265 Fear of Marriage and Fear of Society

“Senior brother, Senior Sister Nangong is not bad either.
Why do you keep rejecting her?”

“I’ll take responsibility for this matter.
I’m afraid of marriage.”

“That’s all?” When Fang Jinyu heard it, he couldn’t help but feel a little absurd.
After all, who would believe that an Incarnation stage cultivator would be afraid of marriage?

Grandmaster Meng asked with a serious expression, “Isn’t that enough?”

Afterward, without giving Fang Jinyu a chance to answer, Grandmaster Meng asked, “In this case, junior brother, why haven’t you married yet?”

“I wanted to focus on cultivating.”

“Yes, junior brother, if you don’t have a few women by your side, I’ll believe your words.” Grandmaster Meng glanced at Fang Jinyu with a look that said, “Just make things up.”

“Qianqian has reincarnated.
Even if I wanted to find someone to marry, I wouldn’t have the chance.” Fang Jinyu was silent for a moment, then immediately changed his reason.

“In the past, when the two of you were together, I didn’t see the two of you getting married!” Grandmaster Meng knew how to pick a sore spot.

Fang Jinyu’s gaze started to turn hostile, and he asked, “Senior brother, what are you trying to say?”

One shouldn’t pick the other party’s sore spot!

Grandmaster Meng said with a smile, “I mean, junior brother, you are also afraid of marriage.
Uh-huh, Junior Sister Xin is probably afraid of marriage too, which is why the two of you hit it off so well.”


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Fang Jinyu was silent for a moment.
He wanted to refute but couldn’t find a reason to refute.
At this moment, the two of them had already arrived.

However, in the next second, Fang Jinyu and Grandmaster Fang frowned at the same time.

Grandmaster Meng couldn’t help but say, “Junior brother, there is no desolate forbidden land in this place.”

Fang Jinyu nodded his head slightly because the land he was looking at was no different from the ordinary mountains and forests of the Nine Desolations.
The unique aura and atmosphere of the desolate forbidden land had long disappeared.

Not only that, but some of the “living beings” sleeping in the desolate forbidden land had also disappeared.

Fang Jinyu didn’t have much contact with those “living beings,” but he had some impressions of them.
It was because most of the time, those “living beings” were in deep sleep, which made them seem very different.

“It seems that the strange dark smog is indeed related to those two Incarnation stage cultivators.”

Fang Jinyu looked into the distance.
He could be sure now.

Because such a coincidence couldn’t exist.

“Junior brother, things are going to be hard to solve now…” Grandmaster Meng started to show a serious expression.
The desolate forbidden land had disappeared, and so had the “living beings.” It revealed an extremely dangerous message.

“If it’s difficult, then don’t do it.”

Fang Jinyu said.
Afterward, he began to call out to Qing Fu in his heart.

If the sky collapsed, a tall person would hold it up!

If there is no tall person here, then just find a tall person somewhere else!

A moment later, when a certain little girl appeared in front of Grandmaster Meng, his expression immediately became a little horrified.

He was frightened.

“An… An… An Immortal Ascension stage cultivator?”

After “traveling and learning” in the dark land, Grandmaster Meng naturally broadened his horizons.

However, it was also the reason Grandmaster Meng was frightened by the little girl.

After all, Grandmaster Meng recognized Qing Fu.

However, the little girl ignored Grandmaster Meng.

In Qing Fu’s heart, she wasn’t familiar with Grandmaster Meng.

At this moment, the little girl first looked around curiously, then blinked her bright eyes and asked Fang Jinyu in surprise, “Mother, how did you open up the netherworld?”

With just a glance, Qing Fu knew the source of the change.

“The netherworld?”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be slightly shocked when he heard it.
After all, he knew about the netherworld.
Afterward, he decisively rolled his eyes at the little girl and said, “Thank you for thinking so highly of me, but… Do you think I can open up the netherworld?”

Fang Jinyu spread his hands and complained a lot in his heart.

When Qing Fu heard Fang Jinyu’s words, she immediately nodded her little head like a chick pecking at rice!

Qing Fu believed that opening up the netherworld must be a simple matter for her “mother.” Although her “mother” couldn’t do it now, that was only because he had yet to understand his cultivation.

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Fang Jinyu, who couldn’t read the little girl’s mind, could only respond in silence.

“Mother, why did you call me here?” Qing Fu took the initiative to ask because when Fang Jinyu called her, he used a series of “emergency calls.”

As for why Fang Jinyu was looking for her, he didn’t say a word.

Fang Jinyu quickly said, “Can you close the passageway to the netherworld?”

“Yes, I can!”

Qing Fu waved her small hand, and the sky in the Nine Desolations immediately began to light up again.
The moonlight faded away, and the sun hung high in the sky.
Even though they could see the light again, there was still a lingering Yin energy in the world.

Fang Jinyu didn’t expect it to be so simple.
He could only say that Qing Fu was indeed an Immortal Ascension stage Almighty.

What a terrifying situation!

Afterward, Fang Jinyu asked, “What about the Yin energy?”

Qing Fu explained, “There’s no way to clean them up because they’ve already become entangled with the Nine Desolations’ vitality.
We have to wait for them to settle down on their own.
Otherwise, it would cause a great loss of vitality.” The Yin energy could be considered as threatening the king to command the officials.

Grandmaster Meng couldn’t help but sigh, “With so much Yin energy, the world in the Nine Desolations is going to change…” It was because such a shocking amount of Yin energy would be able to give birth to a large number of ghosts and monsters in the Nine Desolations!

However, Grandmaster Meng would prefer to have more ghosts than the desolate forbidden land, which was divided into many locations.

It was because ghosts needed a long time to accumulate from the moment they were born to the moment they became stronger.

And without a ghost cultivation technique, it was very difficult for ghosts to become powerful.
Not to mention Core Formation stage ghosts, even Foundation Establishment stage ghosts weren’t easy to appear.

If a few ghosts who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage were to appear, one could consider them extremely talented.

Although ghosts and monsters were born uniquely, they were indestructible.
Every time they were destroyed, it was only a ghost body that appeared in the world and not their fundamental obsession.

However, as long as the ghosts and monsters weren’t strong, they would be easily suppressed by cultivators from all over the world.

“This matter has both pros and cons.”

Fang Jinyu said.
Afterward, he realized that the little girl had disappeared again.

“Is she going back?” Grandmaster Meng had only just realized it.

“Yes, she completed her cultivation validation in a realm in the upper realm.
For some reason, she can’t leave for a long time, so she has to hurry back.” Fang Jinyu had already called out to the little girl in his heart and asked her about it.
It was the answer he had just received, but it was a beautified version.

It was because the little girl answered that outsiders were around, so she was afraid of social…

Fang Jinyu didn’t know what to say.
He could only say that he had encountered two unreliable answers today.
One was afraid of marriage, and the other was afraid of society.


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