253 I’ll Give You a Talisman to Show Off

Qing Fu was once born before the world, but unfortunately, after three slashes, her charm was gone.
Moreover, because of the last appearance of the devil’s path, she was lost in the lower realm, the Nine Desolations.

However, by chance, she had returned.

Therefore, Qing Fu’s little brain thought that no matter how much Fang Jinyu looked like an ordinary cultivator, he was still her “mother!”

It was because before she came back, she wasn’t even as good as her “mother,” Fang Jinyu!

As for the reason why Qing Fu was so adamant, it was natural because no matter what Fang Jinyu learned, it was as if there was no threshold!

The heavenly books and whatever cultivation techniques were like this, and so were her great cultivation techniques.

Otherwise, why would an Immortal Ascension stage Almighty address Fang Jinyu as her “mother?”

And now, in the little girl’s heart, there was undoubtedly another piece of evidence.

Of course, to be more precise, it was Fang Jinyu’s “self-compete!”

It was because even Qing Fu, who was an Immortal Ascension stage Almighty, couldn’t cultivate the “heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique.” Ever since the day it appeared, its existence wasn’t for people to cultivate.
Instead, it was exclusive to a certain existence.

The Nine Desolations, the Tianling Sect, and Mount Xiaohe.

Fang Jinyu, who had dismissed the dark clouds with just a single “scatter”, was very satisfied.

The difficulty of cultivating “heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique” could be said to be the most difficult secret technique Fang Jinyu had cultivated in the past 300 years! In the beginning, he couldn’t even completely watch it!


Fortunately, Fang Jinyu could obtain gains from the system to help him comprehend it step by step.

Today, Fang Jinyu successfully memorized the first few sentences by relying on his gains from the system.
Tomorrow, he could rely on his gains to memorize one or two more sentences.

The day after tomorrow, he could memorize more.

It was precisely by relying on such a skill as “grinding the iron into a needle” that Fang Jinyu was able to memorize the secret technique.

In this case, Fang Jinyu could begin to truly comprehend it!

“However, after memorizing all of this, comprehending it isn’t as difficult as I thought.
If my cultivation base isn’t too low, I will have been able to reach phenomenal success with this secret technique in one go!”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a little regretful.
After he cultivated the “heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique,” the dark clouds that appeared for ten thousand miles appeared out of nowhere.
It was as if the might of the heavens.
One could see how amazing this secret technique was.

Even if Fang Jinyu had only cultivated “heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique” to minor success, the power he grasped was enough to cause a world-shaking change in his strength!

However, it wasn’t because Fang Jinyu had comprehended the true essence of the Incarnation stage.
It was because “heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique” that gave him the power!

At this moment, Fang Jinyu could use the enhancement brought by “heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique” to unleash the power of the Incarnation stage cultivator!

From then on, Fang Jinyu could be said to be genuinely invincible in the Nine Desolations.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu sensed that a gourd was looking for him.
He waved his hand, and the door opened.
An Ruyin and Xiao Youyue were still at the foot of the mountain before they entered the hall with the wind.

After An Ruyin and Xiao Youyue landed steadily on the ground, a small pink beast suddenly fell out from beside Xiao Youyue and rolled on the ground.

At this moment, the little beast Ruyi was undoubtedly the most confused.

It was because it couldn’t understand how the spatial cultivation technique brought by its race’s talent could be broken by a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.
It was the greatest reason why their race could become a great race of cultivators in the origin realm!

“Eh? Are you about to break through the Incarnation stage?”

An Ruyin asked.

However, although An Ruyin was surprised by Fang Jinyu’s methods, she wasn’t too surprised.
She only subconsciously asked the question.

When Xiao Youyue heard An Ruyin’s words, she was so shocked that her mouth fell open.

Xiao Youyue naturally knew that the Nascent Soul stage wasn’t the end of the cultivation path since she had a little pink beast accompany her.
Above the Nascent Soul stage, there were the Incarnation stage lord cultivators!

However, Xiao Youyue knew very well how difficult it was to break through the Incarnation stage, let alone the Nine Desolations.
She had never heard anyone mention anyone who could break through to the Incarnation stage and become a lord cultivator.

“I’m still far away to break through the Incarnation stage…”

Fang Jinyu shook his head slightly when he heard it.
He then glanced curiously at the little pink beast before shifting his gaze and asking An Ruyin, “Why are you looking for me?”

“I took Xiao Yueer as my disciple, but she’s already a disciple of another immortal sect, so can you think of a way?”

“That’s easy.” When Fang Jinyu heard it, he waved his hand and drew a talisman in the air.
In an instant, a talisman condensed into form.
Afterward, he said, “Take this talisman and go to that immortal sect.
Tell them clearly about the situation.
If your disciple has a family, take them with you.”

“Just based on this?” An Ruyin looked at the talisman flying over and couldn’t help but be stunned.
She then asked, “What if they’re unwilling? My disciple seems to be quite famous!”

“No, they will.” Fang Jinyu was expressionless.
His tone was calm but extremely certain.

It was because Fang Jinyu’s talisman already possessed the power of an Incarnation stage lord cultivator.
Even an early-stage Incarnation lord cultivator would be polite to him, let alone other Grandmasters who ranked 9 in the Nascent Soul stage!

“Then I’ll go like this! If the other party doesn’t buy your reputation, you must remember to come and save us! I will tell them your name!” An Ruyin didn’t forget to “buy” another insurance policy.


Fang Jinyu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.
Afterward, he waved his hand gently and sent them down Mount Xiaohe.
Along with the little pink beast.

Although Fang Jinyu knew the little pink beast wasn’t simple, he didn’t mind.
After all, it was the “pet” of the “protagonist.” How could it be an ordinary thing?

At the foot of Mount Xiaohe, the little pink beast Ruyi, who had fallen and rolled three times on the ground, seemed very happy.
It quickly climbed onto Xiao Youyue’s body and hid in her sleeve.

“My dear disciple, where did you get this pet?” An Ruyin had never seen the little beast before, so she was naturally curious about it.
However, she didn’t care too much about it.
Her body swayed, and a gourd-shaped orange cloud appeared under her feet, bringing her and Xiao Youyue up.

“My dear disciple, stand firm! Oh, right, you can show me the way.
I haven’t walked around for many years.
I don’t even know where Yuan Sect is anymore.”

“Yes, Master!” Xiao Youyue happily agreed.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu slowly retracted his gaze after observing An Ruyin and Xiao Youyue leave while chatting and laughing with his divine sense.
His expression was no longer expressionless like before, but rather extremely strange.

“Xiao Youyue took An Ruyin as her master? And their relationship is so good?”

Although it wasn’t a problem, Fang Jinyu felt that something was strange.
It was like a cat and a mouse standing together.


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