251 All Protagonists Need to Start From the Petty

“Eh? Ruyi, why did you agree this time and not use the Little Heaven Realm as an excuse?” Xiao Youyue saw the little beast nod its head, and her pretty face couldn’t help but reveal a surprised expression.

In the past, whenever such a thing was mentioned, the little pink beast Ruyi would mention the Little Heaven Realm!

The reason for it was naturally because Ruyi, who was born in one of the great cultivators of the origin realm, had a way to know all the experiences of those who had been to the Little Heaven Realm.

Whether a person was good or bad, the Little Heaven Realm could tell at a glance.

“Grandmaster Fang is already a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator.
Even if he had disguised himself before, he doesn’t need to disguise himself anymore.
It’s because he is in the Nine Desolations that his cultivation base is enough for him to do whatever he wants! However, he is still showing the same attitude.
In that case, it can only be that he is the same as his reputation.”

Although it had only recovered its Foundation Establishment stage cultivation, its previous sensing ability was still available.
Therefore, it was very clear about the strength of each immortal sect.

Of the five great immortal sects of the Nine Desolations, other than the other four immortal sects of the Tianling Sect, even if all of their Nascent Soul stage cultivators joined forces, they wouldn’t be as terrifying as the Tianling Sect’s Grandmaster Fang.
Previously, it had only been swept away by the other party’s gaze.
Even though it knew that the other party couldn’t discover it, it couldn’t help but feel flustered and afraid.

It was a warning from its sensing ability.

Such a warning had only appeared a few times in the origin realm when it encountered an Incarnation stage lord cultivator or a Bodhisattva with a physical body who was at the Incarnation stage.

The situation made the little beast unwilling to be enemies with “Grandmaster Fang” from the bottom of its heart.

A late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator whose strength was close to the Incarnation stage.
It would be too dangerous to make enemies with such a person.

Xiao Youyue was deep in thought when she heard it.
Afterward, she looked at the little beast and asked, “In this case, should I continue using ‘Xiao Ahshui’s’ identity?”

“But didn’t we just come out?”

When the little beast Ruyi heard it, it was naturally very puzzled.

Who would just come out and run back?

Otherwise, why did the two of them come out?

Xiao Youyue analyzed calmly, “I was worried that Grandmaster Fang might have done something in secret, but now I’m sure that’s not the case.
Back then, Grandmaster Fang just happened to add a few more array formations.
In this case, is there anywhere with a better sect environment than the Tianling Sect?”

Before Fang Jinyu returned, although Grandmaster Meng was summoned to the dark land due to his profound Incarnation stage cultivation, Du Maner and Nangong Li were unwilling to get involved in the sect’s affairs.
Therefore, they did things according to their past methods.

In other words, although the great families within the sect were often the ones who benefited, they didn’t make it obvious.

After Fang Jinyu returned, he suppressed the Fang family as a warning.
His actions shocked the entire Tianling Sect.

While many people were restraining themselves, some had made mistakes in the past and weren’t punished.
Now, they were caught and punished according to the sect’s rules.
Even if the person being punished was a member of the Fang family, the person in charge of enforcing the law had no intention of going easy on him.
After all, Grandmaster Fang had punished even the members of the Fang family.
Who would dare go against universal condemnation?

Therefore, the Tianling Sect had the best sect environment in the Nine Desolations.

It was the reason Xiao Youyue left the Yuan Sect.

Although she was born into a cultivation family, she was only a mere branch of the cultivation family.
Her blood relationship had already faded to the point where it was as thin as water.

Therefore, regardless of whether she had just started cultivating or had joined the Yuan Sect, Xiao Youyue’s situation was similar to that of an ordinary sect disciple.

The reason she was able to get to where she was today, step by step, wasn’t only because of her talent but also because of the little beast that she had accidentally picked up when she was young.

That’s right.
She picked it up by accident.

That year, when she was tired from helping her parents with the farm work, she took off her coat and threw it aside.
When she was done with the work and about to go back, she threw her clothes into the bamboo basket because she was too tired.
When she was about to wash her clothes, she realized that there was such a pink little beast hidden in them.

Afterward, it was the little pink beast that showed its mystical abilities and helped her along the way.

In other words, Xiao Youyue’s ability to embark on the path of cultivation and even successfully break through the Foundation Establishment stage had nothing to do with her family.

Before she broke through the Foundation Establishment stage, the Xiao family didn’t even know that she existed!

Moreover, it wasn’t that she didn’t follow her parents’ instructions and look for the Xiao family at the beginning of her cultivation.
Her parents thought that if she could cultivate, the family might take care of her.
However, the result was that she was immediately ejected by the opposing party.
The reason was simply that a young lady from the central family didn’t like her.

If that was all, it would be fine.
However, after the other party knew of her name, not only did they say that Xiao Youyue had completely relied on them, but they also shamelessly arranged a marriage for her.

The marriage partner was also from the Xiao family.

The situation made Xiao Youyue furious.
However, she knew that she couldn’t publicly resist.
Otherwise, her parents would be implicated.
Hence, she secretly escaped.

At this moment, the little beast Ruyi was stunned after hearing Xiao Youyue’s words.
After pondering for a moment, it suddenly said seriously, “Yueer, do you want to try to reveal your identity to Grandmaster Fang and take him as your master?”

Xiao Youyue asked in confusion, “But didn’t Grandmaster Fang reject me before?”

Little beast Ruyi said, “Previously, it was because of alchemy.
At that time, only that arrogant brat surnamed Fang had better alchemy skills among the three of you, which attracted Grandmaster Fang’s attention.
Look at your poor alchemy skills, it’s normal for him to not take you in as a disciple.” It mastered the heavenly elixir refining technique.
Although it didn’t have profound alchemy skills, it still had basic eyesight.

“However, since Grandmaster Fang was able to see through my disguise and even especially gave me some pieces of advice on how to improve it, he should know who I am…”

When the little beast heard it, it couldn’t help but roll its eyes and say, “My dear Yueer, you’ve indeed been ‘popular’.”

However, Xiao Youyue was unhappy.

A dangerous smile appeared on her pretty face.
“Ruyi, do you want to think about it carefully? What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Ahem, I mean, you’re only a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.
Although many disciples of the younger generation know about you because of your beauty, a Nascent Soul stage cultivator most likely won’t know your name.” Little beast Ruyi readily sorted out its words.

Xiao Youyue agreed after hearing it.

It was because once she became Grandmaster Fang’s disciple, many of her problems wouldn’t be difficult for her.


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