239 Intercepted Fate, the Temporary Substitute

Fang Jinyu already knew about the situation of Fang Ning’s cultivation partner back then.
It was someone who looked very much like the man she once loved but was also slightly better than that man.
For a moment, Fang Jinyu didn’t know whether to complain or mourn.

However, Fang Jinyu finally understood why the kid named Fang Qin had such a personality.

The elders in the family were all acting in the same way.
How can the descendants be good?

In the end, it was because he grew up in a bad environment and was used to being spoiled.

“I finally understand the troubles that my senior brother had back then.
Everything in this world… It’s a cycle.” Fang Jinyu felt a little emotional.
Back then, he had been bullied by the aristocratic families.

However, Fang Ning’s descendants also bullied others using Fang Jinyu’s influence.
They were just like the disciples, who were born into noble cultivation families.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu stopped thinking about the matter.

After all, Fang Jinyu’s status could determine the rise and fall of a family with just one or two words.

Fang Ning’s descendants had Fang Jinyu’s influence to protect them in the past, so they naturally had no taboos.
However, without his protection now, even if they could immediately restrain themselves and turn over a new leaf, they would continue to decline.

Moreover, a leopard couldn’t change its spots!

Compared to the bullshit that this family had brought, Fang Jinyu was undoubtedly more concerned about the Foundation Establishment stage youth.

“However, it’s best to find out the origin of that so-called divine elixir before I act.”

Fang Jinyu decided to be more cautious.

What if the divine elixir was at the same level as his gains from the system? If that’s the case, the other party will likely escape!

Even if it was far inferior, Fang Jinyu didn’t want to see any exceptions.

Even a lion needed to use its full strength to hunt a rabbit!

What’s more, Fang Jinyu was attacking something that was suspected to be a “cheat!”

After thinking about it, Fang Jinyu decided to contact Qing Fu.
Although he wasn’t sure if he could contact her, after all, they were too far apart…

The little girl went to the dark land to settle scores with her enemy.

“Eh? Mother, I’m just looking for you!” However, Qing Fu’s soft voice soon appeared in Fang Jinyu’s mind as a response to his call.

“Looking for me? Is there something wrong?”

Fang Jinyu asked.

“No, I just didn’t see you in the Cave Lake Realm, so I wanted to ask you if you were stupid enough to activate the magic treasure so violently that you returned to the Nine Desolations.”

It was because Fang Jinyu seemed to have overactivated the magic, which was why he was sent back to the Nine Desolations.

However, Fang Jinyu couldn’t admit it.

Thus, Fang Jinyu stubbornly said, “No, I suddenly changed my mind.
That’s why I returned to the Nine Desolations.”

“Really?” Qing Fu’s soft voice was filled with suspicion.

“Of course it’s true!” Fang Jinyu quickly said that and then quickly changed the topic.
He told Qing Fu about the divine elixir on Fang Qin in great detail.

“Mother, why don’t you ask the reception officer of the Immortal Palace?”

Fang Jinyu said, “I can’t find her.
She always contacts me in my dreams.” His tone was somewhat helpless.

When Fang Jinyu heard of the name “divine elixir,” he also thought so.
After all, such a cool name seemed to belong to the immortal realm.

“Mother, I just happened to create a secret technique that you can use! I’ll teach you!”

Qing Fu projected a secret technique into Fang Jinyu’s mind as she spoke.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be shocked.

[Secret technique: I’ll listen quietly for a while.]


[Effect: Fate Swap.
One can instantly intercept a portion of another person’s fate and temporarily become the other party.
Therefore, everything the other party knows, sees, hears, and feels will immediately appear in his mind.]
Other than the name of the secret technique being as annoying as ever, the power of the secret skill could be said to be extremely domineering!

Temporarily become someone and learn everything about the other party!

Even if it were only temporary and not permanent, the secret technique could still be said to be heaven-defying.

It was because there were no side effects.

“The Immortal Ascension stage cultivator is so terrifying…”

Fang Jinyu exclaimed in his heart and then stopped what he was doing.

He was currently refining some spirit tools.

Fang Jinyu prepared them for his puppet.
Fang Jinyu had originally planned to refine all of them into superior-grade spirit tools.
After all, with his craftsmanship, refining a mere superior-grade spirit tool was easy-peasy.

However, this process has naturally had to be slowed down now.

“I’ve already refined your core into a superior-grade spirit tool.
The rest will be high-grade spirit tools for the time being.
When you’re familiar with it, I’ll convert it into a superior-grade spirit tool for you.”

Fang Jinyu said to the puppet.

The puppet had guarded the door for Fang Jinyu for hundreds of years.
Even if it didn’t have any merit, it had worked hard.
Moreover, Fang Jinyu was a person who cherished the past.
He naturally believed he should reward the puppet.

“Yes, Lord!”

The puppet said it happily.
Although it had consciousness, it wasn’t very intelligent.
It was only slightly better than a child’s.

Fang Jinyu nodded and let the puppet go out.
He began to comprehend the “Qing Fu series secret technique.”

It could only be said that it was indeed a secret technique that Qing Fu had comprehended after she broke through the Immortal Ascension stage.
Its difficulty was almost as high as the heavenly-merit immortal scripture, but Fang Jinyu could overcome difficulties after “cultivating hardly” to obtain gains from the system for many days.

“My gains obtained from the system and I am still as powerful as ever!”

Fang Jinyu was extremely gratified.

[Today is the day to comprehend the secret technique I’ll listen quietly for a while.
Unfortunately, there’s no progress.]

[Refined secret technique essence +1]

With this, Fang Jinyu directly cultivated the secret technique to the minor success stage, avoiding hundreds or even thousands of years of cultivating it.

“Let’s look for the Foundation Establishment stage youth first.”

Fang Jinyu released his divine sense.

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu’s divine sense was so powerful that it could cover the entire Tianling Sect.
His sight even included the Yuan City, which was outside the Tianling Sect.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu immediately found Fang Qin.

“Why is my puppet there?”

Fang Jinyu was surprised because his puppet was still standing opposite Fang Qin.
At this moment, the puppet was staring at a red-robed girl beside Fang Qin, and its consciousness fluctuation was especially violent.

Therefore, out of curiosity, Fang Jinyu listened carefully.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu heard his puppet say, “It’s you! You were the one who came to Mount Xiaohe and took away a part of me! I recognize you!”

The puppet sounded happy.

It was because the puppet could finally explain the situation to its master!

The puppet felt it was its fault for not being able to answer its master’s question.

“You are that puppet?” When Fang Qin heard it, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

It was because when he had brought people over, the puppet had a dusty appearance, and he couldn’t even see its face.
However, the puppet that appeared in front of him now had the appearance of a delicate and pretty girl with a pair of cat ears.

The change in this aspect was purely out of someone’s desire.


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