264 The Reason Why Reincarnation Requires a Thousand Years

The sun and moon were still there, but they were also existing at the same time.

Even the light emitted by the sun and moon couldn’t bring light to the world again.

It was gray and hazy as if the world was shrouded in haze.

The abnormal phenomenon alarmed all the cultivators in the Nine Desolations.
After all, even mortals without cultivation could sense that something was wrong.

“Senior Brother Fang, what happened?”

“Junior brother, do you have a way to find that old thing?”

“Martial uncle, my master is missing.”

The first was Du Maner, the second was Nangong Li and the third… It was Xiao Youyue.
With the special relationship between An Ruyin and Fang Jinyu, Xiao Youyue could address Fang Jinyu as her senior brother.
However, Xiao Youyue didn’t dare to, so she addressed him as “Senior Uncle.”

“She’s here.”

Fang Jinyu simply responded, then raised his hand to take something.

Immediately, following his call, a certain gourd turned into a light shadow and came over uncontrollably.

“I just found a place that seems to be the source of the phenomenon.
Why did you capture me?” An Ruyin, on the other hand, seemed a little impatient and unhappy.

When Fang Jinyu found An Ruyin, his divine senses had already discovered the place.
Hence, he said, “The Yin energy in that place is too dense.
Even if you enter, your life force won’t be able to maintain your lifespan.
Also, your sword energy can only temporarily cut through the Yin energy there.
It’s very easy to get trapped once you enter.”

Hearing Fang Jinyu’s words, An Ruyin immediately shut her mouth.

Nangong Li asked, “Then where is it?”

“Senior Sister, Junior Sister Du, please follow me.” As Fang Jinyu spoke, his figure turned illusory.
However, he deliberately left a trace, so when he turned illusory, Du Maner and Nangong Li arrived at the same time.

As Fang Jinyu looked down, he saw that a large area of Yin energy had appeared out of thin air, less than a million miles away from the Tianling Sect.

The Yin energy seemed ordinary, but it was bizarre.
It looked a little like the great divine power cultivated by the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator.

At this moment, Nangong Li and Du Maner could see the land of Yin energy.

Du Maner was the first to say, “Senior Brother Fang, the Yin energy in this place seems strange.
I have a strong feeling that if I accidentally enter, there’s a high chance that I won’t be able to come out, and I’ll likely die here.” Meanwhile, she had a solemn expression.

Nangong Li suggested, “So let that old thing handle this matter?” The woman’s expression was relatively calm.
It was obvious that she wanted to capture her mother’s childhood sweetheart more than solve the problem in the land of Yin energy.

Fang Jinyu said helplessly, “Senior sister, I don’t know how to contact Senior Brother Meng…” He had no idea what Nangong Li was thinking.
She always believed that Fang Jinyu was still in contact with Grandmaster Meng in private.

Regarding this, Fang Jinyu also couldn’t understand another thing.
Nangong Li could be said to be the best in terms of appearance, cultivation talent, or cultivation level.
Although she wasn’t as monstrous as Xiao Youyue, she was still a rare beauty in the world.
Why was his senior brother, Grandmaster Meng, avoiding Nangong Li?

Just because she was his childhood sweetheart’s daughter?

Wouldn’t that be better?

Yin Liting was especially open-minded in this aspect! He happily married his childhood sweetheart, Yang Buhui.

When Nangong Li heard it, she rolled her eyes at Fang Jinyu and didn’t say anything.

However, at this moment, Fang Jinyu’s expression changed slightly.
Afterward, he looked at Nangong Li and said, “Senior Sister Nangong, Senior Brother Meng is back, but it seems like he was chased back by something.”

“I’ll go take a look!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Nangong Li disappeared.

Fang Jinyu said to Du Maner, “Junior Sister Du, let’s go back too!”

However, Du Maner was puzzled and asked, “Senior Brother Fang, what about the land of Yin energy…”

Fang Jinyu said calmly, “If I’m not mistaken, it has something to do with the two Incarnation stage lord cultivators from the desolate forbidden land.”

Such a phenomenon couldn’t appear without reason.

However, the phenomenon was somewhat compatible with the attributes of the other party.
Even if it wasn’t caused by the other party, the other party would know the source of the phenomenon.

Du Maner heard Fang Jinyu’s words and left in relief.

Fang Jinyu looked at Du Maner’s back as she left and thought to himself.
Speaking of which, ever since Du Maner broke through the Nascent Soul stage, she has lost the “spirituality” that she had in the past.
She had started to become a little more ordinary.

“It seems like the quarter of luck that she obtained from Su Yier is coming to an end.” Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but think of Xin Qianqian.
She also obtained a quarter of Su Yier’s luck.
However, she didn’t manage to form a first-grade core back then.
She had only formed a grade 2 core.
Although it was also a good situation to form a grade 2 core, it wasn’t worthy of her majestic fate.

Now that he thought about it, Fang Jinyu suddenly realized that Xin Qianqian’s “accidental” core formation at that time might not have been an ‘accident’! Instead, it was “fate” under the influence of luck!

Since Xin Qianqian had such a situation, Du Maner was most likely in the same situation.

“No matter if it’s Qianqian, Du Maner, or even Qianqian’s grandmother, An Ruyin, none of them should have appeared.
Du Maner died early, and Qianqian was implicated and died.
As for An Ruyin, Qianqian only needed to wait a while before breaking through the Foundation Establishment stage and An Ruyin would disappear…”

“Therefore, a large portion of the luck that Su Yier gave them was used to extend their lives.”

“But if that’s the case, Qianqian will retain a portion of her luck after entering the cycle of reincarnation, which will make her reincarnation even more extraordinary? No wonder Qing Fu wanted Qianqian to reincarnate.
It seems that Qing Fu had most likely seen the hidden problem in Qianqian back then…”

Fang Jinyu’s eyes flickered slightly.
He wasn’t thinking too much!

Since Qing Fu created a secret technique like “I’ll listen quietly for a while,” even if she wasn’t proficient in the path of luck at that time, she should have already come into contact with it.


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“Qianqian’s reincarnation will take at least a thousand years before she can appear.
It might also be related to the luck she inherited… A few thousand years were enough to wash away everything related to luck.”
Afterward, Fang Jinyu remembered that his senior brother, Grandmaster Meng, should have met Nangong Li by now, so Fang Jinyu returned to the Tianling Sect.

When Fang Jinyu returned, he found that Mount Xiaohe was especially lively.

Nangong Li was there, Du Maner was there, An Ruyin was there, and her little disciple Xiao Youyue was there.
Furthermore, his senior brother, Grandmaster Meng, was also present!

“Senior Brother!”

Fang Jinyu called out.

“Junior brother, you’re finally back.” When Grandmaster Meng saw Fang Jinyu, he immediately felt a sense of familiarity.
He quickly walked over and said, “Junior brother, let’s go.
How about we pay a visit to the two Incarnation stage lord cultivators from the desolate forbidden land together?”

“Alright.” Fang Jinyu naturally wouldn’t refuse, and he could see that Grandmaster Meng was trying to find an excuse to escape.


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