The Useless Looks Improves Again

The peak of Mount Lingyao named “Li” was divided into the front yard and the backyard.
The backyard was used to plant spirit herbs, while the front yard was for cultivation and elixir refinement.
Moreover, there was a living room in the front yard for the peak’s Foundation Establishment stage cultivators to meet their guests.

However, at this moment, the atmosphere in the living room in the front yard was tense.

On the other hand, Fang Jinyu was speechless for being the main character of the rumor.

Although Fang Jinyu couldn’t understand and was angry about the rumor, he didn’t take it seriously.
After all, he knew one only needed to consider carefully, and it was easy to understand that it was just a rumor.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t expect that the matter would alert a few Foundation Establishment stage cultivators from Tianling Sect, and they would be here to question him.

These few Foundation Establishment stage cultivators weren’t Tianling Sect’s disciples.
They were foreign masters that Tianling Sect recruited in recent years because they were all skilled in a specific technique.
Some were good at taming spirit insects, and some were proficient in nurturing spirit herbs.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t understand why these scumbags were interfering with the matter.

It was because the litigant wasn’t here.

He was Tianling Sect’s disciple, whose chance to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm had been taken away by the female lead, Su Yier.
Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu had learned of his name.
His name was Lin Yue, and initially, he came from a well-off cultivation clan with several Foundation Establishment stage cultivators in his family.
He could be considered someone with some background.

However, not long ago, his family was destroyed by his enemy.
Since it involved a personal grudge from decades ago, and the Lin family was in the wrong, even the sect around the Lin family couldn’t judge their enemy.

The Tianling Sect didn’t express their opinion on the matter.
After all, their disciples’ families were destroyed, not their own.

“Fang Jinyu, you’ve forcefully taken someone else’s opportunity.
Even if the sect leader were to find out, we’d be in the right.”

“That’s right! Hurry up, obediently admit your crimes, and go to the sect leader to receive your punishment!”

“Otherwise, don’t blame us for taking action!”

Fang Jinyu first chose to look at them and listen to their criticism.
However, after a while, he couldn’t help but ask calmly with an expressionless face, “Fellow Daoists, are you all out of your mind?”

“What an arrogant bastard!” The three Foundation Establishment stage foreign masters were instantly enraged.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t be bothered to say anything more.
He felt that giving up his precious time studying the prescription to meet them was foolish!

“How dare you! The three of us will teach you a lesson today.
How dare you, a cultivator who just broke through the Foundation Establishment stage, speak to us who have broken through Foundation Establishment stage long ago in such a manner?”

Fang Jinyu looked impatient.
Just as he was about to ask them to find the sect leader, a text box appeared in his field of vision.

[Today is a day of being handsome while quarreling with the other.]

[Refined appearance +1]

Fang Jinyu was stunned for a moment.
Afterward, a wave of inexplicable anger welled up in him.

Fang Jinyu thought, “What the heck? The damn useless appearance appeared again?”

“What can I do with looking handsome when I am a cultivator!”

Fang Jinyu, who had not wanted to fight, suddenly became angry and said coldly, “I think the three of you are more likely to have accepted some benefits and deliberately come to find trouble.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t be so brainless.
Since you’re insistent on fighting, I’ll let you see the difference between an authentic Foundation Establishment stage Tianling Sect disciple and you!”

Fang Jinyu had intentionally raised his voice when he said the last sentence.
The two Foundation Establishment stage Mount Lingyao disciples who had wanted to stop him immediately stayed where they were.

It was because they were all authentic Foundation Establishment stage Tianling Sect disciples.

As the saying goes, where there are people, there is trouble.
The saying could be used by cultivators too.
The competition between the factions of the Tianling Sect could be said to be intense.
However, most battles were restrained, except for the fight between the authentic Tianling Sect disciples and the foreign masters.
Although their relationship wasn’t as leading a cat and dog life, they didn’t even bother to put on a show.

Fang Jinyu made his move as soon as he finished speaking.

Seeing Fang Jinyu make his move, the three foreign masters were overjoyed because they had achieved their goal.
Even though someone had bribed them to come here, if Fang Jinyu made the first move, they would be in the driver’s seat!

However, the three foreign masters soon regretted it.

They were all cultivators who ranked 3 in the Foundation Establishment stage, but they were defeated when they took out their spirit tools.
They had no idea that Fang Jinyu’s magical power contained some lightning power, causing them to be stunned for a moment.
However, the winner was decided at the moment they were stunned.

“Is it a high-tier technique? Did you secretly learn it?” Although the three had obtained a complete set of cultivation methods after joining the Tianling Sect, they could only obtain low-tier techniques.
Hence, when they discovered that Fang Jinyu cultivated a high-tier technique, they couldn’t help but be jealous, which made them say such foolish words.

“Huh, you three might not know about it.
Junior Brother Fang’s parents had once sacrificed themselves for the sect, so he was given the storm raging technique by the sect long ago.” Meanwhile, the two Foundation Establishment stage Mount Lingyao disciples finally spoke up to smooth things.

“Senior Brothers, I still have a furnace of elixirs to refine, so I’ll take my leave first.” Fang Jinyu cupped his hands and gestured to the two Foundation Establishment stage Mount Lingyao disciples.

“Junior Brother Fang, take care!” The two Mount Lingyao disciples who ranked 4 in the Foundation Establishment stage immediately greeted Fang Jinyu as he showed his extraordinary strength.

Fang Jinyu could immediately defeat three enemies during the battle.
It was something that even the two of them, cultivators who ranked 4 in the Foundation Establishment stage, couldn’t do.

Fang Jinyu returned in a bad mood.
However, the next day, he was in a better mood because when he visited the Spirit Beasts Valley, the king of black spirit pigs wasn’t there.

“The king of black spirit pigs is so kind!” Fang Jinyu heaved a sigh of relief.
At least he didn’t have to rush to study the Core Spirit Elixir.

[Today is hard work to comprehend the prescription of the Core Spirit Elixir, but unfortunately, there are no gains.]

[Refined and obtained the fundamentals in refining the Core Spirit Elixir +1]

On this day, Fang Jinyu finally obtained what he had been longing for.
He suddenly became enlightened and realized how to refine the Core Spirit Elixir he needed for his current cultivation.

“It only took me two days to understand the wonders of the Core Spirit Elixir.
I’m indeed a genius at alchemy!”

Someone was boasting shamelessly.

Meanwhile, a streak of light flew over.
It was a talisman with the sect leader’s seal on it.
Hence, it could ignore all the restrictions within the sect and arrive in front of Fang Jinyu.

Afterward, the sect leader’s voice sounded, “Junior Brother Fang, please come to Mount Tianling as soon as possible.”

The talisman became ashes and was scattered on the ground after giving verbal orders.

Fang Jinyu muttered, “Sect leader, you’re throwing garbage everywhere again….” Although Fang Jinyu was puzzled about the sect leader’s summons, he still went.

When Fang Jinyu arrived at Mount Tianling, he realized that quite a few people were there.
He looked around and happened to see the three foreign masters.
Beside them was a disciple who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage.
Fang Jinyu immediately knew what was going on, so he couldn’t help but say to the sect leader, “Sect leader, you must know why I can enter the Lingdu Secret Realm, right?”

“Naturally, I know.” The sect leader nodded helplessly and said, “Junior Brother, please take out your Discipline Pearl.”

“Of course, I’m willing to.
However, the Grandmaster summoned me when I left the Lingdu Secret Realm that day.
Back then, the Grandmaster had already erased the information recorded on the Discipline Pearl.” Fang Jinyu said as he took it out.

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