This Lovesick Guy Is Hopeless

“Oh! Look at me! I’d forgotten it! After we parted at the Lingdu Secret Realm, I was so focused on refining elixirs that I forgot that Junior Brother Qin had already broken through the Foundation Establishment stage.
I sincerely congratulate you.
As expected of having the Qin family’s Tianling spiritual root.” Fang Jinyu feigned shock and embarrassment as if he wasn’t mocking him.

Qin Haoyue looked as expressionless as before. With his extremely handsome face, he had the temperament of an iceberg man.

After all, Qin Haoyue was born into the Qin family.
Usually, these noble cultivation families would marry beautiful women for generations, so how could their descendants be lacking in appearance? If an ugly descendant was born, their father must be someone else.

At this moment, Qin Haoyue’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

It was because Fang Jinyu appeared at Mount Shidao safe and sound had made him lost his dignity.

When Qin Haoyue had just broken through the Foundation Establishment stage, his father gave him a mission to get rid of Fang Jinyu.
It was one of the tests for him to become the future head of the Qin family.
The mission was set not because Qin Haoyue’s father had a grudge against Fang Jinyu.
The two of them had never even met before.
The mission was set because, after Qin Haoyue’s father’s investigation, he discovered that Fang Jinyu could help Qin Haoyue establish his authority.

Fang Jinyu had just broken through the Foundation Establishment stage and was talented in alchemy, so he was pretty famous.
With such a person as an opponent, it wouldn’t seem like Qin Haoyue was bullying the weak and fearing the strong, but it would also highlight Qin Haoyue’s ability.

Although Qin Haoyue’s father was the current head of the Qin family, the next head might not necessarily be Qin Haoyue.
If Qin Haoyue wanted to be the head of the family, other than having a cultivation base that met the standard, his ability also needed to be acknowledged by the Qin family.

Qin Haoyue didn’t treat Fang Jinyu as his opponent at all.
He previously thought he could easily get rid of Fang Jinyu with a trick by using the three foreign masters.
Everything had gone smoothly, and he even thought that Fang Jinyu was an idiot who had sent himself to the underground spirit vein to mine for spirit stones.

However, nobody expected that the idiot would need to complete a mission from the Grandmaster!

It wasn’t difficult for Qin Haoyue to find out about it, but he didn’t know the Grandmaster’s mission for Fang Jinyu.
It was because Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were willing to respect him, but the Core Formation stage cultivators might not!

However, Qin Haoyue didn’t care about it.

“You should die!” Qin Haoyue looked at Fang Jinyu coldly as if he was looking at an ant.

“Junior Brother Qin, why do you say that?”

Even though Fang Jinyu knew that love was unreasonable, he couldn’t help but feel sarcastic.
He thought, “What kind of lunatic is he?!”

“You’ve offended Junior Sister Su and made her unhappy.
That’s a capital crime!” Qin Haoyue spoke coldly, his tone filled with a “how dare you touch my woman” kind of domineering feeling.

Fang Jinyu’s mouth twitched again, and he quickly explained, “I don’t have any relationship with Junior Sister Su.
Junior Brother Qin, please don’t misunderstand.”

Fang Jinyu had said it on purpose.

His goal was simple, to anger Qin Haoyue.

As soon as Fang Jinyu finished speaking, Qin Haoyue’s expression became gloomy, as if he had eaten a fly.
If Qin Haoyue could kill people with his eyes, he would have hacked Fang Jinyu to death before whipping his corpse.

Meanwhile, Senior Brother Chen, who ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage, started feeling strange.

Senior Brother Chen initially thought that Fang Jinyu and Qin Haoyue had some old enmity, but he didn’t expect it all because of a woman!

Senior Brother Chen thought, “I wonder what kind of person this Junior Sister Su is.
What kind of person is she to make even Junior Brother Qin likes her so much that he even fights with someone for her?”

Luckily, Qin Haoyue didn’t know how to read people’s minds.
Otherwise, there would be one more person to whip the corpse later.

“You’re looking for death!”

Qin Haoyue said coldly.
Then, a burst of intense spiritual light burst out from his hand.
It was a long sword.
The sword was crystal clear, and there was something like magma flowing inside.

It was a superior-tier spirit tool.

Fang Jinyu’s heart skipped a beat.
He thought, “Qin Haoyue is indeed a rich man.
Even an ordinary late-stage Foundation Establishment stage cultivator won’t have a superior-tier spirit tool.
Still, this guy had one when he had just broken through the Foundation Establishment stage.”

Suddenly, Qin Haoyue slashed out with his sword, and a burning sensation exploded.
Fire immediately ignited the high platform.

It wasn’t an ordinary flame.

It was the spiritual fire!

Even though it wasn’t a famous spiritual fire, it could easily kill a mid-stage Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, let alone an early-stage one.

Qin Haoyue had come with the intent to kill.

However, before the spiritual fire could even get close to Fang Jinyu, a strong gust of wind appeared around him, forming a small tornado that swept the spiritual fire into the sky.

It was the myriad transformation technique!

Then, the tornadoes with the spiritual fire gathered together and formed a huge figure similar to Fang Jinyu.

Although the huge figure was blurry, the 30-foot shadow was like a figure of a Core Formation stage cultivator.


At this moment, the huge figure smashed down with a fist.

The punch wasn’t terrifying, but the spiritual fire within it made people’s scalps numb.


Finally, Qin Haoyue couldn’t maintain his cold expression anymore.
He couldn’t hide the shock in his eyes.
It was his father’s famous spirit tool back then.
The spiritual fire in it complemented his fire-attribute Tianling spiritual root and worked well together.
It made it so that even if he was only ranked 1 in the Foundation Establishment stage, he could still unleash an extremely shocking killing power.

Qin Haoyue could kill an early-stage Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with just one strike.

Qin Haoyue never expected that a spell would control the spiritual fire of the sword.

Fortunately, the spiritual fire was still under his control.
Qin Haoyue stretched out his hand to make a hand seal and wiped it on the sword, and the spiritual fire returned to its original position.

Fang Jinyu had no choice but to dispel the huge shadow.

It was because Fang Jinyu couldn’t maintain the huge figure as he pleased with his current inner energy.

However, Fang Jinyu was satisfied with his first test of great divine power.

If not for the great divine power, Fang Jinyu would have been seriously injured by the spiritual fire even if he had admitted defeat in time.
If he is unlucky, he may fall from the foundation establishment stage.

After all, the spiritual fire was a magical power that only late-stage Foundation Establishment stage cultivators could master!

“This guy wants to kill me?” Although it was within Fang Jinyu’s expectations, he was still left speechless after confirming it.

Fang Jinyu thought, “Do the two of us have any enmity?”

“At most, it’s just a little conflict!”

“What kind of lunatic is he?!”

According to the incident that happened before the opening of the Lingdu Secret Realm that day, although Fang Jinyu had the intention to steal other people’s opportunities, in the end, it was an inexplicable enmity.

As for adding fuel to the fire, Fang Jinyu completely ignored his actions.

He didn’t do anything wrong anyway!

“It’s a pity that I can’t kill him in public.
If I kill him, I’ll be in big trouble.” With that in mind, Fang Jinyu waved his hand.

Immediately, a wind blade with a terrifying aura appeared in front of Qin Haoyue.

The sudden change made Qin Haoyue’s expression pale with fright, and he hurriedly brandished his sword.
He had activated the spiritual fire just now, wanting to succeed in one fell swoop.
When Qin Haoyue wanted to activate the superior-tier spirit tool again, his face instantly turned pale.

It was a sign that he didn’t have enough inner energy.

The power of the spiritual fire was extremely great.
How could a cultivator who ranked 1 in the Foundation Establishment stage not have to pay the price for using it?

However, even though Qin Haoyue lacked inner energy, he still managed to destroy the wind blades with a swing of his sword.
However, Qin Haoyue wasn’t happy because he knew he had fallen into a trap.

The wind blades were only used to attract his attention.

Sure enough, the next moment, Qin Haoyue felt a sharp pain in his butt, and his whole body flew up.
Someone had taken advantage of his lack of inner energy and kicked him off the high platform.

As Qin Haoyue descended from the platform, he heard a voice coming from the platform, “Junior Brother Qin, thank you for letting me win.”

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