270 A Trap Within a Trap, the Fake Female Lead’s Script

After returning from the Lightning Territory, Fang Jinyu, who felt that he had benefited a lot, realized that someone was kneeling at the entrance of his hall.
Moreover, it seemed that the person had been kneeling for some time.

Fang Jinyu took a closer look and saw that it was Xiao Youyue.
He immediately felt curious.

Hence, Fang Jinyu waved his sleeve, and the doors of his hall opened.
Xiao Youyue stood up uncontrollably and entered the hall from outside.

Fang Jinyu asked, “Why are you kneeling outside?”

“I’ve done something wrong.”

“You’ve done something wrong?” Fang Jinyu was surprised.

Afterward, from Xiao Youyue’s description, Fang Jinyu knew what was going on.
It was related to the ghost cultivation techniques that he had created.

One of Xiao Youyue’s friends had come to the Tianling Sect to ask her about this matter.
At that time, Xiao Youyue had told him the truth because he was her friend.
However, she didn’t expect that her friend would immediately spread the news.
It made Xiao Youyue deeply understand what it meant to be a “friend’s backstab.”


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It was because Xiao Youyue remembered that Su Yucheng wasn’t someone who liked to spread rumors.
He was usually modest and polite and was famous for being an elegant young master.
“That’s all?”

Fang Jinyu was a little speechless after hearing it.
He thought a serious problem had happened.

Hence, Fang Jinyu shook his head and said casually, “I didn’t hide this matter.
I didn’t plan on hiding it from the beginning.
If it spreads, so be it!”


Xiao Youyue wanted to say something, but she hesitated.
Su Yucheng wasn’t the only one who could spread the news in such a short time.
It was obvious that someone was hiding behind the scenes, spreading rumors, and taking the opportunity to stir up trouble.

“It’s fine.”

Fang Jinyu waved his hand and changed the topic.
“Your cultivation base has already reached rank 8 in the Foundation Establishment stage and should be preparing to break through the Nascent Soul stage.
Do you have any problems with your cultivation?”

Although An Ruyin had taken in a disciple, the gourd rarely taught her anything.
As a result, Fang Jinyu had become half of Xiao Youyue’s master.

After all, An Ruyin and Fang Jinyu were like masters and subordinates.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu naturally had to take care of An Ruyin’s people and affairs.

When Xiao Youyue heard Fang Jinyu’s question, she quickly voiced out the confusion in her heart.
A portion of it was due to the little beast Ruyi, so she also asked about it.

Fang Jinyu was keenly aware that the cultivation questions that Xiao Youyue had asked were not just hers.
However, Fang Jinyu didn’t mind answering them.

The little beast’s background wasn’t simple.
It was related to the Little Heaven Realm, so it was worth investing in.

Moreover, it was just a piece of cake.

Even if Fang Jinyu didn’t gain anything in the end, it didn’t affect him at all.

An hour later, Xiao Youyue left respectfully.

Fang Jinyu was about to continue entering the Lightning Territory when he suddenly sensed something strange.
His gaze shifted, and his divine sense came to the Yuan City outside the Tianling Sect.

Due to the unique status of the Tianling Sect, the immortal city outside the Tianling Sect has grown stronger day by day.

At present, even if the disciples of the Tianling Sect weren’t included, there were more than a thousand Foundation Establishment stage cultivators in the immortal city! Such many Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were enough to make the Yuan City the strongest immortal city in the Nine Desolations.

It was because other immortal cities, even those with powerful strength, might not be able to gather more than a hundred Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

Fang Jinyu’s gaze was locked onto a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

It was an average-looking female cultivator

However, although the female cultivator’s appearance was ordinary, she was very good-looking and would become more and more beautiful the more he looked at her.
It was an extremely rare kind of introverted charm that usually appeared in smart women.

At this moment, in Fang Jinyu’s eyes, the female cultivator’s soul was a little abnormal.

It was a sign of an invasion.

The most amazing thing was that the soul of the female cultivator who invaded was abnormally weak as if she had never cultivated before.

However, even though the invading soul was weak, it couldn’t withstand the constant help of something on her body.
It allowed the weak soul to successfully occupy the female cultivator’s body.

Although he couldn’t see it, Fang Jinyu could guess that the female cultivator’s fate had already been changed.

At this moment, the female cultivator had already adapted to the situation.
After the initial panic, she looked around calmly and muttered to herself, “This scene should be the number one immortal city in the Nine Desolations, the Yuan City, as described in that extraordinary book…”

“What about Bu Qianyao? The woman who took the fake female lead script should be appearing soon, right?”

As she said it, the female cultivator looked around.

She remembered clearly that after Bu Qianyao transmigrated, she thought that she had taken the script of the real female lead, so she began to snatch the opportunity from the “original female lead,” Xiao Youyue.

The first stop was to come to Yuan City to get “Young Master Yu,” Su Yucheng.

It was because “Young Master Yu” had provided Xiao Youyue with many things that could be called opportunities.
Any female cultivator who obtained those things could easily increase their strength and reduce unnecessary trouble.

However, in reality, Xiao Youyue had no use for the things that Su Yucheng had given her.
She would accept them.
It was just that she couldn’t refuse his kindness back then, and she would find an opportunity to return the favor later.

However, there was something Bu Qianyao didn’t know.

What Bu Qianyao didn’t know was that Su Yucheng, the “Young Master Yu” that she acknowledged, had lost his title a long time ago.
At the same time, he was no longer as brilliant as before.

Moreover, because of the huge difference between the two, Su Yucheng’s temperament had become somewhat distorted.

The most obvious point was that the former “Young Master Yu” actually hated the number one expert in the Nine Desolations, the incomparably talented Fang Jinyu.

What kind of person was Fang Jinyu?

In the eyes of the average-looking female cultivator, Fang Jinyu was someone who was even more cheating than those female leads.

It was because no matter if it was “the original female lead, Xiao Youyue,” or “Bu Qianyao,” who had the fake script, none of them could be compared to Fang Jinyu.
In particular, Fang Jinyu’s combat strength was so exaggerated that he could crush the Nine Desolations.
Nascent Soul stage cultivators of the same level were like little children when they encountered him.
They couldn’t retaliate at all.
At most, they could rely on the characteristics of Nascent Soul stage cultivators to escape.

To be honest, when she saw such a character in the novel that had only appeared briefly, the average-looking female cultivator couldn’t help but wonder if the novel was describing Xiao Youyue’s “story” or Fang Jinyu’s.

It was because Fang Jinyu was too legendary!

Fortunately, Fang Jinyu had an advantage, but it could also be said to be a fatal flaw.

Fang Jinyu was too honest!

At this moment, the average-looking female cultivator suddenly blinked.
She saw a group of ghost cultivators enters Yuan City, so she quickly focused her attention and stared.

As expected, she soon saw a female cultivator and the ghost cultivators start a conflict.

The female cultivator was pretty, but her temperament was fierce and exceptionally domineering.
She even took out her spirit tool and was about to attack.

“She must be Bu Qianyao.”

The average-looking female cultivator said.
The scene was described in detail in the extraordinary book that appeared briefly.

However, just in case, the average-looking female cultivator took the initiative to listen.
When she heard the arrogant female cultivator say, “A mere ghost cultivator doesn’t deserve to appear in front of me,” the average-looking female cultivator was sure that the woman was Bu Qianyao!


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