223 How Do You Come Over?

However, it wasn’t the limit of a mindless creature like the Face in the Wind.
Fang Jinyu could see the terrifying death energy contained in it with just a glance.
If the death energy could be released at full force, it would be enough to threaten the Core Formation stage cultivators!

Furthermore, it could also threaten the Core Formation stage cultivators with immortal seeds.

However, what was more interesting was that a terrifying creature like the Face in the Wind was restrained by the harmless Two-Winged Dwarf.

As long as the Two-Winged Dwarf was around, the Face in the Wind was no different from a fish on a chopping board.

It was completely at the mercy of others!

The fourth type of mindless creature was the Wood Fire.

It sounded like a part of some kind of great divine power, but it was a description of the way the creature existed.

It was because the Wood Fire was a fist-sized ball of flame.
It often appeared where there were plants, and then it would jump from one plant to another.

As long as the distance between them didn’t exceed two kilometers, it could jump at will.

The plants that these creatures passed by wouldn’t be damaged at all, and they would become more vigorous than before.

The fifth type was the Mountain Man.

It was a kind of unique creature since only one had been found so far.

The one was naturally the one among the spirit tools.

These creatures were extremely huge.
Wherever they squatted, they would be like a towering mountain!

Moreover, its aura was restrained, making it no different from real giant mountains.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Mountain Man had coincidentally moved and followed a river to move at a distance, no one would have been able to discover the strange creature.

Lastly, the sixth type of creature was the Cuckoo Heron.

It was a leaf.

Moreover, it was a yellow leaf that had drifted over from somewhere.
After it landed on the ground, it not only made a “cuckoo” sound, but it could also transform into the shape of a heron among birds.

However, even though these creatures had no intelligence, they were the most murderous of them.

Every time there was a “cuckoo” sound, it meant that a creature was dying.

When they first discovered the Cuckoo Heron, it appeared near the Diamond Worms.
If the disciples of the Fang Sect hadn’t happened to pass by, the small nest of Diamond Worms would have been killed by the Cuckoo Heron.


Moreover, the Cuckoo Heron had broken through the late-stage Foundation Establishment.
It was a bizarre and motley world.

Thinking of this, Fang Jinyu said, “There’s no need to explore the outside world for the time being.
Let’s study the regions that have already been explored and see if there are any other discoveries.
Also, double the rewards and publicize the method to refine the death energy as a basic spell.
Those who had already obtained the basic spells could obtain additional death energy-type great divine power, which they could choose according to their personal preferences.”

These were all created after Fang Jinyu comprehended the death energy.

One of the death energy-type great divine powers could increase Fang Jinyu’s combat strength by quite a bit.
Even though he had achieved such a level.

Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer replied, “Yes, Sect Leader!”

Afterward, they were about to leave.

However, at this moment, Fang Jinyu called out to Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer, “If both of you are willing, you can prepare to break through the Core Formation stage.”


“Senior brother, this…”

Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer were undoubtedly overjoyed.
They even looked at Fang Jinyu in disbelief.

After all, the death energy in this world was extremely unfriendly to immortal cultivators like them, who mainly cultivated spiritual energy.
Even if they cultivated the method of refining the death energy created by Fang Jinyu, they were still not confident of breaking through to the Core Formation stage.

“However, don’t be too happy yet.
I only have the confidence to make you guys form grade 4 cores.” Fang Jinyu took out the Essence Gathering Core Formation Elixir that he had refined according to the characteristics of this world.

“Grade 4 is enough!”

Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer, on the other hand, were very satisfied.
After all, they weren’t very talented at cultivation.
Although they had dual-attribute spiritual roots, they weren’t good at comprehending.

Over the years, if Fang Jinyu hadn’t explained to them a few times, they wouldn’t have been able to cultivate to rank 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Seeing them leave happily, Fang Jinyu didn’t say anything else.

It was indeed difficult to form a core above grade 3.

Of course, the one who had reincarnated and re-cultivated wasn’t included in the situation.
She could have formed the first-grade core, but she didn’t make things clear in advance.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu began to comprehend the death energy of this world.

Although this realm also had spiritual energy, not only was it mixed with the death energy, but it was also extremely thin.
However, the death energy was to obtain.
At a glance, it was almost densely packed with death energy.

A month later, Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer both broke through.
However, Qi Shuxian formed a grade 3 core and Yin Xueer only formed a grade 4 core.

Thus, Fang Jinyu gave them two magic treasures that he didn’t need.

One was the golden spiritual fire lamp, and the other was the shattered sword-type magic treasure.
Among them, Fang Jinyu had repaired the latter one, and he had also modified the restrictions on these two magic treasures.

As long as they obtained Fang Jinyu’s permission, they could release the full power of its magic domains and would no longer be restricted.

The two women were naturally excited about it.

Even for the two of them, magic treasures were extremely rare, and now that they had left the Cave Lake Realm, they had lost the support of their respective families.

The matter of Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer forming their core had inspired the other disciples of the Fang Sect.
It was especially true after they learned that the Essence Gathering Core Formation Elixir could be obtained directly through merit.
The Fang Sect’s Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were all more excited than ever.

It could be said that not only had it guided their cultivation path, but it had also provided them with a vital “passport.”

What people were most afraid of was losing hope!

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t lower the difficulty of obtaining the Essence Gathering Core Formation Elixir.
After all, things that were easy to obtain were often not cherished by others.

Moreover, the main spirit herbs needed to refine the Essence Gathering Core Formation Elixir were difficult to find in this area.

Fang Jinyu had only found about ten of them so far.

Therefore, half of them weren’t ripe yet, and Fang Jinyu had set up restrictions to hide them.

Fang Jinyu had comprehended the death energy for half a year and had made some gains.

Of course, it was for him.

For the Foundation Establishment stage and Core Formation stage cultivators, Fang Jinyu’s casual preaching was enough to greatly benefit them.

Even though Fang Jinyu didn’t pass down all of his insights, only a portion of them made the disciples of the Fang Sect sigh with admiration at Fang Jinyu’s comprehension.

Some disciples couldn’t help but exclaim, “Sect Leader broke through the Nascent Soul stage in less than a hundred years.
Even those lord cultivators in the Shenhua Sect can’t compare to his astonishing talent, right?”

Fang Jinyu heard it, but his emotions were complicated.

Fang Jinyu had indeed become a Nascent Soul stage cultivator within a hundred years, but if he included the lifespan he had once consumed, it wasn’t within a hundred years.
Otherwise, the Close to Incarnation Elixir wouldn’t have been ineffective.

At this moment, a pair of small hands suddenly appeared and covered Fang Jinyu’s eyes, saying, “Mother, guess who I am?”

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

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