248 Just Do It if It Looks Good

“These two secret techniques… I still can’t do it…”

After a series of attempts, Fang Jinyu gave up helplessly.
One of the secret techniques was “I eat a lot, but I’m super strong,” and the other was “Mother Qing Fu, please protect me.” The two secret techniques were extremely difficult to cultivate.
Not only was it difficult to comprehend, but there were also strict restrictions on one’s cultivation base.

Fortunately, Qing Fu’s voice finally sounded in Fang Jinyu’s mind.

“Mother, why are you looking for me?” Her soft voice was filled with powerlessness.

Her situation made Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong with you? Are you hurt?”

“That shameless old enemy was shameless.
He found some helpers and went to your realm when he was fighting with me.
He snatched a part of the realm.”

Qing Fu said angrily.

It was the 1672nd time she had been bullied so badly.
Yes, she remembered the first 1671 times.

“Which part did your enemy snatch?”

Fang Jinyu didn’t expect that once the world of the Immortal Ascension stage was damaged, it would implicate the Immortal Ascension stage Almighty’s cultivation.

“It’s the Black Ancient Temple.
Originally, it wasn’t easy for the other party to succeed.
However, there was a broken Buddha’s hand hidden under the ancient temple.
They joined forces and made the other party succeed.”

At this point, the soft voice suddenly became cheerful, saying, “However, I didn’t lose out either.
I snatched several doors and refined them all! Mother, now I already know the secret of how they made the storage ring! Hehe!”

Fang Jinyu nodded silently.

It was the little girl’s usual style.
How could she just get beaten up? At the very least, she had to take a bite.

Fang Jinyu asked, “What secret?”

Fang Jinyu was also curious about those who took out storage rings and could only be seen with their left eye.

“At first, they wanted to find something, but when they couldn’t find it no matter how hard they tried, they used the superiority of the storage ring to strengthen themselves.
That is why some Incarnation stage lord cultivators can notice their actions.
Otherwise, they can continue to hide quietly! Moreover, their base isn’t in the Thousand Realms but in the Twelve Hexagrams.”

Fang Jinyu was a little surprised when he heard the last part.

The Thousand Realms, the Cave Lake Realm, and the original Buddhist Realm were just a part of the Thousand Realms, which is why it was called a Great Realm.

The Twelve Hexagrams were another Great Realm that was equivalent to the Thousand Realms!

The elixir spirit had mentioned it before.

“There are numerous cultivators and Almighty in the world…” Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but sigh.
However, after thinking about it carefully, he felt the situation made sense.
Even if an Immortal Ascension stage Almighty died for some reason, they could reincarnate tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years later and return to the human world again.
After such a long time, even an ordinary Immortal Ascension stage Almighty could become unfathomable and profound after reincarnating a few times!

“Mother, I’m not too sure about this, because the few doors that I snatched away weren’t all of them, not even half of them.
Moreover, they seemed to have more of such doors in the Twelve Hexagrams!” Qing Fu suddenly paused and said, “However, Mother, I seem to have heard them mention that the thing they are looking for is related to these four words.”

“Which four words?”

“Heaven rewards the diligent.”

A certain little girl said it as if she didn’t care, but Fang Jinyu was stunned.

It was because he was extremely familiar with these four words.

Could it be…

For some reason, Fang Jinyu thought of his gains from the system.
It was indeed worthy of the existence of an immortal cultivator at the Immortal Ascension stage to search for it for countless years, even at the expense of crossing worlds.

However, Fang Jinyu asked about something else.

The main thing was whether Fang Jinyu could use the secret technique on “Xiao Ahshui,” so that he could take her fate.

Such a person had heaven-shaking luck.
Fang Jinyu had no choice but to be cautious.

However, after hearing Fang Jinyu’s description of “Xiao Ahshui’s” appearance and temperament, a certain little girl suddenly asked, “Mother, is she good-looking?”

“She’s good-looking.”

Fang Jinyu said it truthfully.
“Xiao Ahshui’s” female appearance could be said to be the best in the world in terms of appearance and temperament.
There was no one more beautiful than her.
If they wanted to compare, they could only start with temperament.
Only with a stronger temperament could they slightly surpass her.

“If that’s the case, Mother, you can rest assured and take her fate, hehe!”

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Although Fang Jinyu had received the little girl’s guarantee, he felt a little guilty for no reason.

But in the end, Fang Jinyu decided to do as he was told.

After all, the little girl would never trick him… Or made him end up tragically, right? For example, with the Cultivation Lotus and Black Lotus from last time, didn’t they let him create a pseudo-immortal treasure?


A pseudo-immortal treasure was the only way for a magic treasure to become an immortal treasure.
Even if there were billions of magic treasures, they might not be able to give birth to a single pseudo-immortal treasure.

Therefore, after suppressing the sudden feeling in his heart, Fang Jinyu began to use the secret technique, I’ll listen quietly for a while.

Fang Jinyu was naturally curious about a person who was suspected to be the main character and was most likely a “legal reincarnator” who was allowed to reincarnate by the Immortal Palace.

“Fang Qin, a mere tool, has already benefited me greatly.
I wonder how many benefits this main character will bring?”

When Fang Jinyu completed the last seal of the secret technique, it immediately took effect.

Fang Jinyu then intercepted Xiao Ahshui’s fate!

Along with this came the sound of conversation.

“Ruyi, this ‘mystery realm’ is so powerful.
The more I look at it, the more I feel that it is amazing.
Can I use the complete heavenly elixir refining technique to exchange for the complete ‘mystery realm’ cultivation technique with Grandmaster Fang?”

It was “Xiao Ahshui’s” voice.
It was a girl’s voice that was as pleasant to the ear as a lark’s because there were no outsiders around.

Just by hearing her voice, one would feel as if he had vaguely seen the face of a beauty, causing one’s imagination to run wild.


It was another slightly sharp voice.
It didn’t sound like someone was speaking but like a spirit beast speaking in human language.

Coincidentally, Fang Jinyu vaguely saw some of the memories in Xiao Ahshui’s mind.
He immediately saw a strange, pink spirit beast.

Fang Jinyu immediately thought, “It should be the spirit beast called Ruyi, right?”

At this moment, the spirit beast “Ruyi” wanted to blurt out something, but when the words reached its mouth, it quickly covered its mouth and said, “Wasting a magic treasure to cultivate a great divine power that only gives you such a small portable space is not worth it! Moreover, what if he didn’t have the cultivation method for the following great divine power? In addition, can you guarantee that the Nascent Soul stage cultivator you deceived won’t be angry?”


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