation stage cultivator.

She was ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage!

Fang Jinyu’s heart trembled, and he quickly cupped his fists and said, “Greetings, fellow Daoist.”

Xin Qianqian immediately introduced, “Senior Brother Fang, this is my aunt.
She was my mother’s best friend when she was alive.
She has always taken care of me.”

The beautiful woman glanced at Xin Qianqian, who was “siding with an outsider,” and sighed.
She then nodded slightly at Fang Jinyu.

Although she was a cultivator who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage and was going to break through the Core Formation stage, she was still in the same stage as a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

Hence, she had to return the favor.

Otherwise, no matter how generous a person is, they would still be unhappy.

It would make it possible to make enemies for no reason.

Luo Yuling said, “Fellow Daoist Fang, you and I are of the same stage.
Speaking of which, my husband used to be a disciple of the Tianling Sect.
However, he returned to the Tujian Sect with the Grandmaster’s permission and inherited the position of Tujian Sect Leader.
So, if you don’t mind, call me Senior Sister Luo.”

“Senior Sister Luo.”

Fang Jinyu readily accepted the advice.
Meanwhile, he quickly searched his mind for information about the Tujian Sect.

It was a small immortal sect that used to have a Core Formation stage cultivator in charge, but it declined after an accident.
However, it recently invited another Core Formation stage cultivator to take charge.

Suddenly, Luo Yuling said, “Fellow Daoist Fang, I know that you have the best relationship with Qianqian in the sect and usually take good care of her.
How about we have an interchange?”

Fang Jinyu immediately understood what Luo Yuling meant.
She was a cultivator who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
Still, she had taken the initiative to exchange cultivation experiences with him, a cultivator who ranked 2 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
It was nothing more than to take care of him and repay the favor.

Even though Fang Jinyu had no idea why Luo Yuling wanted to return him a favor, he would be a bastard if he didn’t take advantage of the situation, so Fang Jinyu naturally agreed.

He did have a cheat, but the cultivation experience of a high-level Foundation Establishment stage cultivator was of great help to him.

When Xin Qianqian heard her aunt’s words, she couldn’t help but frown.
She could understand the meaning behind Luo Yuling’s words.
Luo Yuling wanted to use the chance to cut off the relationship between her and “Senior Brother Fang.”

However, it wasn’t appropriate for her to stop her aunt.
After all, the interchange would benefit her “Senior Brother Fang.”

Immediately, the three of them changed their location.
The scenery around them was vast, but there were not many people.
They were in a pavilion near the cliff on Mount Goddess.

The interchange began.
Fang Jinyu listened attentively at first, but a moment later, he put forward several points to refute Luo Yuling’s views.

Luo Yuling had specifically chosen to share her cultivation experience from the late-stage Qi Condensation stage to the early-stage Foundation Establishment stage to take care of Fang Jinyu.

However, how many people could compete with Fang Jinyu in such an aspect?

He had triple-element spirit roots and had broken through to the next stage without the help of a Foundation Establishment Elixir!

Luo Yuling frowned at first, but then she was shocked, and in the end, she felt unbelievable.
In the end, Luo Yuling felt that listening to his words was better than studying for ten years in her heart.

Drawing parallels from her analogy allowed her to pass the Core Formation stage’s entry point a little more.

Initially, she only had a 30% chance of success, but now she has a 40% chance!

“Aunt, I heard that Senior Brother Fang broke through naturally after understanding the storm raging technique.
He didn’t rely on the Foundation Establishment Elixir!” Seeing Luo Yuling was shocked, Xin Qianqian suddenly remembered a rumor she had heard.
As she explained, she also glanced at Fang Jinyu for confirmation.

Fang Jinyu nodded, and Luo Yuling was rendered speechless.
Meanwhile, she felt a sense of admiration.

“Junior Brother Fang is a genius!”

Luo Yuling couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.
Although there was indeed a saying about not relying on Foundation Establishment Elixirs to break through, very few cultivators could do so.
It was because those with the talent were usually cultivators with a Tianling spiritual root!

Even without a Foundation Establishment Elixir, a Tianling spiritual root cultivator could break through directly.

It was because Tianling spiritual root cultivators wouldn’t have bottlenecks in the Foundation Establishment stage.

“Senior Sister Luo, you’re too kind.
It’s time for me to return since it’s getting late.” Seeing the sunset, Fang Jinyu stood up and took his leave.
Since it was an ancient setting, he had to be careful of the distance between men and women.
Otherwise, the Tianling Sect wouldn’t have specially built a Mount Goddess for female disciples to cultivate.

Although Xin Qianqian had a lot to say to Fang Jinyu, she could only watch him leave.

It was because the two of them had yet to confirm their relationship.

Or maybe it was because Xin Qianqian was interested in Fang Jinyu, but Fang Jinyu wasn’t interested in her.

Seeing that her niece was still looking at the horizon, Luo Yuling couldn’t help but roll her eyes.
She said, “Alright, alright.
Your Senior Brother Fang has already gone far away.
Are you prepared to stand here to wait for him to come over next time?”

Xin Qianqian’s face blushed.

Luo Yuling joked, “Hurry up and look at what your Senior Brother Fang has given you.”

Xin Qianqian answered, “Oh….” She was also curious, so she opened the small jade bottle from her bosom.
Soon, a refreshing pill fragrance floated out.

Xin Qianqian’s eyes immediately widened.

Since the smell of the Foundation Establishment fruit was fragrant, even after using it as the main ingredient to refine the Foundation Establishment Elixir, the fragrance was still very strong!

Luo Yuling was also taken aback by the situation.
Initially, she had wanted to cut off the relationship between her niece and Fang Jinyu for Xin Qianqian’s sake.

Initially, she thought that an ordinary immortal sect disciple like Fang Jinyu wouldn’t be able to give her niece the Foundation Establishment Elixir she needed.

Hence, she wanted Xin Qianqian to get in touch with a direct descendant of a noble cultivation family.
After all, the other party’s engagement gift was a Foundation Establishment Elixir.

As long as the marriage was set, Xin Qianqian would be able to suffer less.
Furthermore, she might even be able to break through the Core Formation stage because she had broken through the Foundation Establishment stage earlier!

“Aunt, it is the Foundation Establishment…”

“Shush!” Luo Yuling immediately changed her expression and covered Xin Qianqian’s mouth with her hand.
She glared at Xin Qianqian and said, “Don’t you know that this thing can kill you? Someone may be listening on the other side of the wall!”

Xin Qianqian nodded like a chick pecking at rice and said, “I know.
We shouldn’t reveal our wealth, right?” Soon, she couldn’t help but continue, “Aunt, there are three elixirs inside.”

“How much?!” Luo Yuling was stunned because she thought there was only one.
After all, the Foundation Establishment Elixir was too precious.
She had heard that some people had given Foundation Establishment Elixirs as gifts, but they had only given one.

Xin Qianqian deliberately asked smilingly, “Hehe, aunt, I don’t have to see that Young Master Liu anymore, right?”

“Of course not!” Luo Yuling rolled her eyes at her.

If Fang Jinyu were still around, he would have immediately considered that the Young Master Liu they had mentioned was Su Yier’s bootlicker who caused Xin Qianqian’s tragic death after being abandoned by Su Yier.

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