269 Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator Fang Has Taken Responsibility for a Little Girl’s Actions

It was the netherworld.

A place that couldn’t be described with the word “world.”

It was because the netherworld was boundless.

It was said that the “Boundless Realm” in the immortal realm, which could prevent immortals from reincarnating, was connected to the netherworld.
There were even people who said that the “Boundless Realm” was a part of the netherworld.

No one could verify these claims, but everyone could also tell that the netherworld was unusual and mysterious.

Meanwhile, broken souls gathered and returned to their original positions with the prayers of the survivors of the netherworld in front of a collapsed City of Vain Deaths.

On the high altar, there were ferocious ghost statues.

Some had three heads and six arms, some had four faces and eight arms, and some had the appearance of a dragon or a tiger…

At this moment, with the return of the remnant souls, the ferocious ghost statues seemed to have been injected with souls and instantly became “alive.” The first thing to move was the three-headed and six-armed ghost statue.
It opened its mouth and sucked in a large amount of luck like a whale swallowing a whale.
In the next second, a figure emitting the pressure of an Incarnation stage cultivator walked out of the three-headed and six-armed ghost statue.

It meant that a dead Incarnation stage cultivator had been resurrected!

Afterward, it was the four-faced and eight-armed ghost statue, the appearance of a dragon or a tiger…

As the dead Incarnation stage cultivators were resurrected, the survivors of the netherworld knelt on the ground and shouted, “Please, ghosts and gods, help us!”

“This enmity isn’t only yours but ours as well!”

The group of Incarnation stage old ghosts who had just been resurrected were also cursing.

The matter had to start from the opening of the passageway to the netherworld.

With the opening of the passage to the netherworld, countless “living beings” from the desolate forbidden land found their way home.

However, this time, the passage to the netherworld wasn’t opened for these ghosts who were still in the “living world.”

It was here for the Nine Desolations!

The upper limit of this world was comparable to the “Thousand Realms” of the upper realm.
No one had ever achieved the cultivation validation, and it could accommodate at least three Immortal Ascension stage cultivators.
To the netherworld, it was undoubtedly a huge attraction!

However, before the netherworld could obtain some benefits from the Nine Desolations, the passage to the netherworld was forcefully closed!

However, it wasn’t the key point.

Most importantly, the person who closed the passage was especially wicked.
Before she left, she even left a handprint here.

That wasn’t a simple handprint!

It was the might of an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator!

Coincidentally, the handprint landed on their City of Vain Deaths.
Thus, in that instant, the entire City of Vain Deaths was destroyed.

Along with the destroyed city were the dozen or so Incarnation stage cultivators who were in the City of Vain Deaths.

One by one, none of these Incarnation stage cultivators were spared.
They were all killed by the handprint.

Fortunately, it was very difficult to kill an Incarnation stage cultivator, and they were Incarnation stage cultivators who had reincarnated.
They could use the backup plan left behind from back then to collect the shattered remnant souls and reincarnate.

“Damn it, it’s too much of a bully!”

“Do you think that only you can borrow the power of the Immortal Ascension stage cultivator? You are bastards who pressed your handprints randomly!”

“Set up a high platform and offer sacrifices.
We want to kowtow to Yama Supreme before requesting him in opening a passage!”

The Incarnation stage cultivators of the netherworld who had died once were all gnashing their teeth in hatred.
They all thought, “It’s fine to close the passageway, but why did they put a handprint on it?”

“Don’t they know that everyone below the Immortal Ascension stage is as weak as an ant?”

As for the fact that it was an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator who had personally attacked, the ten or so Incarnation stage cultivators from the netherworld didn’t believe it.
It was because according to the description of the two Incarnation stage cultivators who had returned, there was only one ridiculously powerful cultivator who ranked 9 in the Nascent Soul stage and one more mysterious Incarnation stage cultivator in the Nine Desolations.

At this moment, an Incarnation stage cultivator asked, “Where are the two troublemakers?”

The survivors of the netherworld said, “Those two also died after being hit by the handprint.
Since they didn’t leave behind any traces, so…” Although they didn’t finish their sentence, what they wanted to say was obvious.
The two Incarnation stage cultivators who had returned from the Nine Desolations had been killed by the handprint.

At this moment, a person from the netherworld took out three treasures.

It was a metal chain, a fishing drum, and a fishing net.
They were all pseudo-immortal treasures that were lost in the netherworld.
They originally belonged to the Desolate Immortal and Changfa, but after they died, they naturally fell into the hands of the netherworld.

The people of the netherworld were especially good at betrayal.
Originally, they couldn’t have loyally taken out the three pseudo-immortal treasures.
However, too many people saw the three pseudo-immortal treasures at that time.
If there were only the three treasures, no matter how they were divided, they couldn’t be evenly distributed and make everyone shut up.
Therefore, they offered them.

“Well done!”

When the Incarnation stage cultivators of the netherworld saw the three pseudo-immortal treasures, although they praised them, they weren’t very excited.
They were each calmer than the other.


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It was because the three pseudo-immortal treasures didn’t match their attributes.
Only pseudo-immortal treasures that were compatible with one’s attributes would be extremely powerful and threaten Incarnation stage cultivators.
As for pseudo-Immortal treasures that didn’t conform to their attributes, they were no different from a magic treasure with five magic domains.

Soon after, a high platform was erected.
After that, with the prayers of the Incarnation stage cultivators, an emotionless face appeared in the depths of the slightly dark sky.

The face asked, “What’s the matter?”

The group of Incarnation stage cultivators hurriedly kowtowed and bowed.
“Greetings, Yama Supreme! The reason why we’re looking for you is that someone took advantage of the time when the Dao Integration Stage cultivator lent their power to kill us with a palm strike.
Therefore, we want to ask you to open the passageway and lock the Nine Desolations again.”

“Alright, you guys should care about your actions.”

The Yama Supreme nodded, and the face in the sky disappeared.
A passage slowly opened up in the ruins of the City of Vain Deaths.

Outside the Tianling Sect, the Yuan City.

Su Yucheng had already been here for quite a few days in a daze.
He could feel that the “Junior Sister Youyue” he had seen in the past had changed.

She wasn’t clean anymore!

Beside Su Yucheng was the young female ghost cultivator, Lingzhi.

At this moment, Lingzhi looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated.
She felt that the spread of ghost cultivation techniques wasn’t a bad thing.

However, her “Young Master Su” definitely wouldn’t think that way, much less agree with it.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such an expression.

“Young Master, why don’t we spread this matter?” In the end, Lingzhi, who couldn’t bear to see Su Yucheng dispirited, came up with an idea for him.

However, when Su Yucheng heard it, it was as if a drowning man had grabbed onto a life-saving straw.

He said excitedly, “Lingzhi, you’re right.
I can spread the news! The mighty Nascent Soul stage grandmaster of the Tianling Sect had spread the cultivation technique of ghost cultivators! If he did it, nobody knows how many people would die tragically at the hands of ghost cultivators! Everyone who had been killed by ghost cultivators would be held accountable to Grandmaster Fang!”

Su Yucheng naturally didn’t have a good attitude toward Fang Jinyu, but he was happy to see Fang Jinyu suffer.

After all, the Su family’s ancestors and his elders had died because of Fang Jinyu.
Even Fang Jinyu was the main culprit behind his downfall, from the glorious “Young Master Yu” to the current state!

If Fang Jinyu didn’t kill the Su family’s Nascent Soul stage cultivator and Core Formation stage cultivator, how would those people dare treat him in such a way?


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