259 The Three Purities’ Immortal Treasure

The cold wind, which had been refined into a great divine power, was extremely vicious to any living being.
No matter how long a living being’s lifespan was, it wouldn’t be able to withstand the blowing of the cold wind.

Although Fang Jinyu had a long lifespan, he wouldn’t allow the cold wind to blow at him.
He directly turned his body illusory and avoided the first wave of attacks from the cold wind.
Afterward, he raised his hand and pointed it a few times in the air.
Immediately, a “wind” immortal symbol condensed.

It was a completely immortal symbol.

It was something Fang Jinyu had comprehended with the help of the Immortal Ascension stage old dragon when he entered the cycle of reincarnation in his dream.

When the immortal symbol representing the wind was condensed, the swarming cold wind instantly stopped moving forward, as if an invisible force was stopping it.


Fang Jinyu shouted softly, and the cold wind instantly dissipated without a trace.

When the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator saw it, he couldn’t help but be shocked.
Just like how Fang Jinyu was best at using his passing days and months with a wave, the cold wind’s divine power was also the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator’s best divine power.

With the power of the cold wind’s divine power, he had been successful ever since he had mastered it.
Any difficult opponent would have to pay a considerable price if they were to encounter the cold wind, even if they could escape.
Only someone like him, who was an evil ghost who had reincarnated, would be immune to the damage of the cold wind’s divine power.

It was because evil spirits would usually possess a cold wind-type divine power when they reincarnated.
Even if their divine powers focused on different aspects, they knew how to resist.

Thinking of this, the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator put his palms together like a devout monk and chanted, “Namo Amitabha!”

The sound was like the sound of a bell.
With a clang, a colossal bronze bell flew up.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

When the bronze bell flew up, it rang several times.


The voice was so disoriented that even Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be in a daze when he heard it.
By the time he came back to his senses, the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator had already disappeared.

“What a powerful, soul-destroying magic treasure.”

Fang Jinyu looked at the “I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal” that had appeared above his head because it had automatically protected its master.
He immediately understood that the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator must have taken advantage of his dazed state to try to kill him, but he was forced back by his magic treasure.

After all, the previous “I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal” was the lightning-attribute mountain.
It had the lightning attribute that had been tempered to the extreme by Fang Jinyu.
Even if it only appeared to intimidate a little, it was enough to make the beast race not dare to act rashly.

Afterward, as Fang Jinyu’s gaze shifted, he locked onto a position, and his body turned illusory again.

At that moment, the news of Fang Jinyu fighting against an Incarnation stage cultivator in the desolate forbidden land had already spread throughout the Nine Desolations.

After all, it was very difficult to completely kill a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

Although Fang Jinyu’s storm-borrowing technique had killed all the cultivators present at the time, Nascent Soul stage cultivators had avatars.

Therefore, when their donors were destroyed, the avatars they left behind in the sect immediately knew the whole story.

“Damn Fang Jinyu! I will take revenge on you in the future!”

An avatar left behind by a Nascent Soul stage cultivator could only struggle at death’s door and couldn’t be used for cultivation.
It was rather appropriate to use the grudge for obstructing the path here.

“Revenge? Senior brother, I urge you to give up on this idea!”

They were two Nascent Soul stage cultivators from the same immortal sect.

However, the senior brother was acting more recklessly, while the junior brother was calmer.

“Junior brother, what do you mean?”

“Senior brother, Luojia Immortal City’s disciples just sent news that Fang Jinyu is chasing after a monster that is neither human nor ghost.
According to its description, it should be our Lord…”

“Could it be that Fang Jinyu has also broken through the Incarnation stage?”

“Who knows? Just wait for the news.
If Fang Jinyu wins, with his honest and kind personality, as long as we are willing to admit our mistakes, he won’t make things too difficult.
If he loses to the other two Incarnation stage lord cultivators, you consider the lord cultivators to take revenge for us.”

Such a scene didn’t only occur in one sect.
Similar things were happening in the other immortal sects.
After all, the main bodies of the Nascent Soul stage cultivators in more than ten immortal sects were casually destroyed by Fang Jinyu.

It was a forest that no one could leave, and it was a forest that could kidnap people on its own.

It was the desolate forbidden land where one of the three Incarnation stage lord cultivators lived.
When the Incarnation stage lord cultivator walked out, countless cultivators from the Nine Desolations could only bow to him.

Originally, this desolate forbidden land was carrying out the ceremony of “officials meeting the king.”

However, at this moment, the cultivators who came here to “meet their king” all wanted to escape in fear.
Some Nascent Soul stage cultivators ran fast, while some Core Formation stage cultivators were picked up by passing Nascent Soul stage cultivators, so they escaped.
Those who were a step slower were swallowed by the purple-gold flames and turned into ashes.

An extremely sharp, ghost-like wail sounded, filled with endless anger.
Afterward, a ball of long hair rushed out of the ashes, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, turning into a “hair man.”

“You destroyed my painted skin! I will skin you alive!”

“Senior, you’re being unreasonable.
I’ve already advised you not to cover up for that human skin senior, but you didn’t listen.” Fang Jinyu’s calm voice sounded.
After that, his figure gradually appeared after a dense interweaving of lightning.

“You’re courting death!”

The “hair man” roared in anger.
With a wave of his hand, a rusty iron chain immediately appeared.

The moment the chain appeared, an unprecedented fiendish aura surged toward Fang Jinyu.
Following that, the iron chain seemed to come alive as it spiraled around Fang Jinyu.

“This is a pseudo-immortal treasure?”

Fang Jinyu felt a subtle aura from the iron chain.
He immediately summoned his magic treasure.
As the “I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal” rapidly expanded, it smashed heavily onto the iron chain.


Sparks flew in all directions, and the iron chain was on the verge of collapsing.

However, it was only on the surface, because even if the five magic domains of the “I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal” were fully unleashed, it could only weaken the fiendish aura of the iron chain by half.

“This is a pseudo-immortal treasure that has gathered the three purities and is only one step away from sublimation!”

Fang Jinyu understood the situation.

Otherwise, an upper-purity stage pseudo-immortal treasure wouldn’t be so much weaker than a jade-purity stage pseudo-immortal treasure or a superior-purity stage pseudo-immortal treasure.

“That soul-shaking magic treasure is most likely a pseudo-immortal treasure.
But in that case, do these three Incarnation stage lord cultivators all have pseudo-immortal treasures? Then what was their background?”

Thinking of this, Fang Jinyu prepared to leave.

In a normal fight, he could suppress the other party, but the other party had a powerful or unique pseudo-immortal treasure.

However, at this moment, a familiar Buddhist proclamation sounded, “Namo Amitabha!”


A bronze bell flew up.

However, Fang Jinyu laughed and said, “You finally can’t take it anymore?”

Fang Jinyu formed a seal with his hands, and the bronze bell stopped moving.
He had also found traces of the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator.
Immediately, a few immortal imprisoning forbidden techniques fell on it, putting an end to the pursuit.


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