229 The Might of the Cultivation Runes

The thunder came unexpectedly.
Although the two golden arhats from the Black Ancient Temple weren’t dead, they were severely injured.

After all, even though it was just a clap of thunder, Fang Jinyu’s lightning-attribute cultivation base was all included in the simple “thunderbolt!”

The power of lightning was extremely destructive, but that didn’t mean that it had to cause a huge phenomenon.

For instance, the “thunderbolt’s” cause of thunder didn’t really result in much of a phenomenon, but when it sounded, it imprisoned their five senses, constrained their magical power, and even destroyed a portion of their divine senses.

Mu Anjie and Tan Yinsi had broken through the Nascent Soul stage, so they could transform between virtual and reality, and gather and disperse freely.
Otherwise, they would have died without a doubt!

“How dare you kill the monks of the Black Ancient Temple? After you die, you will be sent to hell!” Meanwhile, Mu Anjie had also noticed Fang Jinyu, and he was furious.

It was because he would be punished when he returned after so many monks had died.

Moreover, in the past, when they fought with cultivators from the immortal sects, they were all wary and didn’t dare kill them.

Sometimes, they had even broken through the other party’s sect, but the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators of those immortal sects didn’t even dare attack a novice monk!

“This is the first time I’ve heard such a mysterious threat…” When Fang Jinyu heard it, he couldn’t help but have a strange expression.
It was indeed rare for him to see such a threatening method.

“Since you won’t listen to my advice, I can only send you over!”

Mu Anjie’s gaze turned cold.
Afterward, a golden body appeared behind him.

He was six feet tall, with four faces and eight arms, holding jade, pearls, and other things.

Fang Jinyu’s eyes revealed a strange expression.
It was the first time he had come into contact with a Buddhist expert.
The other party’s golden body manifestation had shocked him.
It was because when the four-faced, eight-armed golden body appeared, he could feel that Mu Anjie’s divine sense had been strengthened by ten times!

The enhancement of one’s divine sense wasn’t just a simple enhancement of one’s divine sense in the Nascent Soul stage.
Various powers also corresponded to the strength of one’s divine sense.

Mu Anjie said, “I have heard of it…”

The golden body immediately moved.
At the same time, a deep voice that couldn’t be distinguished between male and female sounded, “I have heard of it…”

As soon as it finished speaking, Fang Jinyu instantly felt his heart palpitate.

Hence, Fang Jinyu raised his hand.

He used the passing days and months with a wave technique!

In an instant, the palpitation disappeared, along with Mu Anjie and his golden body.

“Eldest Senior Brother!”

Hence, Tan Yinsi also revealed his golden body.

However, Tan Yinsi’s golden body was far inferior to Mu Anjie’s.
It looked like it had only magnified his figure a few times because even his height was less than twenty feet.

Compared to Mu Anjie’s sixty-foot golden body, Tan Yinsi’s seemed like a fake golden body.

The moment Tan Yinsi revealed his golden body, a sea of lightning descended.

Fang Jinyu had made his move.

After all, Fang Jinyu had seen Mu Anjie’s golden body.
How could he dare let Tan Yinsi reveal his golden body?

However, Tan Yinsi revealed his golden body in the end.
Therefore, the sea of lightning couldn’t injure him at all, but he couldn’t escape either.
Therefore, under the repeated scouring of the power of lightning, Tan Yinsi’s golden body gradually shattered.
The moment his golden body shattered, Fang Jinyu saw an extremely shocking scene!

Countless figures rushed out of the shattered golden body and grabbed Tan Yinsi’s nascent soul.
Originally, Tan Yinsi could escape by transforming between virtual and reality, but with the figures dragging him, he couldn’t move at all.
In the end, it could only watch as the power of lightning destroyed it.

It made Fang Jinyu extremely surprised for a moment.
After all, he was already prepared to be beaten up.
He didn’t expect that the Buddhist Nascent Soul stage opponent would be gone in such a way.

“What are those figures?” Fang Jinyu frowned slightly.

Fang Jinyu could see that there were men and women, old and young.
All of them seemed to be human souls.
However, when they surged out of the golden body, their expressions were even more terrifying than ghosts.

Fang Jinyu could understand that it was most likely a backlash.

However, Fang Jinyu couldn’t understand the ghost-like figures.


At this moment, as the void trembled, Mu Anjie, who had disappeared earlier, appeared again.
Mu Anjie’s four-faced, eight-armed golden body also appeared.
The golden body was originally shining with golden light and exerting an extremely strong aura.
However, the golden body was dim and dull at this moment, as if it had been severely damaged.

It was the price Mu Anjie had to pay to escape from the “passing days and months with a wave” of great divine power space.

Since his golden body had been damaged, Mu Anjie looked more than ten years older.
It was compared to the extent of a mortal’s age.
One could imagine that to be able to make a Nascent Soul stage cultivator so miserable, he must have suffered an incomparably painful loss.

“Junior Brother?”

As soon as Mu Anjie came out, he sensed that Tan Yinsi had fallen.

He could feel the traces left behind by the “living souls” before they left.

As a Nascent Soul stage cultivator from the Black Ancient Temple, Mu Anjie naturally knew that the living souls wouldn’t appear if the golden body wasn’t broken.
However, not only did the living souls appear, but they also disappeared.
It only meant that those living souls had already taken their revenge!

Without hesitation, Mu Anjie turned around and ran.

However, how could Fang Jinyu simply allow Mu Anjie to run away? As a stone cauldron enlarged, Mu Anjie and his golden body were absorbed into it.

The stone cauldron shrank and fell back into Fang Jinyu’s hand.

At this moment, the stone cauldron was shaking slightly.
Mu Anjie was trying to break free.
However, the five magic domains contained within it circulated endlessly.
Gold transformed its light; water took away its spirit; earth covered its body; fire extinguished its appearance; and wood swallowed its power.
Therefore, even if Mu Anjie cultivated the powerful four-faced eight-armed golden body, he couldn’t break through the suppression of the five magic domains.

Originally, everything was fine, but at this moment, Mu Anjie suddenly erupted with a wisp of Buddhist runes!

At crunch time, Mu Anjie broke through.

Mu Anjie was overjoyed.

However, in the next moment, Mu Anjie was left with fear.

It was because after the wisp of Buddhist runes appeared, the cultivation runes contained in the stone cauldron were directly triggered.
It was like a shark that had smelled blood in the sea and instantly surrounded and hunted it.

When the wisp of Buddhist runes disappeared, Mu Anjie naturally disappeared as well.

Not even a speck was left.

Mu Anjie’s four-faced, eight-armed golden body was the same.
It was completely obliterated by the powerful cultivation runes in the stone cauldron.

Moreover, in the Black Ancient Temple, which was thousands of kilometers away, a Nascent Soul stage clone had also fallen.
It was the clone left behind by Mu Anjie.

“How is it possible?” It was Tan Yinsi.

It was also Tan Yisi’s clone.
Although his domain had been devoured by his soul and he had died, his clone was fine.

However, from then on, he lost the possibility of advancing further.

It was because his golden body and donor were destroyed

Although the Nascent Soul stage cultivators could split into several clones, the clones would be fine if something happened to the donor.
However, they weren’t Incarnation stage lord cultivators.
Therefore, when something happened to the donor, the clones couldn’t advance their cultivation any further.

Moreover, the clones couldn’t recover their cultivation.
The more cultivation they used, the less it would be.
When there were no more of them left, that would be the moment when the clone dissipated.


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