260 The Mountain Supporting the Netherworld

The human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator also didn’t expect that Fang Jinyu was secretly planning to scheme, resulting in him being caught off guard.
Seeing this, the Incarnation stage “hair man” naturally wanted to save the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator.
However, Fang Jinyu turned around and left, not giving him any chance.

Therefore, the Incarnation stage “hair man” had no choice but to retract the iron chain and block the lightning that kept falling on him.

The lightning was powerful.
Fang Jinyu had cultivated the lightning heavenly books for hundreds of years.
Coupled with the enhancement of “heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique,” every bolt of lightning that fell with Fang Jinyu’s will was comparable to a casual attack from an early-stage Incarnation cultivator.
Naturally, it took the “hair man” a great deal of effort to block such a dense “casual attack of the early-stage Incarnation cultivator.”

At this moment, looking at the mess around him, the Incarnation stage “hair man” didn’t show any anger, only fear in his eyes.

After a moment, the Incarnation stage “hair man” warned, “If the Desolate Immortal makes a move, you will die.
I advise you to leave yourself a way out!”

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t respond.

After all, even if Fang Jinyu couldn’t be fast while escaping, he would have already gone far away in such a short time.
How could he still hear him?

However, Fang Jinyu soon learned of it.

It was the voice of the Incarnation stage “hair man” that had been transmitted to the other cultivators of the Nine Desolations, so they had acted as a messenger.

“Is it that deliberate?” Fang Jinyu’s eyes flickered.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu had returned to the Tianling Sect.
He had ordered his men to clear out a space before suppressing the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator under the “I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal.”

The other magic treasure couldn’t suppress an Incarnation stage lord cultivator.

“Desolate Immortal? With such a name, he wasn’t afraid of the consequences of being too arrogant.
However, in that case, that Desolate Immortal must have a broken immortal treasure, right?” Fang Jinyu looked at the Incarnation stage lord cultivator.

At this moment, the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator had sealed his five senses and six senses, so he couldn’t sense anything from the outside world.


As for Fang Jinyu, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that his guess was right.

There wasn’t much difference between the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator and the Incarnation stage “hair man” in terms of cultivation base.
They both had powerful divine powers, but Fang Jinyu couldn’t beat the “hair man.”

In the end, it was because that fellow had a very high-grade pseudo-immortal treasure in his hands.

There were three stages of pseudo-immortal treasures, namely the upper-purity stage, the jade-purity stage, and the superior-purity stage.
The iron chain wasn’t only pure, but it was also in the critical period of being upgraded to an immortal treasure.

Since the Incarnation stage “hair man” had deliberately pointed out that the Desolate Immortal was stronger than him, it could only mean that the Desolate Immortal had an incomplete immortal treasure.

As for a complete immortal treasure, that was impossible.

Immortal treasures all had spirituality.
Cultivators who used the mini-perfection incarnation technique to break through the Incarnation stage were unable to obtain the recognition of immortal treasures.
Even cultivators who used the leaping incarnation technique didn’t have the qualifications to do so.
Only cultivators who used the heavenly incarnation technique could slightly use the power of the immortal treasure.

Besides, if the other party had an immortal treasure, he could just take in the Incarnation stage lord cultivators and dominate the Nine Desolations alone.
Why would he need to divide the world with these two?

“Moreover, if he wants to activate the incomplete immortal treasure, he will most likely have to pay a huge price.” Thinking of this, Fang Jinyu began to cast his spell.

Fang Jinyu wanted to take on the fate of the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator.

Even if the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator was a cultivator who used the mini-perfection incarnation technique, he wasn’t someone Fang Jinyu could kill.
He could kill the other party once, but he couldn’t kill the other party multiple times.
After all, the Incarnation stage lord cultivator could be said to be indestructible and eternal!

Reforming flesh and blood was an easy thing for Incarnation stage lord cultivators.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu decided to use fate to kill the Incarnation stage lord cultivator.

Under the premise that the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator couldn’t resist or sense anything, Fang Jinyu successfully intercepted his fate.
Immediately, Fang Jinyu began to obtain a portion of the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator’s “thoughts.”

It was the scene that appeared in the mind of the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator.
It was synchronized with Fang Jinyu’s mind.
A moment later, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but reveal a look of surprise.

It was because these images mentioned the three Incarnation stage cultivators and the origin of the desolate forbidden land!

“The netherworld!”

It was a world that looked like the apocalypse but was completely different from the apocalypse.
Originally, it had no connection to the Nine Desolations because the netherworld wasn’t like the legends.

However, one day, an accident happened in the netherworld.
It was suddenly connected to the Nine Desolations and a mountain from the netherworld was broken in the Nine Desolations.

The mountain that was broken was the source of the desolate forbidden land.

It was because the mountain wasn’t ordinary in the netherworld.
It was an existence that supported the entire netherworld!

The living beings in the desolate forbidden land were all living beings of the netherworld, which is why they seemed so illogical.
They had been sleeping for hundreds of thousands of years.

There were a few experts among the netherworld creatures sleeping there.

The human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator was one of them.
Back then, they took advantage of the chaos in the netherworld to snatch several netherworld treasures.

The bronze bell was the netherworld treasure that the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator had snatched.

It was called the “Cultivation Death Bell.”

Any cultivator who heard the bell’s sound would lose their soul and be slaughtered.

However, since the Cultivation Death Bell had lost its hammer, its power was greatly reduced.
The bell hammer in the bronze bell was refined by dozens of golden arhats.

Those golden arhats were now neither alive nor dead, and they still retained their former consciousness.
Therefore, as long as the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator shouted “Namo Amitabha,” those golden arhats would start to riot and sound the “Cultivation Death Bell.”

“If I can find the bell hammer, the Cultivation Death Bell will be stronger than that iron chain…”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but reveal a hint of joy in his eyes.

It was because Fang Jinyu knew the whereabouts of the bell hammer! Moreover, it was currently in the Tianling Sect.

The bell hammer had originally been obtained by the Liudao Sect.
After the Liudao Sect collapsed, Chen Donglai took it out.
“Grandmaster Meng,” Fang Jinyu’s senior brother, had murdered Chen Donglai.

It was because the Liudao Sect had a spatial magic treasure, Chen Donglai carried the bell hammer with him at that time.

Fang Jinyu’s gaze shifted as he thought of it.
His divine sense fixed on the peak where Nangong Li and Du Maner were cultivating, and he began to speak.

However, no sound was heard.

However, a moment later, Nangong Li and Du Maner joined hands to deliver the bell hammer.
It was because the two of them had the keys to access the Tianling Sect’s secret vault.

Fang Jinyu took a closer look and confirmed that he wasn’t mistaken.
After thanking Nangong Li and Du Maner, he took the bell hammer back to the hall.

Fang Jinyu wanted to refine the Cultivation Death Bell after piecing it together.

However, Nangong Li and Du Naner didn’t leave immediately.
They looked curiously at the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator under the “I Want to Turn the Heavens Around Seal.” After all, they had never seen any other Incarnation stage lord cultivators except for a certain Incarnation stage lord cultivator who didn’t take on his responsibilities.


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