212 There Might Really Be a “Qing Fu’s Biography”

After Fang Jinyu learned from Qing Fu that Fairy Qing was still alive, he found An Ruyin, who was working hard on her cultivation.
After all, Fairy Qing was half her master.

“She’s not dead yet?”

An Ruyin was also stunned.
Back then, she had died because of the oath, and she had thought that Fairy Qing of the Cihang Sect had died before her!

Otherwise, how could the Cihang Sect be destroyed?

Back then, when Fairy Qing betrayed the Goddess Sect and established her sect, she had a great influence that was no weaker than immortal sects like the Zhudao Sect.

Furthermore, Fairy Qing had many admirers, and the other immortal sects wanted to make a fool of the Goddess Sect and secretly set up obstacles for the Goddess Sect.
Back then, the Goddess Sect couldn’t do anything to the Cihang Sect, so Fairy Qing cultivated the late-stage Incarnation, and the Goddess Sect was completely helpless against her.

“Why do you all think she’s dead?” Qing Fu widened her eyes curiously and glanced at An Ruyin.

Qing Fu didn’t know An Ruyin and only knew that she was a gourd.

However, An Ruyin recognized Qing Fu.
She knew that the little girl wasn’t only strange but also extremely powerful.

Thus, An Ruyin told Qing Fu about her experience.

“In that case…”

When Qing Fu heard it, a thoughtful look appeared on her delicate little face.
Afterward, she said, “Should I go to the Goddess Sect and ask them?”

“Can you do it?” An Ruyin was stunned.

“Why not?”

Qing Fu said that and disappeared.
She had left.

An Ruyin couldn’t help but ask Fang Jinyu, “Where did this little girl come from?”

“I don’t know.” Although Fang Jinyu had some guesses, they were just guesses.
Moreover, Qing Fu’s background wasn’t important at all.

After An Ruyin heard Fang Jinyu’s answer, she prepared to go back and continue cultivating.
The gourd sword scripture was especially suitable for her cultivation, so she wanted to recover her cultivation as soon as possible.

However, before An Ruyin could start cultivating, Qing Fu had already returned.

She casually threw out something.

Before it landed on the ground, there was a “croak” sound.

Fang Jinyu looked down and immediately recognized what it was.
The thing that made the sound was also excited when it saw Fang Jinyu.
It jumped onto Fang Jinyu’s shoe and let out a series of “croaking” sounds.


“The thunder-attribute frog is still in the Goddess Sect? Eh? Was the food in the Goddess Sect that good? This thunder-attribute frog has broken through the late-stage Foundation Establishment?”
Fang Jinyu was surprised.
Seeing that the thunder-attribute frog was opening its mouth at him, he reached out, took out an elixir, and fed it to it.

Immediately, the “thunder-attribute frog” closed its mouth in satisfaction.

After so many years, it finally received its salary again!

It was touched!

As expected, it still had to obey the right boss!

Fang Jinyu naturally didn’t know that the little thing that looked like a “thunder-attribute frog” but was a “longevity frog” had so many thoughts.
He immediately asked the main thing, “What did the Goddess Sect say about Fairy Qing?”

“They said that Fairy Qing was the one who destroyed the Cihang Sect back then, and she did so to push her ruthless cultivation method to the extreme so that she could achieve her cultivation validation in one fell swoop.” Qing Fu told Fang Jinyu a piece of news that shocked him.

Fang Jinyu’s eyes widened slightly, and he was speechless.

“However, she failed because there are four others in the Cave Lake Realm who aren’t weaker than her.
The Fishery Sect’s great fishing technique, the Lanxing Sect’s reincarnation of life and death, the Yaochi Sect’s immortal dream, and the Shenhua Sect’s Lord Cultivator Xia Yi’s unifying technique.” When Qing Fu said it, she spread out her small hands and had a gloating look.

Hearing it, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but glance at the little girl.
The little girl had already come into contact with these people and even dared to provoke them.
It was obvious that even if the little girl hadn’t walked the path of cultivation validation, she wasn’t far off.

Ever since she came to the upper realm, the little girl had simply soared into the sky!

It was simply like a trapped dragon rising to the sky!

“If the five of them were in five different realms, they might have already broken through the Immortal Ascension stage!” Qing Fu’s eyes curled into crescents as if she were watching a show.

Nobody was afraid of “hardworking experts,” but they would be afraid of the “hardworking experts” joining together!

At this moment, An Ruyin, who had been dragged over by Fang Jinyu, was dumbfounded.

Then, the “gourd child” directly cursed, “Fuck! What kind of crazy woman is this? There must be something wrong with her brain! Did I die so unreasonable back then? She was already cultivating deviation, changing to cultivate the path of slaughter, right?”

An Ruyin’s mouth was cursing non-stop.
Clearly, this matter had greatly stimulated her.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but look at her sympathetically.

When Qing Fu heard it, she blinked her big eyes and nodded her head vigorously.
She agreed and said, “It can be said that there’s indeed a problem with her ruthless cultivation method.
She is indeed going over the board.
Ruthless wasn’t heartless, but what she had done was already heartless.”

Fang Jinyu didn’t say anything.
He was thinking for a moment, then he asked, “Fairy Qing is so heartless.
The tranquil lotus scripture that she passed down requires one’s divine sense to reincarnate into a lotus after breaking through the Core Formation stage.
It claims to be going to an unknown place, but in fact, it’s in her lotus pond.
Is there something wrong with the cultivation technique?”

After all, Fang Jinyu had read a lot of novels before he transmigrated.
Although there was no proof for it, why not make a guess?

However, Qing Fu confirmed Fang Jinyu’s guess and said, “She wants to use the opportunity to grow an Immortal Ascension Lotus.”

“Then what about Qianqian?” Fang Jinyu frowned.

Fairy Qing’s methods were too shocking.
Fang Jinyu was worried that even if Xin Qianqian switched to another cultivation technique, she would still be affected and become a “sacrifice” on her path of cultivation validation.

Qi Condensation stage, Foundation Establishment stage, Core Formation stage, Nascent Soul stage, Incarnation stage, and Immortal Ascension stage.
The six cultivation stages became more mysterious and magical as they advanced.
Even if they didn’t cultivate any great divine powers or magic techniques, once they broke through, they could naturally use some of them.
Moreover, their power was powerful.

Qing Fu said hesitantly, “Actually, there’s a solution.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve seen reincarnation before, and reincarnation should still be at the place I saw before.
If I can send her into reincarnation, she can be reincarnated.
After reincarnation, even Immortal Ascension stage cultivators couldn’t do anything to her.”

“Qing Fu, is there no other way?” At this moment, Fang Jinyu hesitated.

“There’s no other way!” Qing Fu quickly nodded.

However, seeing how decisive the little girl’s answer was, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but glance at her.
Afterward, he asked uncertainly, “You really didn’t want to take the opportunity to trick her?”

After all, the two of them had a “plastic relationship!”

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