233 Using Your Name to Name This Realm

Like the rising sun, a streak of green-gold light broke through the death energy cloud barrier.

In an instant, the light shone brightly.

The smog disappeared!

First, the death energy that permeated the world began to melt.
In just a moment, it completed what many of the “Two-Winged Dwarfs” couldn’t do in their entire lives.
It caused the special “Two-Winged Dwarfs” to dissipate without a trace after flapping their wings for a while.


It was because it should have naturally died when the death energy appeared.
Afterward, the thick fog that sealed the spiritual energy dispersed.
In an instant, the spiritual energy in the world became denser.
Even the Qi Condensation stage cultivators could feel it!

The immortal cultivators’ power of great divine powers and magic techniques had greatly increased, especially in terms of cultivation.
It was also easier for them to break through.

However, benefits were always constant.

Some people benefited, while others suffered.

At this moment, no matter if it was the Black Ancient Temple or other small temples, as long as the cultivation method originated from Buddha’s way of engulfing all living beings in heaven and earth, no one would be spared.

Among them, the one who suffered the most was the Black Ancient Temple.

It was because the seven treasures of light scripture were the most “authentic!”

It was created and passed down by Buddha.
It could refine other people’s souls and strengthen one’s divine sense without leaving any aftereffects!

As for the other “unorthodox” cultivation methods, the side effects were much greater.

For example, the reason Tan Yinsi died so easily like it was child’s play, was that after his golden body shattered, the aftereffects of the cultivation technique he cultivated appeared.

The living souls that Tan Yinsi had refined previously had the thought of dying with him.
It directly pulled Tan Yisi, a golden arhat who was equivalent to a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, into reincarnation!

The living souls didn’t ask for reincarnation but only died together!

Therefore, it was actually because of that cultivation technique that Tan Yinsi cultivated that killed him.
Fang Jinyu only broke his golden body.

However, it was because the seven treasures of light scripture were the most “authentic” that the Bodhisattvas in the Black Ancient Temple had become neither human nor ghost.

However, compared to the two “Bodhisattvas with physical bodies” who had embarked on the path of cultivation validation, these few were much luckier.

At least they survived.

“Everything has changed…”

Finally, a “Bodhisattva with a physical body” reacted.

Someone took advantage of the time when Buddha died to achieve cultivation validation in this realm and directly expelled the traces left behind by Buddha.

“How is that possible?”

“It’s impossible!”

However, even at this moment, there were still people who found it unbelievable.

Or rather, they didn’t dare believe it.

It was because as the traces left behind by Buddha were expelled, everything that belonged to them would disappear.

It included the Buddhist restriction that they used to control thousands of slaves.

The green-gold sunlight had the magical power to remove the Buddhist restriction.
Therefore, the thousands of immortal cultivator slaves who had been suppressed for countless years began to resist.

Although the “major monks” who weren’t seriously affected had taken action to suppress them, they couldn’t stop the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators from escaping.

It was because there were too many people, they couldn’t stop them.

Other than that, the green-gold sunlight had a slight weakening effect on their “Buddhism.” A Buddhist attack that could originally kill a large number of Foundation Establishment stage cultivators could only kill a few of them with lower cultivation bases after being used.
The rest were severely injured.


The green-gold light scattered between heaven and earth and landed on Fang Jinyu.

Naturally, Fang Jinyu was fine.
He even felt as if he were bathed in the spring breeze.
He felt very comfortable all over as if there were countless small hands gently pressing on his body.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu heard a familiar, soft voice.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu knew the reason for the change in the world.

Fang Jinyu was instantly dumbstruck.

It was because Qing Fu broke through the Immortal Ascension stage! The situation made Fang Jinyu feel like he was in a dream.

Qing Fu had just obtained the Spirit Severing Elixir, but in the blink of an eye, she had used the three Spirit Severing Elixirs to slash herself three times and break through rank 9 in the Incarnation stage.

After that, she naturally took the step, without any hindrance.

The process naturally had no problems.
No matter who succeeded in cultivation validation, they would proceed this way.
However, the problem was that five powerful people in the Cave Lake Realm had been trapped in this particular step for thousands of years.

There was always a comparison in everything.
After comparing the situation, it seemed as if the little girl was born to break through the Immortal Ascension stage!

At this moment, Fang Jinyu heard Qing Fu’s voice.

However, this time, it wasn’t the little girl whispering to him.
Instead, the little girl was announcing to the world that all the living beings in this realm had heard her voice.

“The name of this realm will change its name into Fang Jinyu!”

In an instant, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth surged, and all kinds of secret realms appeared one after another.
Following that, there were all kinds of heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

It was a celebration of heaven and earth.

However, Fang Jinyu was dumbfounded.
As this realm was crowned with his name, a great power surged into his body.

It was a mark that represented heaven’s will.

From now on, as long as Fang Jinyu was willing, he could borrow the power of heaven and earth to kill Incarnation stage lord cultivators at any time!

And even if an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator wanted to attack him, Fang Jinyu could use the power borrowed from heaven and earth to save his life.
However, if he managed to survive once, it would be hard for him to borrow the power of heaven and earth the next time.
There was even a high chance that he couldn’t borrow it.

However, everything had a price.

As a price, the luck that Fang Jinyu had painstakingly accumulated became weak again… He looked like cannon fodder who wouldn’t live past a chapter.

Fang Jinyu’s mouth twitched, and he didn’t know what to say for a moment.

The reason for this was that his current cultivation was too low.
In other words, his virtue was not worthy of his position.

Fang Jinyu wasn’t qualified to use his name to rule the entire realm!

However, a certain newly-advanced Immortal Ascension stage little girl was willing to do so…

“In terms of luck, I’m going against cannon fodder, right?” Fang Jinyu ridiculed the situation and used his power to plunder all the heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the world.

Heavenly materials and earthly treasures wouldn’t appear out of thin air.
They had existed for many years.
It was just that the divine objects concealed themselves, which was why they had never been discovered.

Fang Jinyu was overjoyed when he saw spiritual items dropping continuously.
He then quickly sorted and stored them according to their attributes.

After packing up the spiritual items, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

It was because Fang Jinyu could refine elixirs again.

Moreover, Fang Jinyu can refine more than a furnace of elixirs.
He estimated that even if he used such a method to break through rank 9 in the Nascent Soul stage, he would still have many spiritual items left!

Once Fang Jinyu broke through rank 9 in the Nascent Soul stage, he would only need to borrow the power of heaven and earth to use his cultivation runes as his Incarnation foundation.
He would be able to evolve his Incarnation place and become an Incarnation stage lord cultivator!

“However, before that, there’s still one more thing to do.”

Fang Jinyu found Qi Shuxian and Yin Xueer and officially handed over the Fang Sect to them.
He also taught them some alchemy and spirit tool refinement techniques before stepping down from the position of the sect leader.

Originally, Fang Jinyu wanted to take the opportunity to gather the remaining luck of the Shenhua Sect.

However, since Fang Jinyu’s luck was almost gone, he would be dragged down to death by the Shenhua Sect if he continued to assume the position of sect leader!


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