The Fortune-Telling Technique and Myna

Fang Jinyu didn’t answer, but he looked surprised.
The moment the little girl finished speaking, he could feel that his luck had decreased by a tenth!

It turned out the price of the fortune-telling technique was his luck?

Fang Jinyu could not help but come to a sudden realization.
He finally understood why his fortune-telling technique stopped after meeting the little girl.
After he had mastered the fortune-telling technique, he saw his luck was so weak that it was almost non-existent.
It was because he had paid the price once!

Now that he had obtained luck again and could afford the cost of the fortune-telling technique, the fortune-telling technique finally reacted again.

“It’s indeed the protagonist’s exclusive technique….”

Who else would have such strong luck to consume besides the main character?

Sure enough, Fang Jinyu was still cannon fodder.
It was not easy for him to get rid of the role!

Fang Jinyu was filled with emotion.
He looked at the little girl poking his belly with her pinky and said, “You’ve drunk too much.
What you said just now was nonsense.”

“I didn’t drink!” The little girl also glanced at Fang Jinyu, but her hands didn’t stop moving, and she even used a bit more force.

“That’s because you’ve slept too much.
It’s easy for people to become stupid after sleeping too much.
I think you’ve become stupid.” Fang Jinyu glanced at her again and thought, “Is she still going to poke my stomach?”

The little girl stopped, glanced at Fang Jinyu, and walked away without a word.

She thought, “Hmph! I will remember it!”

However, after a few steps, the little girl suddenly thought of something and said, “A bird is looking for you.
It’s outside.”

“What bird?”

Fang Jinyu was surprised.

“A bird that can talk.
It’s pitch-black and looks like a crow.”

Before the little girl could finish her sentence, Fang Jinyu hurriedly walked out.
His fortune-telling technique was slightly reacting again.

However, it was not the only reason why Fang Jinyu did this.

In his field of vision, the countdown text box had already disappeared after reaching zero.
In other words, the opportunity that gave him a headache was no longer there.
He could go out without worrying about the problem of meeting Su Yier’s bootlickers.

In addition, it was a bird that could speak…

Under normal circumstances, it would be a Core Formation stage spirit beast!

Qi Condensation stage spirit beast could understand human emotions.
Foundation Establishment stage spirit beast could understand human nature.
Core Formation stage spirit beast could speak the human language.

Of course, it only sounded like it was speaking the human language.
The spirit beasts’ voices were still the same.
However, after the spirit beasts had broken through to the Core Formation stage, they would possess extremely profound magic powers, and even their voices would undergo inconceivable changes.
It was why its voices would turn into words people could understand when they heard them.

In short, Fang Jinyu didn’t dare to slight a Core Formation stage spirit beast looking for him!

However, after he walked out, Fang Jinyu realized it was only a Foundation Establishment stage bird.
He heaved a sigh of relief and quickly stepped forward, cupping his fists, and said, “I’m sorry, Daoist brother.
I was in closed-door cultivation, so I’ve accidentally neglected you.”

The bird was pitch-black, like a crow, but its body was larger than a normal eagle.
Its wings were five feet long!

“Caw-caw! It’s alright.
It’s alright.
Two days ago, I suddenly wanted to come to Mount Xiaohe for a walk.
I had an interesting chat with that little girl, so I stayed for a few more days.” The crow-like bird turned out to speak the human language after chirping twice.

However, Fang Jinyu was able to confirm the species of the bird.

It was the Jade Falcon Myna.

It was a special spirit beast related to the Myna in the secular world by blood.
It could learn the human language.
However, most of these spirit beasts had a weak cultivation base, and only a few were above rank 3 in the Qi Condensation stage.

However, the Myna in front of him was most likely ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage since it had a similar aura to Xin Qianqian’s aunt.

Fang Jinyu immediately chose topics the Jade Falcon Myna liked and chatted with it.
Although it wasn’t a Core Formation stage spirit beast, it looked like it would soon break through the Core Formation stage.
Hence, he didn’t ask to be on good terms with it.
He just wanted to avoid offending it.

A moment later, the Foundation Establishment stage blackbird became extremely excited.

It was because Fang Jinyu had told it that there was a place where a beautiful female Qi Condensation stage Myna was still unmarried.

Speaking of which, Fang Jinyu knew about it because he had read about it in the book.
It was the pet of one of Su Yier’s bootlickers.
Due to the female Myna having a strong personality and loving to pay more for everything, including when it betrayed its owner, Fang Jinyu remembered it with a glance.

Meanwhile, the blackbird that called itself “San Sun” looked at Fang Jinyu as if it was looking at a friend from its clan.
“Caw-caw! Fellow Daoist Fang, I regret not meeting you earlier! Why don’t you and I behead the chicken today and become sworn brothers? I’ll be the second eldest brother, and you’ll be the third eldest brother.”

“Then who is the eldest brother?” When Fang Jinyu ridiculed it in his heart, he couldn’t help but ask.
He felt like he had seen the plot before.

“A Core Formation stage black spirit pig.” After San Sun finished speaking, it thought of something and immediately said, “But that black spirit pig hasn’t agreed with it.
Third brother, don’t worry, I will convince that black pig!”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but ask, “Which Senior is it from the Spirit Beasts Valley?”

“Are you very familiar with those three?”

“Two seniors have once asked me to help them refine elixirs, and one has lent me the prescription for the Core Spirit Elixir for three days.” Fang Jinyu didn’t go into detail, but his words were enough to make people think.

“Caw-caw! It turns out that they are all on the same side! No wonder I suddenly wanted to come here two days ago.
There’s clearly nothing in Mount Xiaohe that attracts me, but I still couldn’t help but stay here for a few more days.” San Sun looked extremely surprised, and the tuft of bird feathers on its head spread out like a chicken’s crown.

However, when the blackbird repeated that it wanted to come here two days ago, Fang Jinyu suddenly thought, “Could it be that the countdown is referring to this blackbird?”

“Second brother, did you return from the mountains two days ago?” Fang Jinyu asked.

“I went to the Spirit Beasts City for a walk and just happened to come back.” Seeing Fang Jinyu being diligent, San Sun immediately said, “Great! Let’s settle this, then.
I’ll go find that black spirit pig first.
This time, I’ll convince it to be my eldest brother!”

With a flap of its wings, San Sun became a black shadow and disappeared instantly.
Its speed surprised Fang Jinyu.

It was because his speed would still be inferior to it even if he had cultivated the supreme wind-thunder scripture.

However, the blackbird returned the next second.

“Third brother, I almost forgot it.
I bought this on a whim.
I don’t know what it’s used for, so I’ll give it to you!” San Sun threw down an item and became a black shadow to leave again.

Fang Jinyu could not help but reach out to receive it because his fortune-telling technique had reacted again!

The reaction was even more intense than the previous two times!

His fortune-telling technique would have such a strong intention only when he met the little girl!

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