267 When a Female Lead Becomes a Villain

Recently, the Nine Desolations have been very strange.

However, it wasn’t because of the ghost disasters that had broken out everywhere.
This matter wasn’t surprising.

After all, any cultivator with some knowledge would be mentally prepared after seeing such a wide range of Yin energy.

What made the cultivators of the Nine Desolations feel strange was that there were Foundation Establishment stage ghost cultivators in the ghost disasters, and none of them were bloodthirsty and liked to kill!

Every ghost disaster seemed to have a strong start but a weak finish.

It was because there would be one or two evil people in a place where a ghost disaster had occurred.
As long as the culprit was killed, the ghosts and monsters would immediately disperse.

In the Nine Desolations’ understanding, if ghosts wanted to become ghost cultivators, the most convenient and most suitable path was to kill.

After all, one of the many cultivation paths was the path of slaughter.

It was just that… In most cases, those who relied on killing to cultivate would end up dying rather miserably.

In this case, how did ghosts that weren’t bloodthirsty and liked to kill become ghost cultivators?

As for this point, after the number of ghost disasters increased, some immortal sect cultivators began to investigate.

It was because Fang Jinyu didn’t announce to the public that he had released the ghost cultivation technique.

As for his stone monuments, they were all modified.
After taking some immortal symbols and making some modifications, Fang Jinyu wrote the words that are inscribed on them.

There was no need to learn it, but as long as it was a ghost, it would immediately understand the information contained in the strange words.

As for cultivators… If they were alive, they wouldn’t be able to understand it, and they wouldn’t even be able to see the marks on it.
They would only think that it was a common but large stone monument.

Outside the Tianling Sect, the Yuan City.

Now that the Nine Desolations had encountered an unforeseen event, the stargazing flying ships had stopped.
However, without the desolate forbidden land, most of the stargazing flying ships couldn’t continue operating.

It was because many sky-viewing airboats were always incurring losses, the “tickets” they sold couldn’t even earn back the operating expenses.

Only the superior-grade stargazing flying ship could bear its profits and losses and could earn back some of its profits.
After all, it was hard not to earn back the 50,000 spirit stones for selling a “ticket.” It was like earning three years’ living expenses in one go.

Since they didn’t have the stargazing flying ship, many cultivators chose to travel together.

At this moment, as a group of Foundation Establishment stage cultivators arrived in Yuan City, a handsome male cultivator came to the Tianling Sect with a token after they parted ways.

Soon, the male cultivator was led to the foot of Mount Xiaohe.

Xiao Youyue’s beautiful figure came down from Mount Xiaohe.
When she saw the male cultivator, she didn’t show any kindness, nor did it show any estrangement.
She asked curiously, “Senior Brother Su, why are you here?”

The handsome male cultivator was called Su Yucheng.
He was originally a direct descendant of a large family.
There was a Nascent Soul stage grandmaster and a few Core Formation stage cultivators in the family.
Among them, those Core Formation stage cultivators were Su Yucheng’s elders.
They were either his parents, his uncles, or other relatives.

With Su Yucheng’s background, his easy-going personality, and his handsome appearance, many female cultivators naturally thought that he was the best candidate for a cultivation partner.
Therefore, Su Yucheng had the reputation of “Young Master Yu.”

However, it was all in the past.

The current Su Yucheng was just a disciple of a small family.

It was because his family’s grandmaster and the Core Formation stage cultivator had encountered Fang Jinyu’s lightning when they went to pay a visit to the human-skinned Incarnation stage lord cultivator.
As a result, they had all turned into ashes.
Originally, there was a Nascent Soul stage grandmaster’s clone, but when another clan’s Nascent Soul stage grandmaster’s clone came to him, he dragged him away.

Therefore, the entire Su family had fallen, especially after they spat out a large number of resources that they had monopolized.

As for Su Yucheng, his reputation as “Young Master Yu” had also been taken away.

After all, in the end, Su Yucheng was only a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.
Without the favorable environment of his family and the halo of monopolizing cultivation resources, his achievements weren’t much different from those of ordinary cultivators.

“Junior Sister Youyue!”

When Su Yucheng saw Xiao Youyue, he couldn’t help but feel a little excited.
After all, who wouldn’t like a beauty like Xiao Youyue?

Xiao Youyue asked, “Senior Brother Su, why are you looking for me?” Su Yucheng had helped her several times before, so she didn’t have any ill feelings toward him.

“Junior Sister Youyue, I came here this time because I have something to tell you.
Can we talk for a while?” Su Yucheng’s expression turned serious.

“Let’s talk about it here.
Even Nascent Soul stage grandmasters can only walk to Mount Xiaohe.” Xiao Youyue couldn’t help but feel proud.

It was the rule that Fang Jinyu had set.

Although Fang Jinyu had never said it, the other Nascent Soul stage grandmasters couldn’t ignore it, let alone not follow the rules.

“It’s just that it’s inconvenient to say it because we are on Mount Xiaohe.” Su Yucheng was in a difficult position.

“Since it’s inconvenient, then let’s not talk about it!” Xiao Youyue immediately expressed her stance.

Seeing this, Su Yucheng could only grit his teeth and take out a painting.
It was a spirit tool that contained a small space.
It was an extremely rare item among spirit tools.

As the light on the painting flickered slightly, the figure of a delicate and pretty girl appeared.

The girl was faintly discernible, and her complexion was extremely pale.
As soon as she appeared, an invisible chill instantly spread.

It was because she was a ghost cultivator.

“Young Master Su.” The young lady looked at Su Yucheng with a pair of beautiful eyes.

It was obvious that the young ghost cultivator had taken a fancy to Su Yucheng.

“Lingzhi, tell me everything you know.” However, Su Yucheng turned a blind eye to the girl’s gaze because he only had eyes for Xiao Youyue.


The young female ghost cultivator looked upset, but she still immediately spoke.

It was because she had to listen to Su Yucheng’s order.

As the young female ghost cultivator explained, Xiao Youyue found out that the reason why the ghost disasters of the Nine Desolations were so frequent and why it was so easy for ghosts to become ghost cultivators was that there were stone monuments everywhere in the Nine Desolations that described the ghost cultivation techniques.

It was also because of the cultivation technique on the stone monument that ghosts and monsters could easily cross the threshold of ghost cultivation.

“Stone monuments?”

Xiao Youyue suddenly remembered that her Martial Uncle Fang had once refined many stone monuments.
She had even helped out a few times to collect the spiritual soil needed to refine the stone monuments.

“That’s right.
According to my investigation, the Tianling Sect has given away quite a few stone monuments…” Su Yucheng looked at Xiao Youyue as he said it.
He wanted her to give him an answer.

Xiao Youyue suddenly changed her gaze.
She took out a small flag and injected a stream of inner energy into it.


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A moment later, a puppet walked over.
It wasn’t the puppet with the cat girl appearance, but a puppet used to carry things.

Its shape was made by the Mountain Man that Fang Jinyu had copied from “Fang Jinyu’s Realm.” It could carry hundreds of thousands of kilograms of things.

“Do you mean this stone monument?” Xiao Youyue stretched out her hand and pointed.
In the puppet’s hand, there was a huge stone monument.

When the young female ghost cultivator saw it, she couldn’t shift her gaze away because the stone monument contained the continuation of her cultivation technique.

Su Yucheng couldn’t help but frown when he saw that the young female ghost cultivator didn’t answer, “Lingzhi!”

Only then did the young female ghost cultivator come back to her senses.
She reluctantly retracted her gaze and said, “It’s this stone monument.
The ghost cultivation technique recorded on it happens to be the second half of what I cultivate.”

Su Yucheng couldn’t help but say, “Junior Sister Youyue, did you hear that? Creating a large-scale ghost disaster in the Nine Desolations shows that the Tianling Sect isn’t a good place.
You should leave as soon as possible!”

Xiao Youyue showed a slightly gloomy expression and said, “Senior Brother Su, I participated in the refinement of these stone monuments.”

Although she was just running errands…

Su Yucheng was stunned when he heard that.

Xiao Youyue continued and said, “Senior Brother Su, if there’s nothing else, please leave!”

Su Yucheng still wanted to say something, but Xiao Youyue had already turned around and left.

“What a silly kid.”

Once they were far away, the little beast, Ruyi, came out of the void at the side.
It looked at Su Yucheng, who was still at the foot of the mountain and shook its head repeatedly.
“These ghost cultivators’ cultivation techniques are so special that they can be said to have eliminated many ghost disasters.
This kid can’t see it at all!”

“Ruyi, can you see the ghost cultivation technique on the stone monument?” Xiao Youyue was surprised.

Xiao Youyue couldn’t see it.
If Su Yucheng hadn’t come to the Tianling Sect to look for her, she wouldn’t have known that there were ghost cultivation techniques hidden on those stone monuments.

Ruyi, the little beast, said proudly, “Although the words on the stone monuments are very strange, it’s not difficult for me.
I just need to temporarily transform into a ghost.” It was one of the unique talents of its race.

Ruyi couldn’t help but say, “Speaking of which, to be able to create such a ghost cultivation method, your martial uncle isn’t simple!”

The reason ghosts were so tricky to deal with was that they were made up of two parts.

Ghost bodies and their obsessions could also be understood as resentment.

Among them, the ghost body was secondary.

Obsession was the core of a ghost.

It was because it was a very special thought.
It could exist for a long time, and it usually took more than a thousand years before it dissipated.

During this period, no power could kill the thought.

It was because thoughts were formless and intangible.
In fact, from a certain perspective, thoughts didn’t exist at all.
Since it didn’t exist, naturally, there was no possibility of destruction.

After all, how could there be death when there was no life?

It could be said that as long as one’s obsession didn’t disappear, ghosts would always exist.

As for the ghost cultivation technique on the stone monument, it was completely targeted at obsessions and greatly curbed the bloodthirsty instincts of ghosts and monsters.
The more the ghosts could restrain themselves, the greater the benefits they would obtain from cultivating the ghost cultivation technique on the stone monument.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so few people who died in the ghost disasters.

The ghost disasters only kill the chief villain.

Although some other villains were also dead, they were all killed by their enemies and had nothing to do with ghosts.

“Martial Uncle Fang is now the number one Nascent Soul stage cultivator in the Nine Desolations.
How can he be simple?” Xiao Youyue placed one hand on her waist and the other on her chin.
Her beautiful eyes were filled with smiles.

“Huh, woman, watch your expression.
Do you remember who wanted to escape from the Nine Desolations a few years ago?” Ruyi, the little beast, rolled its eyes.

Xiao Youyue said confidently, “What does this have to do with me praising Martial Uncle Fang now?”

Ruyi, the little beast, looked at her from the corner of its eyes and asked, “Really?”

“What makes you think of that? Can these two matter can be related?” Although Xiao Youyue said it, she felt a little guilty for no reason.

“Alright… Since you’ve said so, these two matter is unrelated…” As Ruyi, the little beast, spoke, it flicked its tail and dove into the void.
The food it had eaten in the Tianling Sect the past few years had been good, and its cultivation base had recovered quickly.

“Hey, hey, hey, Ruyi, come out.
What do you mean by that?” Xiao Youyue was instantly enraged.

At this moment, in the Monastic Immortal City, which wasn’t far from the Tianling Sect and was once the place where Fang Jinyu made his fortune, a rogue cultivator was stunned.
After a long while, the rogue cultivator came back to her senses.

“That’s not right, how did the Nine Desolations become like this? Moreover, although Xiao Youyue’s reputation has spread, it’s only because she’s half a disciple of Fang Jinyu…”

“Where did this Fang Jinyu come from?”

The rogue cultivator kept muttering.
It was obvious that the information she had just received was in conflict with what she had originally known.


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