250 The Importance of Having the Reputation of an Honest Person

After dealing with the Foundation Establishment stage disciples of the Tianling Sect who wanted to build a good relationship with her, Xiao Youyue was taken away by a Tianling Sect’s Core Formation stage cultivator before she could catch her breath.
However, the Core Formation stage cultivator didn’t have any intention of making things difficult for Xiao Youyue.
He only asked her how she had appeared in the Tianling Sect and why the sect hadn’t reported it.

Just as Xiao Youyue was in a dilemma, the son of the Core Formation stage cultivator stepped forward and admitted his mistake, saying that he was the one who invited Xiao Youyue.

The Core Formation stage cultivator was just going through the process.
Seeing this, he simply went along with the flow.

After all, who wouldn’t help their son?

“Thank you, Senior Brother Qi!” Xiao Youyue was gentle and polite as she thanked him in a gentle voice.

When the son of the Core Formation stage cultivator heard it, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed.
He was a little excited as he said repeatedly that there was no need to be polite.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu, who saw the scene through his divine sense, contacted Qing Fu.

“Mother, have you already made enemies with her?”

A certain little girl asked as soon as she responded.
Her soft voice was filled with an indescribable vow as if she had expected it.

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Initially, Fang Jinyu felt a little guilty because he had deliberately tricked the little girl.
However, that bit of guilt instantly disappeared.

Fang Jinyu said faintly, “You knew about it long ago…”

He wasn’t sure before, but because of the incident with the Black Lotus and the Cultivation Lotus, he wanted to trick the little girl after learning his lesson.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t expect that from the beginning to the end, a certain little girl had made up her mind to trick him!

“Mother, she is so good-looking.
Don’t shamelessly praise and pursue her! She’s so good-looking.
I’m telling you, she definitely won’t lack suitors since she is so pretty! No matter how much she said she didn’t have admirers, you can’t believe it!” A certain little girl seemed to be lecturing him, and she even spoke logically.

However, Fang Jinyu gritted his teeth when he heard it.
When did he want to shamelessly praise and pursue her?!

Moreover, what was a mere good-looking person? Would he be moved by someone’s good looks and even pursue her? Ridiculous!

Moreover, how could it be related to interfering with someone’s fate?

Therefore, Fang Jinyu said unhappily, “Xin Qianqian didn’t have one back then.”


Qing Fu mumbled, “That’s because she was too poor back then.”
Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Other than women who would complain that men were poor, men would also complain that women were poor.

Fang Jinyu’s tone was calm, but he deliberately said, “Then what should I do next? This person’s luck seemed to be quite extraordinary.”

“Mother, won’t it be fine if you break through the Incarnation stage?” A certain little girl was rather disapproving.
“No matter how strong her luck is, it can’t be directly linked to strength! Even though it might attract other powerful cultivators to interfere, who would you be afraid of in the Nine Desolations? No matter how many Nascent Soul stage cultivators came, you can settle all of them with your passing days and months with a wave technique!”

Fang Jinyu’s mouth twitched when he heard it.

It was because Fang Jinyu had already thought of this.
Otherwise, why would he dare to trick Qing Fu to offend Xiao Youyue? Moreover, he still had one last move that could temporarily allow him to have some Immortal Ascension stage ability.
He didn’t have to worry about Xiao Youyue!

Qing Fu’s voice rang out in Fang Jinyu’s mind.
“Mother, if you’re still worried, I have another secret technique here! As long as you cultivate it successfully, you won’t have to worry about the other party anymore! If one were to cultivate the secret technique, they wouldn’t be able to end their closed-door cultivation unless they could achieve the minor success stage!”

Fang Jinyu’s expression suddenly became a little strange because he felt that the little girl wanted him to cultivate the secret technique.
It was her initial goal!

However, although he thought so in his heart, Fang Jinyu was very honest and said, “Then I’ll also cultivate this secret technique.
Thank you, Qing Fu.”

It was rare for the little girl to take the initiative to give Fang Jinyu a secret technique.
It would be a waste not to practice it!

Qing Fu immediately sent the secret technique she mentioned over.
To Fang Jinyu’s surprise, it wasn’t a secret technique that the little girl had created herself.

It was because the name of the secret technique was formal.

Heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique!

Just by looking at the beginning of the secret technique, Fang Jinyu knew that the difficulty of cultivating the secret technique was even higher than that of his lightning attribute heavenly book—the incomplete thunder scripture.

Fang Jinyu had only hastily comprehended the beginning of a section, but his nascent soul was already aching and his divine sense was weak.

“What a domineering secret technique…”

Fang Jinyu was shocked, but he was also filled with joy.

If Fang Jinyu mastered the secret technique, he could even suppress an Incarnation stage cultivator!

Immediately, Fang Jinyu waved his hand and threw out a gourd shadow before starting his closed-door cultivation.

It was An Ruyin.

After being swept into the original Buddhist Realm, due to the interference of death energy everywhere, the Qi Condensation stage rookie turned into a gourd and hid.

At this moment, the gourd light landed on the ground.
After a few changes, it returned to its human form.

“The spiritual energy here is so dense!”

As soon as An Ruyin appeared, she looked around in surprise.
Afterward, she heard Fang Jinyu’s voice.

When she found out that she had returned to the Nine Desolations, An Ruyin was momentarily stunned.
However, she was soon filled with joy because, as long as she broke through the Core Formation stage, she could get an immortal seed!

Moreover, the situation was different from that of the upper realm.
The Core Formation stage cultivators in the upper realm were inferior to dogs and could easily become prey in the eyes of some cultivators.

In terms of cultivation environment, the ordinary cultivators in the Nine Desolations were far superior to most cultivators in the upper realm!

Thus, after receiving the talisman that Fang Jinyu had given her, which could control the entire array formation of Mount Xiaohe, An Ruyin happily found a suitable place for her to cultivate.

After all these years, An Ruyin had already succeeded in breaking through the Foundation Establishment stage.

On Fang Jinyu’s side, he had already begun his most familiar routine of closed-door cultivation.
However, his closed-door cultivation made Xiao Youyue feel uneasy.
When she found out that the formation that made her lose her effect was suddenly set up by “Grandmaster Fang,” Xiao Youyue was terrified.
According to Ruyi, “Grandmaster Fang” was a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator!

What was the concept of late-stage Nascent Soul?

He could be said to be invincible in the Nine Desolations!

It made Xiao Youyue think that “Grandmaster Fang” was also involved in the matter that affected her fate.

Xiao Youyue didn’t believe Fang Jinyu could use the secret technique that could interfere with one’s fate alone.
Ruyi told her that it wasn’t easy for even an Incarnation stage cultivator to use such a secret technique.

It was far more difficult to influence a person’s fate silently than to take a person’s life!

However, after three to four days, Xiao Youyue successfully left the Tianling Sect with Ruyi’s ability.
She began to doubt her guess.

Xiao Youyue asked, “Ruyi, do you think these two things are coincidental?” It didn’t seem like the array was meant to trap her.

When the little pink beast heard it, it immediately revealed a hesitant expression.
However, after a moment, it nodded and said, “It should just be a coincidence.
After all, the array formation of the Tianling Sect is indeed lacking.
With Grandmaster Fang’s foresight, it’s normal for him to see that it needs to be strengthened.
Moreover, the Tianling Sect had a good reputation, and he had once set an example by not showing mercy to his bloodline descendants.
I believe he isn’t a sinister person who likes to interfere with people’s fates!”

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