252 The Reason Why Qing Fu Address Fang Jinyu as Her Mother

Xiao Youyue and her little beast had made their preparations and wanted to find Fang Jinyu to be their master.
However, after spending a lot of effort, she couldn’t even go up to Mount Xiaohe.

The cat-eared puppet, which was a superior-grade spirit tool, blocked everyone who approached it.

However, perhaps due to the existence of the protagonist’s specialty, or perhaps due to the influence of Xiao Youyue’s boundless luck, although the cat-eared girl puppet had been indifferent to Xiao Youyue from the beginning to the end, Xiao Youyue had unexpectedly met An Ruyin.

Moreover, they felt like old friends at first sight and regretted not meeting each other earlier.

After a few meetings, their relationship became extremely good!

“Sister An, is Grandmaster Fang still in closed-door cultivation?” At this moment, Xiao Youyue had removed her disguise.
It was also the reason why she was able to get along with An Ruyin.
With Xiao Youyue’s appearance and temperament, as well as the way she sweetly addressed An Ruyin as “Sister An,” she had directly charmed the gourd.

Reality proved that women’s charms worked on women too.
Sometimes, women liked to look at beautiful women more than men.

“He’s always been like this.
If he’s not in closed-door seclusion, he’s preparing to start his closed-door seclusion.” An Ruyin pursed her lips.
After being by Fang Jinyu’s side for so many years, she knew Fang Jinyu’s habits very well.

After saying it, An Ruyin glanced at Xiao Youyue and smiled, saying, “I know your problem.
There’s no need to have Fang Jinyu as your master to solve it.
Why don’t you consider taking me as your master?”

“Sister An, you want to take me as your disciple?”

“No matter what, I still formed a first-grade core while breaking through the Core Formation stage!” An Ruyin put her hands on her hips and looked smug.

In the original Buddhist Realm, she had been affected by the death energy at first and had no choice but to turn into a gourd.
Moreover, because someone had forgotten to release it, her cultivation had been delayed.
However, she hadn’t wasted her time.
During that time, she had been pondering the method for breaking through the Core Formation stage.

Naturally, she figured out the method!

When she returned to the Nine Desolations, An Ruyin relied on the fact that she had mastered the array formation at Mount Xiaohe and used Fang Jinyu’s name to ask Sect Leader Qin for a lot of spiritual items.
It didn’t take her much effort to break through the Core Formation stage.


“Sister An, you’ve broken through the Core Formation stage?” Xiao Youyue was pleasantly surprised.

An Ruyin didn’t say anything and only revealed her Core Formation stage cultivation aura.

“Disciple greets Master!”

Xiao Youyue didn’t hesitate.
She winked at An Ruyin and started to acknowledge An Ruyin as her master.

An Ruyin happily took out a spirit tool and said, “Great! My dear disciple, you don’t have to be polite.
Take this superior-grade spirit tool as a greeting gift from your master.”

It looked like a brocade handkerchief.

It was a spirit tool that Fang Jinyu had forged by imitating the magic treasure with five magic domains.
It contained the five attributes.
What was ingenious was that even if the person using the spirit tool only had one of the five attributes of spiritual roots, one could use the spirit tool to launch an attack of five attributes.

Fang Jinyu had refined quite a few of these spirit tools back then, so An Ruyin took the opportunity to take a few of them.

At this moment, a monstrous aura suddenly descended.

It was a vast black cloud that covered tens of thousands of miles.
It gathered in the sky above the Tianling Sect as if endless heavenly might was about to fall from it.
Even though there was no sign of any further phenomena, it was enough to make countless cultivators panic.

They couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear as if they were being targeted by their natural enemy!

It was extremely strange and terrifying.

“Master, what’s going on?”

Xiao Youyue was shocked.
She was trying to suppress the fear in her heart.
However, An Ruyin didn’t respond to her question because she was already petrified by the dark clouds.

Not only them, but the little pink beast Ruyi, who had been hiding at the side, was in an even worse state.

It sensed something even more terrifying in the dark clouds.

After all, its sensing ability was very strong.


Fortunately, at this moment, a light shout that seemed to be an order from heaven and earth appeared, causing the ten thousand miles of black clouds to dissipate.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but my dear disciple, the guy you’ve been wanting to meet has ended his closed-door seclusion!” Only then did An Ruyin recover from her shock.
She quickly pretended to be calm and answered Xiao Youyue’s question.

“Master, are you saying that the voice just now was the Grandmaster’s voice?” Xiao Youyue also heard it, but she wasn’t sure.

An Ruyin said faintly, “Other than him, who else can it be? Moreover, if nothing unexpected happens, the change in the weather is most likely because of him…”

At the same time, in a strange, ethereal, and illusory area, a petite figure who had been trapped here for a long time suddenly opened her eyes.

The black and white in his eyes were distinct, and as she moved his eyes, they were full of spirituality.

A sincere smile appeared on her exquisite facial features.

“See, I’m right! My mother is indeed powerful.
If he isn’t that powerful, how can he have learned so many things so easily? Besides, I’m smart.
How could I be deceived?”

The petite figure was Qing Fu.

As she said this, a figure that looked exactly like Qing Fu but was completely gray, like an ash immortal, appeared.


The gray Qing Fu figure didn’t reply.
Its body collapsed and turned into the purest and most flawless cultivation, pouring into Qing Fu’s body.
In an instant, Qing Fu, who was originally ranked 1 in the Immortal Ascension stage, broke through to rank 2 in the Immortal Ascension stage!

“I have to be grateful to my mother this time!”

Qing Fu’s eyes curved into crescents.
She was very happy.
She didn’t expect that she would be at the Immortal Ascension stage’s “self-compete stage” soon after her breakthrough.

It was also a hurdle that all Immortal Ascension stage cultivators had to face!

Most of the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators who died could be said to have died during their “self-compete.”

It was because the difficulty of this stage depended on one’s cultivation path.

Only by breaking through the shackles of one’s cultivation path can one improve further.

However, it might seem easy to say, but it was extremely difficult to do.
Many Immortal Ascension stage cultivators had no choice but to annihilate after encountering the “self-compete.” They used this method to prolong their “self-compete stage.”

It was because Immortal Ascension stage cultivators who had reincarnated after being annihilated wouldn’t encounter another “self-compete” for the next 20,000 to 30,000 years! It could buy enough time for the Immortal Ascension stage cultivators.

However, Qing Fu’s cultivation path was already flawless, so her “self-compete” naturally fell on Fang Jinyu.

It could be said to be Qing Fu’s greatest flaw in cultivation!

How could an existence like her have a “mother?”

It was also the main reason why Qing Fu taught Fang Jinyu that “heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique.” It was actually to let Fang Jinyu prove himself!


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