221 The Fang Sect

As the surviving cultivators were only Foundation Establishment stage cultivators and didn’t even have a Core Formation stage cultivator.
When they saw Fang Jinyu, they were more enthusiastic than before.

After all, “Han Feiyu” was famous because of his strength.
Back then, he had beaten up a bunch of Nascent Soul stage elders to the point that they couldn’t even get angry.

Seeing the group of Foundation Establishment stage disciples, Fang Jinyu thought for a moment and raised his hand.

Fang Jinyu circulated his inner energy and immediately used the “everything is void” secret technique.
The devil’s intent inside the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators’ bodies instantly entered Fang Jinyu’s hands like birds returning to their nests.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu used the immortal imprisoning forbidden technique to seal it.

The immortal imprisoning forbidden technique was much more powerful than the one Fang Jinyu had comprehended from the “Fang” immortal symbol.

Without being contaminated by the devil’s intent, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were instantly shocked.
They felt that they were different from before, but they didn’t understand what was different.
They could only look at each other and Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu explained, “Something has invaded your bodies.
I’ve already expelled it.”

However, it was fine if Fang Jinyu didn’t explain.
Once he did, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were shocked.

“Elder Han, what is that?”

The Foundation Establishment stage cultivators asked in a panic.

Seeing their intense reactions, Fang Jinyu knew that they were thinking too much.
They probably thought that it was because of this world, so he explained in detail, “It’s the devil’s intent.
It has filled the entire Cave Lake Realm.
Except for those with special secret techniques, treasures that can suppress luck, and those who are determined, everyone else has been infected by the devil’s intent.”

“Previously, the Nascent Soul stage elders and lord cultivators of the sect went to the secret realm to cultivate to avoid the devil’s intent.
However, the devil’s intent was everywhere.
If nobody could eliminate the source of the devil’s intent, there would be no paradise.
Therefore, the secret realm was quickly contaminated by the devil’s intent.”

Now that Fang Jinyu explained it in such detail, how could the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators not know that they had been abandoned by the Shenhua Sect previously?

When they thought about how they were “abandoned children,” no matter how kind a person was, his expression couldn’t help but turn bad.

After all, those who thought that they were cheap and should be cheap… There weren’t many.

“No wonder I had an untamed heart for no reason.
My thoughts are a little extreme…”


Some people spoke, and others agreed.

For cultivators, other than those who cultivated the path of slaughter and those who had extreme personalities, most of them didn’t have much hostility in their hearts.

It was especially true for cultivators above the Foundation Establishment stage, most of them wanted to live forever.

However, when they talked, someone couldn’t help but ask, “Elder Han, please forgive me for offending you.
Since you possess a secret technique that can dispel the devil’s intent, why…”

Although the difficulty of cultivating the “everything is void” secret technique was very high, it wasn’t something that only Nascent Soul stage cultivators could cultivate.

At this moment, when they heard Fang Jinyu’s words, some cultivators exclaimed, “The devil’s intent is indeed terrifying!”

“No wonder the sect wants to abandon all of us!”

Some cultivators understood the Shenhua Sect because of it.

However, although they understood, they couldn’t help but feel a little indignant.
After all, it was something that had happened to them.
Moreover, if it weren’t for today’s accident, they might have been kept in the dark for the rest of their lives and become muddle-headed!

At the thought of this, some quick-witted cultivators immediately realized something.

“Elder Han, is this place no longer in Cave Lake Realm?” The person who asked the question was a female cultivator.

Fang Jinyu felt that the voice was familiar.
He took a look and realized that it was someone he knew.

Back then, when Fang Jinyu disguised himself as a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator and first entered the Shenhua Sect, he met a female disciple in the outer sect.
She called him “Grandmaster Qi Erhe,” which left a deep impression on Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu said, “So it’s Junior Sister Qi.” Afterward, he nodded and said, “If I hadn’t sensed that there was no devil’s intent here, I wouldn’t have dared act rashly and expel the devil’s intent from your bodies.”

Although Fang Jinyu didn’t answer directly, he expressed his meaning very clearly.

Qi Shuxian was no longer young.
Although her personality was still relatively gentle, she was no longer the innocent girl she used to be.
Now that she heard Fang Jinyu call her “Junior Sister Qi,” she knew that she could rely on someone powerful.
She couldn’t help but think of Shi Wushuang’s prestige in the Shenhua Sect, and she felt a little excited.

After all, wasn’t Shi Wushuang relying on “Han Feiyu’s” power?

However, soon, a “flirtatious slut” jumped out in front of Qi Shuxian.

“Yin Xueer greets Elder Han!”

Yin Xueer was Qi Shuxian’s best friend for many years.
At this moment, she looked gentle and weak, but she took the initiative to bow to Fang Jinyu.

“It’s Junior Sister Yin!”

Fang Jinyu nodded.

When Yin Xueer heard that “Han Feiyu” had acknowledged her identity, she was overjoyed.


Just like Qi Shuxian, the innocent girl from back then had become more scheming after decades.
After following Shi Wushuang for some time, the two of them became more shrewd.
At this moment, Fang Jinyu also spoke of his plans, “This place is no longer the Cave Lake Realm, and we don’t know when we’ll be able to return.
Therefore, I intend to rebuild the sect here.
What do you think?”

“Greetings, sect leader!”

Without any hesitation, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators directly kowtowed.

After all, Fang Jinyu’s suggestion was the best.

In such a foreign region, they could only rely on “Han Feiyu,” a powerful Nascent Soul stage grandmaster, to survive.

“We’re disciples of the Shenhua Sect.
If I name the new sect the ‘Shenhua Sect’ again, it won’t do.
I’ll simply call it the Fang Sect.
From today on, I will preach for three days to clarify the cultivation method for everyone.
At the same time, I will tear down the Secret Treasure Pavilion and change it into the Cultivation Imparting Pavilion, the Great Divine Power Pavilion, the Talisman Pavilion, the Spirit Tool Pavilion, the Elixir Pavilion, and so on.
It will be convenient to reward and punish disciples.”

“The sect leader is wise!” How could the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators have any objections? All of them agreed with Fang Jinyu.

After all, Fang Jinyu’s words were beneficial to them.

Even though Fang Jinyu would be the biggest beneficiary after the Secret Treasure Pavilion was demolished.
However, wasn’t it a common practice in the cultivation world for experts to occupy the majority of resources?

The families they came from had almost monopolized all the resources in the world!

Would those rogue cultivators dare object?

Moreover, in this situation, the higher Fang Jinyu’s cultivation base was, the safer they would be.
It would be best if Fang Jinyu could break through the Incarnation stage.
This way, the foundation of their Fang Sect would undoubtedly multiply.

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