245 Yao Zaixian!

Although Fang Jinyu’s divine sense had covered the entire Tianling Sect, it was a pity that his attention was focused on Fang Qin, so he missed the scene between Xiao Youyue and “Ruyi.”

At this moment, the elixirs recorded in the heavenly essence core formation technique were too difficult to refine.
In addition, if one wanted to learn the basics of the technique, one needed more advanced alchemy skills.
Furthermore, Fang Qin, who had been completely angered by Fang Jinyu’s words, was currently in a state where he thought he was improving after knowing his weakness.

Fang Qin, who only wanted to refine elixirs, finally let Fang Jinyu’s alchemy completely cover him.

Previously, although Fang Jinyu’s alchemy skills had covered Fang Qin, they could only indirectly affect him and help him improve his alchemy skills.
Otherwise, with Fang Jinyu’s profound alchemy skills, he wouldn’t have only helped Fang Qin improve by so little.

At this moment, Fang Qin’s alchemy skills had improved greatly once again.
When he waved his hand, a few elixirs faintly showed the phenomenon of the embryonic form of the magic domain, which meant that Fang Qin’s alchemy skills had finally reached phenomenal success.

In an instant, the “divine elixir” in Fang Qin’s body moved.

“Good talent! I didn’t expect that you would know your weaknesses and improve.
You’ve achieved phenomenal success with your alchemy skills! In this case, I will fulfill my promise to help you break through the Nascent Soul stage!”

As soon as the “divine elixir” finished speaking, Fang Qin began to break through the Core Formation stage.

Fang Qin was only an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator but directly broke through the Core Formation stage.

Although Fang Qin only formed a grade 9 core, the situation was still unbelievable!

Afterward, something even more unbelievable happened.
Fang Qin surprisingly simply broke through the Nascent Soul stage!

A cultivator who ranked 1 in the Core Formation stage and directly broke through the Nascent Soul stage? It was simply inconceivable!

Although Fang Qin’s divine sense was weak and he couldn’t even perform the most basic of gathering and dispersing, he did have the characteristics of a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

He could use heaven’s and earth’s vitality, and he was no longer limited to his spiritual roots.

However, Fang Qin’s breakthrough wasn’t over yet.
Fang Jinyu could see the azure-colored core fire slowly burn out and envelop Fang Qin’s body.
At the same time, it was continuously refining his flesh and blood.

It was because the core fire was extremely powerful.
Even Fang Jinyu, a cultivator with a high-cultivation base, would feel some palpitations when he saw it.

When Fang Qin’s flesh and blood were completely refined, they suddenly shrank.
Then, like a hundred birds returning to their nest, it all gathered into Fang Qin’s inch-tall nascent soul.

The short nascent soul received the essence of flesh and blood and immediately opened its eyes.

His eyes were filled with joy!

However, when the nascent soul spoke, it wasn’t Fang Qin’s voice at all.
It said, “Haha! I, Yao Zaixian, have finally returned! You didn’t expect this, did you? The world’s path to alchemy is endless.
I, Yao Zaixian, am immortal and undying! Even reincarnation can’t do anything to me! Uh-huh, this time, my alchemy skills have improved a lot.
Elixir spirit, you did a good job!”

The voice praised the “divine elixir” repeatedly.

It was because of the strength of the alchemy technique that he “devoured” this time, which was almost one-tenth of his peak state.

It was filled with helplessness and regret.

Seeing the scene, Yao Zaixian was a little dissatisfied.
“Looking at you, are you cherishing talent again? Don’t forget who saved you back then! Without me, the Immortal Executioner Stage would have been able to erase your name from the cycle of reincarnation!”

The “divine elixir” didn’t speak.

“Yao Zaixian” didn’t continue to pursue the matter and immediately asked, “Where is this place? What are the cultivation forces?”

“This is the Nine Desolations, a place where the immortal path is at its beginning.
Although it’s below the immortal realm, it has nothing to do with the immortal realm.
Therefore, the immortal path here is even more ambitious.
They want to evolve themselves into existences that aren’t inferior to the Thousand Realms, Hundred Immortals, and Twelve Hexagrams.
As for the cultivation forces… Most of them couldn’t even withstand a single blow, except for the Tianling Sect.”

“Yao Zaixian,” asked, “Oh? In that case, the strongest sect in this area is the Tianling Sect?”

“I don’t know much about it because I’ve only sensed a wisp of the Incarnation stage cultivation runes and the unique aura of the immortal family of the dark land.”

“It seems that this place has obtained the Incarnation technique from the dark land, which can be considered to have partially broken through the restrictions of the cultivation path.” When Yao Zai Xian heard it, he looked disdainful.

Afterward, the inch-long nascent soul said in an extremely arrogant manner, “However, in that case, I can freely use all the cultivators in this immortal sect as spirit herbs to refine a supreme elixir!”

“By then, will you be able to recover all your cultivation?” Suddenly, a man’s voice, which was neither pleasant nor unpleasant to hear, appeared.

“How can I recover my full cultivation in such a simple way? It would be good if I could recover 10% to 20%! Elixir spirit, how could you ask such a stupid question? Eh? No! You’re not the Elixir spirit!”

“Yao Zaixian” replied subconsciously, but he immediately understood the situation.

“Fellow Daoist, congratulations on getting it right.
Unfortunately, I’m sure you won’t be interested in my rewards, so please go back to where you came from!”

“Playing tricks? I know you must be a cultivator from the Tianling Sect.
It looks like I’ve underestimated you people from the lower realm! However, even if my cultivation level hasn’t recovered much, I’m still not a mere cultivator from the lower realm like you…”

“Yao Zaixian” didn’t care at first, and his inch-long nascent soul revealed a disdainful expression.
However, in the next second, the nascent soul revealed was in disbelief.

“What’s going on?”

However, since the person named himself an “immortal,” he naturally didn’t just exaggerate it.
Therefore, he quickly understood the reason.

“My alchemy skills were given to him by you!”

At this moment, Yao Zaixian’s tone was filled with disbelief.
It was because the method had involved the Immortal Ascension stage.
In fact, even ordinary Immortal Ascension stage cultivators wouldn’t be able to do so without a suitable secret technique.

“Fellow Daoist, please have a safe journey!”


It was still the man’s voice, which was neither pleasant nor unpleasant to hear.
As soon as it finished speaking, the inch-long nascent soul could only dim and dissipate, no matter how unwilling it was.

It was because Yao Zaixian had died because of himself.

There was a reason why the person had gone through so much to resurrect Fang Qin, who had achieved phenomenal success in alchemy.

The azure-colored core fire dissipated with the wind.

The “divine elixir” was finally revealed.
It was an object that looked like a spirit stone.
Its entire body was irregular, but it was as clear as glass.

After that, the “divine elixir” prepared to escape.

Unfortunately, it was too late to do so.
Someone used the immortal imprisoning forbidden technique several times to block all of its paths.

A figure materialized.

The figure stood up and cupped his fists at the “divine elixir” that had repeatedly collided with it to no avail.
Afterward, he said in a calm tone, “Fellow Daoist, how about we have a good chat?”

If this person wasn’t Fang Jinyu, who could it be?

Meanwhile, the “divine elixir” had recognized Fang Jinyu, so he could only say, “Grandmaster Fang, what a powerful great divine power!”


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