257 How can a junior let a senior attack first?

For thousands of years, there had been rumors about the desolate forbidden land in the Nine Desolations, but it didn’t have any unusual phenomena.
However, on this day, three shocking auras suddenly erupted from the desolate forbidden land!

On the same day, the sound traveled hundreds of thousands of miles away, waking up many living beings in the desolate forbidden land.
At the same time, the three decrees spread, making countless cultivators feel uneasy.

It was because three existences from the desolate forbidden land had become Incarnation stage lord cultivators.

They spoke at the same time, demanding that the cultivators of the Nine Desolations obey them and hand over sufficient cultivators as blood and flesh offerings every year.
Otherwise, the Incarnation stage lord cultivators would personally attack and kill all those who refused to obey!

For a moment, the entire Nine Desolations fell into chaos.

Even the five great immortal sects that had dominated the Nine Desolations for thousands of years couldn’t help but cower at this moment.
After some discussion, most of them were willing to submit.

Other than that, they wanted to wait and see.

As for attacking the desolate forbidden land… No cultivator would have such thoughts.

Of course, a certain cultivator who was still happily wandering in the Lightning Territory and knew nothing about it was naturally not included.

Therefore, an immortal sect took the lead and obeyed an Incarnation stage from the desolate forbidden land.
With one of the sects taking the lead, it dealt a huge blow to the morale of all the cultivators in the Nine Desolations.

It was because it was one of the five great immortal sects.

Afterward, another immortal sect turned to an Incarnation stage lord cultivator from the desolate forbidden land.

Even though it wasn’t a major immortal sect, it had caused the morale of the cultivators in the Nine Desolations to plummet.
It was because the sect was formed by the surviving cultivation families of the Liudao Sect.

When the rogue cultivators and small immortal sects saw the great immortal sects’ actions, they naturally obeyed the desolate forbidden land.



As a result, in less than half a month, only a few immortal sects in the entire Nine Desolations had yet to express their stance.
One of them was the Tianling Sect.
Apart from the Tianling Sect, some small immortal sects were partially dependent on the Tianling Sect and also haven’t expressed their stance.

Most of the sect leaders of these immortal sects had cultivated at the Tianling Sect for some time, so they followed the Tianling Sect’s lead.
However, in the end, these sect leaders wanted to take the opportunity to cling to the Tianling Sect to gain benefits.
As for why they hadn’t made any moves yet, it was because their sect was weak.
They were afraid that they would be taken advantage of if they joined them.
It was why they still followed the Tianling Sect.

The way of survival of the small immortal sects was the same as that of the small countries.

At the Tianling Sect.

At this moment, many cultivators had already arrived at the foot of Mount Xiaohe.
They all wanted to meet Fang Jinyu, but they were stopped by the cat-eared girl puppet.

When facing the puppet’s obstruction, although these cultivators were anxious and angry, no one dared to make a move.

After all, it was Fang Jinyu’s puppet.

Fortunately, at this moment, they saw two female cultivators coming down from the top of Mount Xiaohe.

“Fairy Xiao! Fellow Daoist!”

An unfamiliar Tianling Sect Core Formation stage cultivator hurriedly greeted them.
When the other cultivators saw them, they followed suit.

The two female cultivators were Xiao Youyue and An Ruyin.

“Fellow Daoists, what are you all doing here?” An Ruyin had arrived on a gourd-shaped cloud, bringing Xiao Youyue over.
At this moment, she frowned slightly and looked puzzled at the group of people.

It was because they were all Core Formation stage cultivators.

A cultivator asked, “Fellow Daoist, has the Grandmaster Fang ended his closed-door cultivation? Has Grandmaster Fang decided which Incarnation stage lord cultivator of the desolate forbidden land we should obey?”

“There are Incarnation stage lord cultivators in the desolate forbidden land?” An Ruyin had only just found out about the situation.
She had been busy decorating Mount Xiaohe.

Although Fang Jinyu wasn’t particular about the environment around his immortal estate, she couldn’t stand it.

Seeing that An Ruyin didn’t know anything, the Core Formation stage cultivator quickly told her what had happened.

“So that’s the case.
Then…” An Ruyin looked pensive, but then she looked at the cultivator and said, “If I’m not mistaken, he will choose to fight, so you can prepare to declare war.”

“Fellow Daoist, how can you spout nonsense about such things?” Hearing An Ruyin’s words, these Core Formation stage cultivators looked pale.

Declaring war?

What could he use to fight against three Incarnation stage lord cultivators?

Incarnation stage lord cultivators were above the Nascent Soul stage cultivators! They could even kill a Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster!

However, at this moment, a voice that was neither pleasant nor unpleasant to hear sounded in the ears of the cultivators.
“Just do as she says.”

It was Fang Jinyu’s voice.

Fang Jinyu had just returned from the Lightning Territory.
He immediately knew about the matter with his divine sense and sent a message.

At this moment, An Ruyin seemed very smug.

“Did you hear that? Your grandmaster has already given his order.
Hurry up and prepare!”

The group of Core Formation stage cultivators looked at each other, but since they confirmed that it was indeed Fang Jinyu’s voice, they could only cup their fists and agree.

Soon, the declaration of war from the Tianling Sect was released to the public.

For a moment, everyone in the Nine Desolations was shocked.

However, at the same time, a small group of cultivators in the Tianling Sect secretly left the sect with their families.

“Someone ran away!”

An Ruyin held the array formation of Mount Xiaohe in her hands, and these array formations affected the array formation of the entire Tianling Sect.
Therefore, An Ruyin discovered it immediately and came to inform Fang Jinyu.

“I know.” Fang Jinyu nodded and said, “Can they leave without my permission? Right, pass down the message that whoever wants to leave can leave now.”

“Are you taking the opportunity to clean up the Tianling Sect?” An Ruyin understood the situation.


Fang Jinyu nodded again.
He didn’t think he could manage an immortal sect well because he didn’t have the talent in this aspect, so he could only take the opportunity to make a selection.

After all these years of development, the Tianling Sect had become a top immortal sect in the Nine Desolations.
However, it had also become slightly “overdeveloped.”

An Ruyin couldn’t help but ask, “Then do you have the confidence to deal with three Incarnation stage lord cultivators?” After all, they were Incarnation stage lord cultivators.
Even if they had just broken through to the Incarnation stage, it wasn’t something a Nascent Soul stage cultivator could do.

Fang Jinyu said calmly, “If there were three Incarnation stage lord cultivators who had used the leaping incarnation technique, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to them.
However, they are three Incarnation stage lord cultivators who used the mini-perfection incarnation technique, and they’re only borrowing the momentum to break through.
I can take the opportunity to know my strength…”

After cultivating the “heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique,” Fang Jinyu no longer feared the early-stage Incarnation cultivators.
It could be said that these three people were exactly what he wanted!

An Ruyin had already sent the order and returned after a while.

“Almost half of the Tianling Sect’s disciples have left!”

Fang Jinyu stood up as he spoke, “After two hours, activate the formation and completely seal it.
If anyone wants to leave, use the formation to capture them.”

“Are you going to take the initiative to attack? Aren’t we waiting for them to attack?” An Ruyin immediately guessed Fang Jinyu’s plan.

“It’s better for me to take the initiative to do so.
After all, they are Incarnation stage lord cultivators.
According to the rules of the cultivation world, they are seniors, and I am a junior.
How can a junior let a senior attack first?”


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