244 Frown Slightly and Retreat Behind Everyone

At this moment, when “Xiao Ahshui” heard Fang Jinyu’s words, he subconsciously frowned.
Afterward, he bowed with a cold expression and asked, “Grandmaster, what do you want to trade with me?”

Fang Jinyu’s eyes flashed slightly.
It seemed that “Xiao Ahshui” was used as such an expression in the past, so she couldn’t change it in a short time.
Moreover, she didn’t realize it.

Seeing the scene, Fang Jinyu immediately had a clue as to the identity of “Xiao Ahshui.”

“Is ‘he’ Xiao Youyue who has been mentioned many times by the Qi Condensation stage and Foundation Establishment stage disciples of the Tianling Sect?” As Fang Jinyu had only used his divine sense to roughly sense the person, he knew who “he” was.
However, he had no idea what the person looked like.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t show it at all, as if he didn’t see through her.
He said calmly, “Your alchemy technique.”

“It’s something that I accidentally comprehended.
I’m willing to give it to you, Grandmaster.”

“Xiao Ahshui” said it without hesitation.

At the same time, “Xiao Ahshui” took out a jade slip.

Fang Jinyu looked at her and seemed to see a certain figure who frowned slightly and retreated behind everyone.
He raised his hand and opened the jade slip to read it once before waving his hand.

Instantly, a jade slip that looked similar appeared in front of “Xiao Ahshui.”

“I don’t like to take things from others for free, so I’ll give this to you.”

Afterward, Fang Jinyu looked at Fang Qin.

At this moment, Fang Qin was dissatisfied because Fang Jinyu had placed him last.
However, under the comfort of the “divine elixir,” he didn’t dare be furious.
He only said stiffly, “I want you to take back your words about having nothing to do with the Fang family.
After all, I was the one who offended you that day.”

Fang Jinyu shook his head slightly.

“Are you going back on your word?” Fang Qin couldn’t help but get emotional.
He subconsciously spoke loudly.

“No, it’s just that you’re not worthy.”

Fang Jinyu continued to say calmly, “In addition, your Fang family is the descendant of my cousin Fang Ning.
It has nothing to do with me, but because my status is too high and I happen to have no descendants, the others in the sect are so apprehensive and blindly tolerate your family.”

“Other than that, what you’ve done all these years is too despicable.” Fang Jinyu didn’t change his expression and didn’t change his tone either.

However, Fang Qin was provoked.

However, Fang Qin didn’t go furious.
He said, “I want my grandmother to recover her cultivation!”

The Fang family desperately needed a Core Formation stage cultivator to intimidate the opposition, so the “divine elixir” recommended it.

“This is the heavenly essence core formation technique.
If you cultivate this technique and use the elixirs mentioned in it, you’ll be able to make Fang Yandai recover.” Fang Jinyu took out the items.

However, even though they had obtained something that suited them, only Wenren Xin was happy.

After they left, Nangong Li and Du Maner looked at Fang Jinyu curiously.
Du Maner asked, “Senior Brother Fang, are you trying to take in a disciple?”

Fang Jinyu said, “I’m just finding a reason to reward someone with the cauldron of Six Alloy Elixirs that I refined previously.”

“Senior Brother Fang is very thoughtful.”

Du Maner nodded.
She didn’t doubt Fang Jinyu’s explanation.
However, Nangong Li looked at Fang Jinyu in disbelief.
However, she didn’t say anything and left with Du Maner.

After leaving Mount Xiaohe, Nangong Li brought Du Maner to catch up with “Xiao Ahshui.” Her disguise was easily seen by Fang Jinyu, but she disguised herself well in front of Nangong Li and Du Maner.

Without any concealment, the two of them landed directly.

“Greetings to the two Grandmasters!”

“Xiao Ahshui” said with cupped fists.
Her tone was neither servile nor overbearing.

Nangong Li said, “I’m also quite curious about the alchemy method you gave to Junior Brother Fang previously, so I want to make an exchange with you.
Although I can trade with Junior Brother Fang, you are the founder of the alchemy method.
It is more reasonable to find you.” She was also a Holy Alchemist.
Although she didn’t have any Incarnation stage prescriptions, she was confident that she could refine them if she was given a prescription.

Of course, it wasn’t a prescription like the “Spirit Severing Elixir.”

The Spirit Severing Elixir seemed to be an Incarnation stage elixir, but it had already related to the Immortal Ascension stage.
It was the top-notch prescription of the Incarnation stage.

As a Holy Alchemist, how could Nangong Li not be interested in the new alchemy method?

“Xiao Ahshui” didn’t hesitate and immediately drew a jade scroll.

After Nangong Li received it, she glanced at it and exclaimed, “No wonder Junior Brother Fang wanted you to be ranked first.
Your self-created alchemy method is amazing! Whatever Junior Brother Fang gave you, I’ll give you a portion as well.”

Since Nangong Li believed she was the fiancée of a certain “old thing who was afraid of marriage,” she addressed Fang Jinyu as her “Junior Brother.”

“Xiao Ahshui” was shocked when she heard it.
Afterward, she said awkwardly, “Grandmaster, just give me whatever you see fit.
Prescriptions, elixirs, and spirit tools that correspond to my current cultivation base will do.”

Nangong Li was curious about her response.
Even Du Maner couldn’t help but ask, “What did Senior Brother Fang give you? Is it convenient for you to tell me?”

“Grandmaster Fang pointed out some of my mistakes in cultivation very directly.”

“Xiao Ahshui” said vaguely.
Fang Jinyu had indeed pointed out her cultivation mistakes, but at the same time, he also pointed out the shortcomings of her disguise.
He had also given her a great divine power called the “mystery realm.” After she cultivated it, she could open up a portable small space.


“Xiao Ahshui” was shocked, but she also somewhat acknowledged Fang Jinyu’s reputation.

“So that’s how it is.
Senior Brother Fang’s comprehension ability is truly rare.
I still remember that he broke through the Foundation Establishment stage on his own without relying on Foundation Establishment Elixirs.” Du Maner’s eyes were filled with admiration.

“I happen to have a few bottles of Core Spirit Elixirs here that can help you cultivate to late-stage Foundation Establishment, so I’ll give them to you.”

“Thank you, Grandmaster!”

“Xiao Ahshui” finally heaved a sigh of relief after watching Nangong Li and Du Maner leave.
After a while, she muttered to herself, “Ruyi, it seems that Grandmaster Fang has amazing comprehension abilities.
He’s the one who truly saw the value of the alchemy method.”

There was no one around, but a voice responded to her, saying, “Yes!”

Afterward, a furry, pink furball appeared.

As soon as the pink furball appeared, it spoke in human language, “The heavenly elixir refining technique is one of the three great alchemy methods in our origin realm! However, Fang Jinyu is indeed capable of seeing the value of the technique.
However, he has never been to the Little Heaven Realm, so I don’t know anything about his past.
You have to be careful of him.
Oh, right! Youyue, don’t cultivate the ‘mystery realm’ for now.”

“Why?” “Xiao Ahshui” was Xiao Youyue!

For some reason, the legendary disciple of the Yuan Sect wasn’t in the sect.
Instead, she joined the Tianling Sect as a foreign master.

“Ruyi” wanted to say that it couldn’t see through the divine power, but it would lose its reputation if it said it because it mainly focused on the “spatial path.” Therefore, it said, “The divine power only has the beginning, but there is no follow-up.
If you master it, you will only waste a magic treasure.
When your cultivation level is high enough, I’ll teach you a divine power that can create a large space.”


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