Someone Stops Admiring Her, While Someone Starts to Admire Her


Seeing the long-lost gain in luck, Fang Jinyu was both surprised and happy.

Luck could be said to be the top-notch treasure in the immortal cultivation world.
Although it wasn’t visible to the naked eye and had no substantial power, the more luck one had, the more beneficial it was to them.

One of the most significant examples was that Fang Jinyu could simply use his fortune-telling technique again.

Why would Fang Jinyu be so stingy if it wasn’t for the fact that he had too little luck?

Even the strange scoop-shaped stone that gave Fang Jinyu a strong feeling could only be solved by himself.
He couldn’t rely on his fortune-telling technique to solve it in one step.

“However, it said that I took months to plan….” Fang Jinyu immediately thought of Qin Haoyue.
If Qin Haoyue were unlucky these days, it would confirm his previous guess.

Fang Jinyu would be able to refine luck with his cheat only when something happened to Su Yier’s admirers, and someone decided to stop admiring her.

“I wonder how Qin Haoyue is being unlucky?”

Fang Jinyu had gone out to ask around out of some curiosity.
He had thought it would be difficult to find out, but he had never expected such shocking news.

Xu Jing said with a smile, “Senior Brother Fang, you don’t know it, but the eldest young master of the Qin family had an accident that almost completely crippled his cultivation base.
There’s also another rumor that you’re the one who’s behind it, Senior Brother Fang.”

Fang Jinyu, who had been listening with great interest, immediately became speechless.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but say, “Aren’t you overestimating me?”

Even now, Fang Jinyu was only capable of defeating Qin Haoyue.
He wasn’t confident in killing him.
After all, as the son of the head of the Qin family, Qin Haoyue definitely had more than one superior-tier spirit tool.
Even if he didn’t have another high-tier spirit tool, Qin Haoyue would still have other means to save his life.

For example, the life-substitution scarecrow that Fang Jinyu once heard of was an extremely special puppet-like great divine power.

At the same time, it was also a great divine power that Nascent Soul stage cultivators used.

Every noble cultivation family would pass down such a great divine power.
Every family’s direct descendants would possess such a puppet-like great divine power.

As long as there was such a puppet-like great divine power, no matter how strong Fang Jinyu was, even if he became a Core Formation stage cultivator, he wouldn’t be able to kill the other party.

“The rumor is indeed a bit illogical.
While having such a superior-tier spirit tool, only a cultivator who ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage can kill Qin Haoyue, right?” Xu Jing shook his head.

News of the competition’s results on Mount Shidao had already spread.

Fang Jinyu nodded.
He had already gotten the information he wanted, so he got up and left.

Xu Jing wanted to keep him and deepen their relationship.
After all, Fang Jinyu, who had casually given away more than a hundred Foundation Establishment Elixirs, had already changed his image in his heart.

The world was bustling with activity for profit.

However, Fang Jinyu left without hesitation and had a good excuse.
The elixir in the alchemy furnace in his immortal estate was almost done.

“He’s such an overbearing president?”

Fang Jinyu thought to himself.
Then, he went to find out more about Mount Lingjian.
However, he had to do it quietly, so he went to find Du Maner.

While Fang Jinyu was in his closed-door cultivation, the little girl had been with Du Maner.

“You want me to be the mole?”

The little girl was shocked when she realized Fang Jinyu’s motive.

“What mole?” Fang Jinyu was stunned, and his eyes were full of confusion.
He just wanted to ask for information, but why did he become asking her to be a mole?

“Because I know that Su Yier.
She even asked me to visit Mount Lingjian in the future, but I rejected her.
However, she said that we hit it off, so she brought me there to meet a few people she was familiar with.”

Fang Jinyu’s brows twitched.
Should he say that Su Yier was truly a man of destiny? He brought the little girl so he could ride her coattails in the future, yet Su Yier had met the girl and even made friends with her.

However, when Fang Jinyu saw the little girl’s nonchalant expression, he heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, the protagonist’s fate was too mysterious!

Your most trusted confidant, even if they were of the same gender, could be taken away by the protagonist.

It seemed that Du Maner’s destiny had bumped into Su Yier’s, which offset the influence of Su Yier’s destiny on the little girl.

“Alright then, I’ll leave this matter to you!” Thus, Fang Jinyu gladly handed the task to her.
At the same time, he felt helpless because the little girl had been well-behaved.

When Fang Jinyu asked Du Maner, he expected the little girl would offend a few people because of her words.
However, he didn’t expect Du Maner to say she had been “very well-behaved.”

“If the little girl didn’t offend anyone, how can I use the opportunity to gain her favor?!”

Fang Jinyu cursed in his heart.

“Moreover, shouldn’t the little girl be more meddling when she’s with someone like Du Maner, who is also a man of destiny?”

Fang Jinyu didn’t pay attention to the little girl beside him when he was resentful.
He didn’t notice that a strange look flashed across her eyes.
Afterward, the little girl bounced off to help him find out.

About four hours later, the little girl returned with the information Fang Jinyu wanted.

Su Yier had indeed left the Tianling Sect!

As for Su Yier’s master, he had flown into a rage for some unknown reason!

“What’s wrong with you?” Fang Jinyu suddenly noticed a red mark on the little girl’s face.
Although it had disappeared a little, he could still tell someone had slapped her.

Fang Jinyu frowned and asked, “Who did it?”

“One of Su Yier’s junior brothers!” The little girl gritted her teeth and said, “I only asked where Su Yier is, but he hit me!”

“What’s his name?”

“I don’t know.
I only know that his surname is Ximen.”

“Ximen?” Fang Jinyu’s expression suddenly became a little strange when he heard it.
If it was anyone else with the surname Ximen, he might only know two of them.
One was named Ximen Chuixue, and the other was called Ximen Qing.
However, Su Yier only had a junior brother with the surname Ximen.
Hence, Fang Jinyu immediately knew who he was.

He was Ximen Jianyi.
Ximen Jianyi had dual-element spiritual roots but had a unique physique.
It was because he had obtained an incomplete sword magic treasure when he was young, and the magic treasure had directly merged with him.
Hence, as long as Ximen Jianyi cultivated something related to swordsmanship, his cultivation would be very smooth, and his speed would be much faster than that of his peers.

The difference between an overbearing president like Qin Haoyue and Ximen Jianyi was that Ximen Jianyi was paranoid.

Ximen Jianyi had acknowledged Su Yier’s master before Su Yier.
However, since he was a rogue disciple before he joined the sect, he had to address Su Yier as his senior sister.

The reason why Ximen Jianyi was able to join the sect and become the disciple of that Core Formation stage sword cultivator was related to Su Yier’s help in putting in a good word for him.
Hence, Ximen Jianyi began to like Su Yier because of her kindness and gentleness.

However, at the same time, Ximen Jianyi, who seemed to be a man of few words, was sickly paranoid and had also developed a strong desire to possess Su Yier.
However, as he noticed that his master was treating Su Yier differently, Ximen Jian kept his feelings to himself.

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