235 The Return of the Honest Man

Luojia Immortal City was an extremely inconspicuous, small immortal city in the Nine Desolations.
However, if one were to trace back to more than three hundred years ago, the Luojia Immortal City had another name—the Utopia Immortal City.

At that time, the Utopia Immortal City was at its most awe-inspiring.

The Utopia Immortal City had a Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster presiding over the city and three Core Formation stage cultivators holding the power together, even the cultivators from the five great immortal sects of the Nine Desolations would have to respect them.

However, it had become part of history.
Ever since the immortal city changed its name to Luojia Immortal City, it has become one of the many small immortal cities.
The immortal city didn’t have any Core Formation stage cultivators in the city, so they could only invite one elsewhere to take charge.

Moreover, it was only in name.

Unless it was time to split the benefits, nobody would be able to see any trace of the great Core Formation stage cultivator.

On this day, while the cultivators and mortals in Luojia Immortal City were busy, thunderbolts suddenly appeared in the sky above the city.

Each bolt of lightning was interwoven with the dense power of lightning.


As the thunderbolts exploded, endless black smoke shrouded the sky above the Luojia Immortal City.
It made everyone in the city feel terrified, afraid that a thunderbolt would strike.

The situation made the few late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators in Luojia Immortal City show a pale face.

Fortunately, the world-destroying lightning didn’t strike in the end.

The lightning dissipated, and a figure appeared in the sky above Luojia Immortal City.
The person had a perfect face as if it were carved by a knife.
He was handsome and had a slender figure.
Although he was dressed in an old-fashioned manner, it couldn’t hide his extraordinary handsomeness.

The moment the figure appeared, a vast and endless Nascent Soul stage pressure descended.

Fortunately, the pressure was withdrawn as soon as it came into contact with the city.
Therefore, the people in Luojia Immortal City, even mortals without cultivation, only felt a little uncomfortable.

“Luojia Immortal City?”

Fang Jinyu looked at the immortal city below and saw the plaque hanging high up.
His expression couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but think, “Aren’t I preparing to return to the Cave Lake Realm to complete the mission in the book?”

“Where is Luojia Immortal City?”

“I didn’t recall it at all!”

“Also, why is the spiritual energy in this world so dense? Is this the upper realm where the spiritual energy of heaven and earth is barren?” Fang Jinyu could feel the heavens and earth’s vitality around him and couldn’t help but feel shocked.

However, soon after, Fang Jinyu’s gaze turned strange.

“Could it be that I’ve returned to the Nine Desolations?”

With such a guess in mind, Fang Jinyu landed.
He swept his gaze around and raised his hand to grab something.

Immediately, the few strongest Foundation Establishment stage cultivators in Luojia Immortal City flew up uncontrollably and were brought to Fang Jinyu.

“Greetings, Senior! Although I don’t know what you want to know, I’ll tell you everything I know.”

The few Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were diligent.
Once they saw that they were unharmed, they understood that the powerful senior they were looking at most likely wanted to ask them something.


Therefore, regardless of gender, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were all excited.
According to tradition, such inquiries would be rewarded with a little.

For cultivators with low cultivation bases, a reward from a cultivator with high cultivation bases was no less than a windfall!

Fang Jinyu asked directly, “Is this the Nine Desolations?”

Fang Jinyu had ranked 8 in the Nascent Soul stage.
In the entire Nine Desolations, there might not even be three people who could surpass him in terms of cultivation bases, including his senior brother, Grandmaster Meng, and the strongest people in the three desolate forbidden lands!

When the late-stage Foundation Establishment stage cultivators heard it, they were all stunned.

What kind of question was it?

However, they immediately realized something, so they hurriedly nodded and said, “Senior, this is the Nine Desolations.
Three hundred years ago, Luojia Immortal City was called Utopia Immortal City.
Do you have some impression of it now?”

“Utopia Immortal City?”

Fang Jinyu finally remembered.
After all, it was the place where he and Su Yier had a “battle” in acting.

Thinking of this, Fang Jinyu instantly felt extremely emotional.

“Why did this city change its name?”

“Senior, this is because the Utopia Immortal City was too famous back then.
To avoid unnecessary disputes, the grandmaster of the Tianling Sect changed the city’s name.
It’s because of the grandmaster of the Tianling Sect that we Luojia Immortal City cultivators have the chance to recuperate.”

Fang Jinyu didn’t expect that the immortal city’s name would be changed by his senior brother.
Other than changing its name, he should have said something else.
Otherwise, the secret of the spirit herbs in Utopia Immortal City would have attracted the attention of several immortal sects.

Thus, Fang Jinyu flicked his sleeves.

Immediately, a few Six Alloy Elixirs appeared.

“This is the Six Alloy Elixir.
It can allow a cultivator who ranks 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage to possess a portion of the power of the Core Formation stage cultivator.
It can also help one comprehend the cultivation methods in the Core Formation stage.”

“Thank you, Senior!” When the few Foundation Establishment stage cultivators heard it, they were instantly overjoyed.

They had overestimated the rewards they would receive.
However, they didn’t expect that they would receive such a shocking item!

Seeing their expressions, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but sigh.
After all, there was a time when he was so excited about obtaining the Six Alloy Elixir.

“Times have changed.
In the blink of an eye, this is something that happened two to three hundred years ago…”

Fang Jinyu shook his head slightly.
Afterward, he took out the Tianling Sect’s Sect Leader Token.

Fang Jinyu planned to take the stargazing flying ship.

It had been hundreds of years since Fang Jinyu took it, so he couldn’t help but feel nostalgic.

After finding a nearby immortal city that happened to have a superior-tier stargazing flying ship today, Fang Jinyu took a step forward, and his figure became virtual.
He directly used a great divine power that could transform reality and virtually go over.

Seeing the scene, the few Foundation Establishment stage cultivators all looked as if they were relieved.

“He is indeed a grandmaster…”

“I just don’t know where he came from.”

As the few late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators spoke, they looked at each other.
When they saw an unprecedented ambition in each other’s eyes, one of them said, “With this Six Alloy Elixir, we can all possess a portion of the power of the Core Formation stage cultivator.
In that case, how about we work together?”

“Every year, less than 20% of the immortal city’s profits will be given to us Foundation Establishment stage and Qi Condensation stage cultivators.
The remaining 80% goes to that great cultivator.
I wouldn’t have any complaints if the great cultivator did his job and guarded this place, but he’s only here in the name.
I’m not reconciled to when, when we’ve been in danger several times, he asked us to find external help.”

After the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator finished speaking, the others nodded in unison.

It was the truth.

“Alright then, everyone, let’s go back and refine the Six Alloy Elixir first!”

Luojia Immortal City changed.


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