237 Breaking Through the Incarnation Stage in the Darkness

A divine elixir?

It seemed that the divine elixir had an extremely complete consciousness and could communicate with the kid, huh?

If that was the case, what was the elixir’s grade?

Three questions instantly appeared in Fang Jinyu’s mind.
It made him decide to make a move on “the kid.” After all, there was a saying that people couldn’t miss the opportunities given by the heavens.
Otherwise, they would be punished by the heavens.

Fang Jinyu didn’t want to offend the heavens.

Speaking of which, if the kid was polite and respectful, even if it was just an act, Fang Jinyu would be too embarrassed to attack him.

After all, Fang Jinyu had to be tolerant of others.

After all, the kid named Fang Qin was the descendant of his cousin, Fang Ning.

However, the kid was so condescending and looked down on everyone.
Moreover, he had come to provoke Fang Jinyu for no reason and was so arrogant! Hence, Fang Jinyu didn’t even have the slightest bit of psychological repulsion!

Therefore, after Fang Jinyu used the immortal imprisoning forbidden technique to leave a mark on Fang Qin, he went to Mount Xiaohe.

It was because it wasn’t a good time to make a move.

Moreover, Fang Jinyu had to plan how to take the divine elixir and attack.

Fang Jinyu believed that he couldn’t be rash!

Fang Jinyu came to Mount Xiaohe.
The peak that was once hated by people and dogs was now extraordinary.
The array formation he left behind was still there, and it had been expanded.

However, it could be seen that no one had come to Mount Xiaohe for a long time because many places had accumulated a thick layer of dust.

Fang Jinyu even saw the bones of many birds.

Suddenly, Fang Jinyu saw a familiar, stiff figure.

It was the puppet that had some consciousness.
However, other than being quite interesting, it didn’t have much use.
That was why it was sent to him as a congratulatory gift back then.

At this moment, when Fang Jinyu recognized the puppet, the puppet also recognized Fang Jinyu.

After all, Fang Jinyu had once refined the puppet.
Hence, the mark of his divine sense was still there.

However, since it hadn’t moved for too long, the spirit stones in the puppet had long been exhausted.
Therefore, the puppet only had a little consciousness fluctuation left, so Fang Jinyu changed a spirit stone for it.

“Lord, have you ended your closed-door cultivation?”

Back then, Fang Jinyu had been sent away by an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator’s words.
Therefore, in the puppet’s memories, Fang Jinyu had always been in closed-door cultivation and had never left.

“What happened all these years?” Fang Jinyu nodded and didn’t explain further.

After the puppet heard Fang Jinyu’s question, it began to speak intermittently.

The content at the beginning was nothing more than that after his “closed-door cultivation” for some time, Xin Qianqian and a certain little girl came.
The two of them worked together and took away many thunder-attribute frogs to roast and eat.
After that, the two of them entered Mount Xiaohe and did some things.

Soon after, Xin Qianqian and the little girl went to Mount Tianling.

However, Mount Xiaohe wasn’t abandoned because of it, especially the puppet.
It was taken care of even better.
It could be considered that Fang Jinyu’s achievement benefited it.

Even after Xin Qianqian disappeared, the place was still the same.

All the changes started from the moment the Acting Sect Leader, Du Maner, took over the position and handed over the management of Mount Xiaohe to the Fang family.
From then on, Mount Xiaohe got worse and worse.
In the end, no one even came to help replace the spirit stones in the puppets.

When Fang Jinyu heard it, he immediately realized what the problem was.

It was the Fang family!

It caused Fang Jinyu’s favorable impression of the so-called “Fang family” to instantly decrease again.

It was still the same one had to be tolerant of others.

For Fang Jinyu’s sake, no matter what, the Fang family had to take good care of one of the few puppets with flexible consciousness on Mount Xiaohe, right?

After all, if they didn’t instruct the puppet to do anything, it might not even consume a single spirit stone in a hundred years.

Moreover, the Tianling Sect could afford a spirit stone, right?


Moreover, looking at the way Fang Qin squandered, the Fang family had definitely obtained more than ten million spirit stones over the years.

They could buy a ticket for a superior-tier stargazing flying ship for Fang Qin’s maidservant.
However, they couldn’t give a spirit stone to Fang Jinyu, their ancestor’s puppet, every hundred years, huh?

If it was just a maid, then forget it.

It was reasonable for Fang Jinyu to think that Fang Qin and his maid were in love.
However, from the kid’s actions, it was obvious that he had too many spirit stones so that he could casually spend them!

At this moment, the puppet was still following Fang Jinyu’s instructions and recounting what it had seen over the years.
It said, “Lord, a few years ago, someone came to study me and took away a part of me.
As a result, I can no longer remember who the person who took me apart was…”

Hearing it, Fang Jinyu’s mood finally changed a little.

When the Nascent Soul stage cultivator was angry, the wind and clouds changed.

At this moment, as Fang Jinyu’s mood became worse, the weather near Mount Xiaohe also became gloomy.
Lead clouds pressed down, and lightning flashed.
From time to time, silver-white lightning snakes would leap out.

A bolt of lightning descended, and the array formation formed by a superior-grade spirit tool below was instantly shattered.

It was the terrifying aspect of a master of lightning techniques!

Such a shocking change in the weather also alarmed the Tianling Sect’s cultivators.
From the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators to the Core Formation stage cultivators, they all rushed toward Mount Xiaohe.

Afterward, two Nascent Soul stage cultivators’ auras surged over and spoke before the current Acting Sect Leader could speak.

“Fellow Daoist, who… Eh? It’s you!”

“Senior Brother Fang?”

The two Nascent Soul stage cultivators who had rushed over had already recognized Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu also recognized them.

One was Du Maner, and the other was Nangong Li.

Fang Jinyu wasn’t surprised that these two had broken through the Nascent Soul stage.

After all, Du Maner had obtained a quarter of Su Yier’s luck back then.
Under the blessing of that luck, even if Fang Jinyu couldn’t say that she would definitely become an Incarnation stage lord cultivator, the luck was more than enough for her to break through the Nascent Soul stage.

As for Nangong Li, based on her relationship with his senior brother, “Grandmaster Meng,” it would be difficult for her not to break through the Nascent Soul stage!

Thinking of this, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but ask after greeting them, “Speaking of which, where’s Junior Sister Sun? Why didn’t I see her? Did she break through the Core Formation stage?”

The extremely weak Junior Sister Sun had also obtained a quarter of Su Yier’s luck back then.

It should be easy for Junior Sister Sun to break through the Nascent Soul stage!

“Junior Sister Sun had an accident.
After she broke through rank 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage, she was invited away by someone from the apocalypse.
They said that the apocalypse is the place where she should stay.” Du Maner replied with a smile and said, “It’s been more than 200 years since we last met.
Senior Brother Fang, you’ve broken through the late-stage Nascent Soul.
It seems that you’ll soon break through the Incarnation stage like Grandmaster Meng!”

Fang Jinyu asked, “Is Senior Brother Meng still at Mount Guiwang?”

“That fellow is no longer in the Nine Desolations.
Ever since he broke through the Incarnation stage, a door of darkness had appeared.
Therefore, he could only leave a few words in a hurry before entering the door of darkness.
Until now, none of us knows whether he is dead or alive.” As Nangong Li said it, she couldn’t help but show a worried look.

Although that old thing had used the reason “fear of marriage” to avoid her for hundreds of years, she still cared about him.


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