268 Your Tall, Rich, and Handsome Man Is No Longer Rich

“The immortal cultivators of this world are too weak.
It turns out that they let an honest person suppress them.”

After a few days, the rogue cultivator of the Monastic Immortal City had already figured out most of the things, so she began to say.

The name of the rogue cultivator was Bu Qianyao.
She was a transmigrator.

Before she transmigrated, she participated in a show called Surviving the Wild, which was a talent show.

She had originally planned to win with her beauty.

However, she didn’t expect that during the show, the biggest sponsor of the show would want to watch a real surviving show… While facing the biggest sponsor’s request, the production team had always had no moral integrity and immediately agreed.

However, how could there not be any accidents in such a hastily arranged program segment? Therefore, after the accident on the show, she was stranded on a deserted island.

Afterward, on the deserted island, she found a novel that came out of nowhere.

Bu Qianyao began to read the novel to kill time while waiting for rescue.
The main character of the novel was Xiao Youyue!

It was a woman with peerless beauty and an aura that could topple cities.

In the end, before Bu Qianyao could finish reading the novel, she had transmigrated…

She transmigrated to a female cultivator with the same name.

The female cultivator was originally the child of neither a big nor a small family.
She had a Core Formation stage grandfather at home to protect her.
Therefore, the female cultivator previously lived a good life.
She never had to worry about her cultivation resources, elixirs, cultivation techniques, spirit tools, talismans, and so on.
She could have anything she wanted.

Until the day her Core Formation stage grandfather went to the desolate forbidden land to meet the Incarnation stage lord cultivator, he died there.

The female cultivator’s family occupied nearly 90 percent of the local cultivation resources.
Therefore, after losing the protection of the Core Formation stage grandfather, they couldn’t continue occupying such a huge amount of cultivation resources with just a dozen Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

Thus, under the leadership of a few rogue Foundation Establishment stage cultivators and the guidance of some people with ulterior motives, a large number of cultivators attacked her family, and her family became a thing of the past.

It also made her go from being a high and mighty young lady of a cultivation family to becoming a rogue cultivator that she had looked down upon in the past.
She had even had to leave her hometown and come to the Monastic Immortal City.

“The immortal cultivators of this world are lame!”

Bu Qianyao couldn’t help but say it again.

The memories that she had obtained had Xiao Youyue in them.
Other than that, there was also the fairy who cultivates the puppet path, Wenren Xin, who was Bu Qianyao’s lifelong enemy and was as beautiful as Xiao Youyue.

It matched the description in the novel.

However, what happened next had nothing to do with the description in the novel.

First of all, Wenren Xin didn’t lose her reputation because she cultivated evil spells.
She didn’t become enemies with Xiao Youyue because of a man.

As for the man Wenren Xin liked in the novel… He was already dead.

He died the same way as her grandfather.

When he went to the desolate forbidden land to meet the Incarnation stage cultivator, he was killed there.

As for Xiao Youyue, not only was she not a disciple of the Yuan Sect, but she had also not arranged a marriage with Su Yucheng, the “Young Master Yu,” whom she had read about in novels and had always missed the most.

Bu Qianyao concluded after sorting out all the changes.
The source of all these was an honest man named Fang Jinyu.

Since Fang Jinyu was famous in the Nine Desolations, all of his deeds had already spread throughout the Nine Desolations,

As Fang Jinyu’s name shook the Nine Desolates, all of his deeds had already spread throughout the Nine Desolates, including what had happened three hundred years ago.

Therefore, Bu Qianyao didn’t have to ask around to learn about “Fang Jinyu’s” past.

It made Bu Qianyao feel incredible!

It was because Fang Jinyu was just an honest man! However, the honest man not only lived a long life but also cultivated a realm that many cultivators looked up to.

“Aren’t honest people all ATMs and free servants?”

Bu Qianyao was puzzled.
In her opinion, if Fang Jinyu had met her when he was young, he would have been schemed by her and run around like a dog to help her cultivation.
How could he have been so powerful in the future?

“Forget it, let’s not think about it.
The most important thing now is to break through the Foundation Establishment stage first, then think of a way to join an immortal sect.
As for the rogue cultivators’ alliance, it’s fine not going.
Not only did I have to hand over spirit stones, but I also have to face a lot of troubles.”

Bu Qianyao decisively made a decision.
She went to buy some elixirs and started her closed-door cultivation.

Thanks to Fang Jinyu’s Mini-Core Elixir and the corresponding price limit, the price of the Mini-Core Elixir used to break through the Foundation Establishment stage had been lower and lower year by year.
Therefore, even with Bu Qianyao’s poor family background, she could still buy three Mini-Core Elixirs.

It wasn’t sure that it was because of her transmigration.
A few days later, Bu Qianyao, whose divine sense was stronger than her peers, successfully broke through the Foundation Establishment stage with three Mini-Core Elixirs.

At this moment, Bu Qianyao realized that someone was looking for her.

Bu Qianyao walked out to take a look and realized that it was the people from the rogue cultivators’ alliance.
They were the people she had taken the initiative to contact before, but now she didn’t want to meet them because they were no longer of value to her.

“Junior Sister Bu, do you think you’re still the young lady of the Bu family? You made us wait for so long…” When they saw Bu Qianyao walk over, one of the female cultivators couldn’t help but complain because they had already waited for two hours.
However, as Bu Qianyao released her cultivation aura, they abruptly stopped complaining.

“I’ve broken through the Foundation Establishment stage.”

Bu Qianyao coldly looked at them.

“I… I…” The female cultivator from the rogue cultivators’ alliance was terrified.

Bu Qianyao sneered and said, “Slap yourself a thousand times and I’ll let bygones be bygones.” She loved to see people at a loss and panic.

It was also the reason why she liked to bully her classmates before she transmigrated.


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A male cultivator who came along couldn’t help but say, “Bu Qianyao, don’t go too far.
We’re from the rogue cultivators’ alliance!”
Even a Qi Condensation stage cultivator wouldn’t be able to withstand a thousand slaps.

“Going too far? Can I go any further?”

Bu Qianyao’s expression turned cold.
Afterward, she circulated her inner energy and shook the spirit tool in her hand.

A moment later, there were a few more corpses on the ground.

Seeing the scene, Bu Qianyao didn’t show any discomfort on her face.
She looked at the dead body on the ground, clicked her tongue, and left.

She was prepared to look for “Young Master Yu.”

It was because she remembered that the book mentioned that “Young Master Yu” was born into a major family with a Nascent Soul stage grandmaster.
The family was very powerful and could influence several immortal sects.
He was a top-notch tall, rich, and handsome man in the cultivation world.

He was also Bu Qianyao’s ideal cultivation partner.


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