214 The Vengeful Woman

To solve the problem of her cultivation method, Xin Qianqian went through reincarnation.
When the two people meet again, it might be a thousand years later.
It fulfilled the saying—a hundred years of cultivation could cross the same boat, and a thousand years of cultivation could become couples.

Fang Jinyu wasn’t a sentimental person, so he collected his thoughts and asked Qing Fu if there was a problem with the spell he was cultivating.

Initially, Fang Jinyu didn’t have much hope.

Surprisingly, the little girl was clear about it.

What made Fang Jinyu feel at ease was that his lightning-attribute heavenly book was a genuine creation of heaven and earth.

It is formed by heaven and is born in response to immortal cultivation.

In other words, no one could cheat in this aspect.

Unless there was only half of the heavenly book.

However, if it was an immortal scripture of the same level as the heavenly book… It would be another story.
It was because the immortal scripture itself was created by an immortal Almighty after reading the heavenly book.

In terms of the difficulty of cultivation, there was no doubt that it was easier to cultivate the immortal scriptures than the heavenly books.

However, there was also the possibility of it being mixed with other contents.

After all, after reading the same book, people would have different understandings.

There was no absolute answer to the question of cultivation.

“Fortunately, I obtained the heavenly book…” Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a little lucky.
Although it was more difficult to cultivate the heavenly book, he could rely on obtaining gains from the system.
How could the difficulty of cultivation stop him?

At most, Fang Jinyu would be “hardworking” cultivating for a few hundred years, or even a few thousand years!

Fang Jinyu thought so and did so.

Fang Jinyu knew he was being targeted by an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator.
Even though Fang Jinyu knew that he would be safe as long as he didn’t go to the Land of Distorted Truth, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Originally, Fang Jinyu had wanted to collect the last of the spirit herbs he lacked so that he could refine a cauldron of elixirs that could increase his cultivation.
However, it seemed that he still had to rely on the gains from the system and fight for a while for the gains in his inner energy.

After all, Fang Jinyu would have to serve as the sect leader for a thousand years.

However, Fang Jinyu had no choice but to end his closed-door cultivation after ten years.

The reason Fang Jinyu ended his closed-door cultivation wasn’t that he had achieved success in his cultivation but because the secret realm “Vast Realm” failed to escape the contamination of the devil’s intent.

Apart from the Incarnation stage lord cultivators, the rest of the cultivators in the secret realm had been infected by the devil’s intent.

Those who had been contaminated by the devil’s intent, like the Incarnation stage lord cultivator from the Zhudao Sect, were the only exceptions.
To be more precise, it was because the Incarnation stage lord cultivator had taken the initiative to receive the devil’s intent.

Otherwise, it would be a fool’s dream to corrupt an Incarnation stage lord cultivator with just a bit of devil’s intent.

As the “Vast Realm” secret realm was contaminated by the devil’s intent, the Incarnation stage lord cultivators who had noticed it in time all left the secret realm helplessly.

It was meaningless to stay in the secret realm.

Naturally, with the return of the Nascent Soul stage cultivators who had immortal seeds, they took back Fang Jinyu’s position as sect leader!

What was interesting was that after Ye Kuiyi took the position of sect leader again, many people kept mentioning the name “Han Feiyu.”

The reason was simple.

Although Fang Jinyu’s power was indirectly taken back because he displayed strength, and the power was concentrated on Shi Wushuang, the cultivation families that had received the power all received some additional benefits.

How many people would be willing to spit out meat that was already in their mouths?

Moreover, after their backers returned, they still wanted to completely implement the part of the benefits that their families had received!

However, this kind of thing naturally had to be justified.

Therefore, they unanimously used “Han Feiyu” as an excuse, saying things like “Sect Leader Han’s decision cannot be changed,” “Sect Leader Han has just stepped down from his position if the sect keeps changing its law, it will ruin Sect Leader Ye’s reputation.”

It was as if Fang Jinyu had become their ancestor.

After all, there was a saying—nobody could violate their ancestor’s words.

These people had a very good plan, but after Lord Cultivator Yuanyu summoned Fang Jinyu and had him “order” to abolish the division of power that had been established previously, these people had nothing to say.

It was indeed an exquisite move.

Secret Treasure Pavilion.

The Broad-back Ape looked at Fang Jinyu with a strange gaze.
The authentic spirit was naturally no stranger to “Sect Leader Han.”

“Sect leader, you…”

Fang Jinyu said, “I’ll swap places with you.
I’ll be in charge of guarding this place from now on.” Lord Cultivator Yuanyu was still furious, so even though she could tell that Fang Jinyu hadn’t been corrupted by the devil’s intent, she still sent Fang Jinyu here to continue his punishment.

It was inexplicable, but it made sense.

Women in high positions were just so unreasonable.

“I’ll become the sect leader?” When the Broad-back Ape heard it, it was instantly overjoyed.

“You’ll become an elder.” Fang Jinyu broke the monkey’s “beautiful dream.”

“Aren’t you the sect leader?” The Broad-back Ape was stunned.

“Not anymore.” Fang Jinyu didn’t say much.
He waved his hand and let the monkey leave.

When the Broad-back Ape saw the scene, it hurriedly rode the cloud light and leaped into the sky happily.

Nascent Soul stage cultivators could gather and disperse freely, but the monkey had endured loneliness and boredom in this place for god knows how many years.
This time, it had obtained a period of free time, so how could it bear to waste it?

Fang Jinyu silently made a mental note for Lord Cultivator Yuanyu.
Afterward, he imitated the monkey and covered his body with the stone skin before beginning his cultivation.

The “Vast Realm” secret realm was contaminated by the devil’s intent.
Although Fang Jinyu didn’t know the exact situation, he knew Lin Xianer was definitely behind it.

After all, she was the main character.

Fang Jinyu had previously killed the eldest young master of the Qi family, so he was still trying to hide.

Guarding the Secret Treasure Pavilion was a good opportunity to relax.


As for Shi Wushuang, she was very clever.
When she saw Fang Jinyu’s position as sect leader being recalled, she immediately found an excuse to run away.
If not for Fang Jinyu’s virtual body on her, he wouldn’t have known that she had already left the Shenhua Sect.
However, as the saying goes, people would keep looking for trouble for someone who wanted to live in peace.
Only a few days had passed since Fang Jinyu arrived at the Secret Treasure Pavilion when the sect leader called for him.

Hence, Fang Jinyu pretended that he didn’t hear the summons.

The Nascent Soul stage cultivators had already broken away from the status of disciples and were automatically promoted to elders.
Therefore, he had the right to refuse the sect leader’s summons.
However, in most cases, no Nascent Soul stage elder would refuse the sect leader’s summons.

Afterward, Ye Kuiyi came to the Secret Treasure Pavilion.

“Junior Brother Han, the Qi family has come to ask you a question.” Ye Kuiyi wasn’t significantly impacted, much like the Broad-back Ape, even though he had already been infected by the devil’s intent.

It was because he was originally an extremely arrogant and forbearing person!

He was always expressionless.

Ye Kuiyi was furious that “Han Feiyu” refused to go after being summoned by him, but he didn’t show any of his emotions at the moment.

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