254 The Might of the Talisman

Logically speaking, Fang Jinyu shouldn’t have sensed this kind of feeling, but he still sensed it.
Moreover, it was extremely intense, as if it were an impulse.

However, Fang Jinyu immediately retracted his thoughts.

Fang Jinyu calmed himself down and cleared his mind, then began to make preparations.

It was because Fang Jinyu would be going to the 8000 miles of lightning territories!

After cultivating the lightning heavenly book, the incomplete thunder scripture, Fang Jinyu had to make a trip to the 8000 miles of lightning territories.
Moreover, if he didn’t go, he couldn’t reach perfection in his cultivation.

“The last time I rashly went there, I was smashed by the lightning there.
I couldn’t even see the full picture of the lightning territory.
However, what I can be sure of is that those 8000 miles of lightning territories aren’t only available in the upper world…”

Fang Jinyu recalled the first time he entered the lightning territory and the scenes he saw.

It was obvious that there were other existences in the endless power of lightning.

“That should be the other cultivators who cultivated other lightning heavenly books…”

The incomplete thunder scripture wasn’t the only lightning heavenly book.
The name “lightning heavenly book” could be used individually or collectively.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu wasn’t surprised by what he saw back then.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu suddenly thought of something.
He raised his hand and helped An Ruyin in the air, allowing her to ride the clouds faster.

He hadn’t entered the 8000 miles of lightning territories for a long time because he wanted to help the gourd.


Although Fang Jinyu was very confident in his talisman, Xiao Youyue was also a “female lead!” Although it seemed that Xiao Youyue and Su Yier were completely different, and Xiao Youyue seemed to be more “righteous,” he had no idea whether there would be “weirdos” in the Yuan Sect.

At the same time, with Fang Jinyu’s secret assistance, An Ruyin’s speed multiplied.
She had originally planned to bring Xiao Youyue to board the stargazing flying ship, but now, she had turned into a long rainbow that pierced through the sun.
Not only was her speed faster than the superior-grade stargazing flying ship, but she had also directly passed through the desolate forbidden land.

In some desolate forbidden lands, many creatures that had been sleeping for a long time were awakened, and they all let out wails that sounded like ghosts and wolves.

When they arrived at the Yuan Sect, they realized that it had only taken them less than the time it takes for an incense stick to burn.

“Master, can you fly so fast?” Xiao Youyue was naturally shocked.
Although her little beast Ruyi could travel through the void faster than An Ruyin, there was no comparison between the two!

After all, they were of different natures.

Although An Ruyin was Xiao Youyue’s master, she didn’t care if she had the “dignity of a master.”

Therefore, An Ruyin told Xiao Youyue the truth.

“Is it Grandmaster Fang?” Xiao Youyue asked hesitantly.

“That’s right!” An Ruyin nodded her head.
Afterward, she said to Xiao Youyue, “Let’s go and take your parents away first.”

Xiao Youyue naturally agreed happily.

Afterward, Xiao Youyue led An Ruyin to the mountain.
Fortunately, she had previously left the Yuan Sect in secret.
It was normal for Foundation Establishment stage disciples to disappear for a few years.
Therefore, her parents weren’t troubled by the Xiao family.
Therefore, Xiao Youyue easily brought her parents away.

However, just as they were about to leave, they encountered trouble.

After all, Xiao Youyue’s beauty was there for all to see.

The “fairy who cultivates the puppet path,” Wenren Xin, had only participated in the Alchemist Competition, but she had already caused such a huge commotion, not to mention Xiao Youyue, who was an excellent choice in terms of beauty and temperament.
However, it wasn’t a member of the Xiao family who came.
Instead, it was a servant of a large family in the Yuan Sect.

However, although he was only a servant, he had cultivation.

Moreover, he was a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator!

The other party intended to invite Xiao Youyue to move to their young master’s residence.

“Fairy Xiao, I want you to know what kind of intentions the Xiao family has.
Only my young master can protect you.
Please don’t hesitate.” The Foundation Establishment stage servant was well-versed in talking and spoke very nicely.

“How dare you! What do you mean by what are the intentions of our Xiao family? How can a lowly slave like you slander my Xiao family?” Meanwhile, the Xiao family arrived.
When they arrived they appeared extremely domineering and said, “Xiao Youyue, the mistress of the Xiao family thinks highly of you and wants to betroth you to a marriage.
It’s a blessing that you have accumulated over several lifetimes.
Don’t be ungrateful!”

When An Ruyin heard it, she immediately revealed her Core Formation stage cultivation unhappily.

An Ruyin naturally had an immortal seed since she broke through the Core Formation stage in the Nine Desolations.

After all, the immortal path in the Nine Desolations was especially generous because it was in the prime of their lives.

However, as An Ruyin revealed the embryonic form of her magic domain, it was like poking a hornet’s nest.
It immediately attracted many Core Formation stage cultivators from the Yuan Sect.

“How dare you suddenly come to our Yuan Sect to reveal the embryonic form of your magic domain? Fairy, I wonder which immortal sect you come from?”

Although the Core Formation stage cultivator from the Yuan Sect didn’t attack immediately, his expression was also unfriendly.

After all, it was no different from picking a fight.

An Ruyin didn’t say anything.
After glancing at them, she opened the talisman that Fang Jinyu had given her.

In an instant, the world changed color as if it were dyed black.
With Yuan Sect as the boundary, the entire immortal gate turned into a black-and-white land.
All the colors of the vegetation and rocks were taken away.
Although the cultivators weren’t robbed of their colors, they could no longer move.

Due to the sudden change, the Nascent Soul stage Grandmasters of the Yuan Sect were naturally alarmed.

However, as soon as the Nascent Soul stage Grandmasters condensed from nothingness and appeared, they collapsed in an instant.
Afterward, the talisman directly suppressed them.

The change happened in a very short period.

However, the shock it brought was naturally unimaginable.

However, An Ruyin was a cultivator from the upper realm.
Although she had never seen such a scene, she had already recovered from it.
Hence, she quickly stated her purpose.
“I’m An Ruyin, a cultivator from the Tianling Sect’s Mount Xiaohe.
Since I’ve hit it off with my dear disciple, Xiao Youyue, I hope that the fellow Daoists of the Yuan Sect can bear the pain and let her be my disciple.”


“We agree!”

“Fellow Daoist, please send our regards to Fellow Daoist Fang!”

The few Nascent Soul stage grandmasters said it.
After their bodies were instantly shattered and then directly suppressed, they felt their hearts were already cold, and they couldn’t even resist.

“Thank you, Grandmasters.”

Although An Ruyin could be a jerk sometimes, she wasn’t bad at speaking formally.
She immediately put away the talisman and left with Xiao Youyue and the others.

This time, no one stopped them.

However, it was different from when they left.
When they returned to the Tianling Sect, more than half a month had passed.
It was because of Xiao Youyue’s parents.

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