222 Feeds on the Northwest Wind

First, Fang Jinyu set up the array formation, then tore down the Secret Treasure Pavilion, and then lectured the disciples for three days.
Fang Jinyu explained the cultivation method from easy to difficult, explaining in great detail the cultivation methods for the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.
It made all the cultivators cry with gratitude, and at the same time, they wanted to immediately start their closed-door cultivation.

At this point, Fang Jinyu could be considered to have openly occupied the Secret Treasure Pavilion.

Yes, all the treasures in the Secret Treasure Pavilion of the Shenhua Sect belonged to Fang Jinyu.
He didn’t even leave behind a single grade 5 heavenly material or earthly treasure for his disciples.

After all, with Fang Jinyu’s self-created elixir refinement method, how could alchemists need grade 5 heavenly materials and earthly treasures to refine Foundation Establishment stage elixirs?

Grade 2 or grade 3 heavenly materials and earthly treasures were enough.

As for spirit tools, talismans, and so on, Fang Jinyu drew references from his unique alchemy method.
The refining methods of the essential items for cultivation could naturally be treated equally.

Although it was just a sweep of his divine sense, how powerful was Fang Jinyu’s divine sense?

Therefore, Fang Jinyu immediately discovered that there were many spiritual items in the nearby area.

Although all of them contained death energy without exception and their grades weren’t high, it wasn’t difficult for Fang Jinyu.
At most, he could create a few more prescriptions and a few unique spirit tools.

It was called adapting to local conditions.

By the time Fang Jinyu finished all of this and explored the surrounding area, six years had passed unknowingly.

There was no difference between day and night in the realm.
The reason Fang Jinyu knew it was because the Nascent Soul stage elixir in the stone cauldron had finally been refined!

However, what made Fang Jinyu unhappy was that after he consumed the Close to Incarnation Elixir, the pill became ineffective.

“Could it be that the lifespan that was deducted when I came out of the dark land was also included?”

Fang Jinyu thought about it and could only think of the possibility.

Thinking of this, Fang Jinyu’s heart was filled with killing intent.

However, Fang Jinyu soon suppressed the anger in his heart.

After obtaining the Secret Treasure Pavilion, Fang Jinyu still had three prescriptions to choose from.
However, the effects of the elixirs refined from the three prescriptions were naturally far inferior to the Close to Incarnation Elixir.

Otherwise, the Close to Incarnation Elixir wouldn’t have been Fang Jinyu’s first choice!

At this moment, a bell rang outside the Sect Leader’s Hall, which wasn’t luxurious but was extremely simple.

It was a spirit tool refined by Fang Jinyu.

It was a supreme-grade spirit tool forged by imitating his “Senior Brother Meng’s” Heaven-Earth Bell.
The most amazing thing was that the spirit tool could absorb the floating death energy in the world and display its power automatically, without the need for cultivators to activate it.

If it weren’t for the fact that magic treasures couldn’t be refined directly and needed half a magic treasure that was in the process of being nurtured as the foundation, Fang Jinyu could have made the spirit tool directly have a magic domain within it.

Previously, when Fang Jinyu refined the item, the highest-grade spiritual item he used was only a grade 4 heavenly material and earthly treasure.

It was a refining technique that was close to cultivation.

As for the ringing of the spiritual tool, it wasn’t because something terrible or unexpected had happened.
It was because a disciple of the Fang Sect wanted to meet him.

Fang Jinyu released his divine sense and saw that it was Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer, so he let them in.

“Greetings, Sect Leader.”

The two beautiful female cultivators first bowed and said, “Sect Leader, we have been carefully exploring the area within a hundred miles of this region over the years, but we have yet to find any intelligent creatures.
The most we have seen are those few kinds of non-intelligent creatures with strange recipes.
Do we need to continue exploring?”

When Fang Jinyu heard it, he pondered for a moment and asked, “How many kinds of mindless creatures with strange recipes are there?”

Fang Jinyu had seen one of the mindless creatures that Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer had mentioned when he had released his divine sense.

It was a creature that looked like a mole cricket, but it didn’t look ferocious.
Instead, it looked extremely funny and interesting, as if it had been squeezed out of a hawthorn.


In addition, these creatures didn’t have any sensory organs such as eyes or noses.
They only had a mouth.
The food they ate was extremely unique.

It was the soil on the ground!

It wasn’t just any special soil, but any soil.
This creature could eat all kinds of soil.
The most amazing thing was that when they were released, the soil they had eaten had transformed into flat, oval objects resembling diamonds.

Their size and weight were all the same!

Fortunately, there weren’t many of these creatures around.
There was only a small nest, so the place wasn’t filled with dazzling diamonds.

“Sect Leader, there are a total of seven types.
Other than the Diamond Worm that was first discovered, there are the Wall Snake, the Two-Winged Dwarf, the Face in the Wind, the Wood Fire, the Mountain Man, and the Cuckoo Heron.”

Yin Xueer said it as she took out a few spiritual tools.

It was a type of imprisonment spirit tool.
Apart from the Diamond Worm, six types of mindless creatures were sealed within.

The first was the Wall Snake, it was more like a stone stick than a snake.
It was greenish brown and densely covered in scale-like patterns, resembling a snake’s body.

However, it had no head and no tail.
Both ends were the same, but each had a small hole.

The reason it was called a living creature was because the two holes were its mouths.

The wind was its food.

What the Wall Snake loved the most was the northwest wind.

Other than that, once the creature touched the wall-like object, it would suddenly bend and wrap around the wall.
At this moment, they would instantly change their diet and become extremely aggressive.

No matter what it passed by, it wanted to take a bite.

It was just that it only had a mouth and no teeth, so no matter how hard it bit, it couldn’t hurt anyone.

After all, Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were the disciples with the lowest cultivation bases in the Fang Sect.

This kind of living being didn’t possess the slightest bit of cultivation.

The second was the Two-Winged Dwarf.
It was named as such because it looked like a palm-sized person with wings.
It had nothing to do with humans.

It was the same for those types of Mountain Men.

This Two-Winged Dwarf was a gray skeleton that looked like a human with a pair of pink wings.

However, although it looked a little ferocious, it was more docile than the Wall Snake and the Diamond Worm.

It was because they fed on death energy and chased after death energy.
They never made any offensive moves.
Even if it was attacked, it still chased after the death energy.

This kind of living being seemed to have been born to reduce death energy.

The third type was the Face in the Wind, as its name suggested, a face that grew in the wind.
However, it didn’t only have one face.
Other than the face of a hairy face and the mouth of a thunder god, there was also a pair of hands and feet that couldn’t be seen or touched.

This kind of creature was very aggressive.
No matter what kind of creature it encountered, it would go forward and try to attack.

Moreover, its lethality was strong.

There was an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator who had been severely injured by the Face in the Wind the first time he encountered it.
If not for the timely rescue of the others, the cultivator might have perished.

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