Beyond the Scope of the Book

As the saying goes, there was no notion of time while people were in the mountains, and they were unaware of the years and festivals even though winter had passed.

In the past, Fang Jinyu didn’t feel much about it.
Whenever he saw it, he thought the cultivation-novel authors were just using them.
However, at this moment, he couldn’t help but agree with it.
He felt that these authors had used them very appropriately.

It was already winter when he walked out of his immortal estate.

The Tianling Sect had an array formation that could harmonize the four seasons.
The sect could make the entire mountain peak like spring all year round if they wanted to.
However, most cultivators chose not to activate the array formation.

Fang Jinyu was taken aback by the sight of Mount Xiaohe covered with snow.

With the help of the Core Spirit Elixir that Fang Jinyu had refined earlier, he could have used his powerful spiritual power to forcefully break through to rank 4 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
However, considering that he didn’t rely on external forces and naturally broke through to the Foundation Establishment stage, he dispelled the powerful spiritual power from the elixir after reaching the checkpoint and began to study the spells.

The supreme wind-thunder scripture was indeed a top-tier technique.
Fang Jinyu had used two months to understand the key to his cultivation stage.

Hence, Fang Jinyu perfectly passed through the early stage of the Foundation Establishment stage and reached the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment stage.

It meant that Fang Jinyu ranked 4 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

After Fang Jinyu understood his cultivation and reached the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment stage, he had an unexpected gain.
His inner energy increased by 30%, and his myriad transformation technique, which had only been at the beginner stage, had small achievements.

Since then, not only did Fang Jinyu consume less inner energy to use the myriad transformation technique, but his great divine powers were also greater than before.

If Fang Jinyu were to fight Qin Haoyue again, even if Qin Haoyue summoned his spiritual fire, Fang Jinyu could trounce him.
Of course, Qin Haoyue would probably not have the chance to fight him again.

When Fang Jinyu thought of Qin Haoyue, he only took the opportunity to express his anger.

Fang Jinyu gazed at the snowy scenery of Mount Xiaohe but didn’t gain any insight, so he decided to return to his profession and continue refining Core Spirit Elixirs.

Previously, Fang Jinyu had intentionally lowered the price and used the Foundation Establishment Elixirs he had to exchange for spiritual items.
Although he didn’t get any lightning-attributed spiritual items, he had surprisingly gathered all the spiritual items required for each stage of the Core Spirit Elixir.

At the very least, Fang Jinyu didn’t have to worry about the problem of a lack of elixirs until he broke through to rank 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, Fang Jinyu received a mission before he left Mount Xiaohe.
A great Core Formation stage cultivator in the sect was about to get married, so he was asked to refine a batch of Core Spirit Elixirs as a gift to thank the guests.

Of course, it was only the most basic Core Spirit Elixir.

It was the same as the one that Fang Jinyu had first consumed.

However, even if it were the most basic Core Spirit Elixir, such a miraculous elixir would greatly benefit the Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

It was considered costly to use Core Spirit Elixirs as a gift to thank the guests!

Fang Jinyu asked, “Senior Brother Li, may I know which great Core Formation stage cultivator he is?” The person who had come to pass on the sect’s mission to him was the cultivator with dual-elemental spiritual roots and the surname Li, who had been in charge of the Spirit Beasts Valley.

“Ling Xiaojiu.”

Fang Jinyu was taken aback because it was the name of Su Yier’s master.

Fang Jinyu didn’t recall seeing such a scene in the plot he had read!

“Junior Brother Fang, don’t you know who he is? Oh, right! You’re either refining elixirs or cultivating.” When Fang Jinyu’s former Martial Uncle Li from the Spirit Beasts Valley saw Fang Jinyu’s clueless expression, he thought Fang Jinyu was unaware of the identity of the bridegroom.
As he spoke, he looked at Fang Jinyu with a complicated expression.

He had noticed Fang Jinyu was now a cultivator who ranked 4 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
However, he was still a cultivator who ranked 3 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

The Qi Condensation stage disciple who used to address him as “Martial Uncle” was now in the same stage as him.
It was a common occurrence for someone like him who had reached the Foundation Establishment stage for a long time.

However, Fang Jinyu’s cultivation base had surpassed his in the blink of an eye, so it was hard for him to avoid feeling down.

However, he had also heard of Fang Jinyu’s past deeds, so he didn’t feel any jealousy toward him.
In fact, he was rather impressed.

Fang Jinyu’s former Martial Uncle Li said, “Ling Xiaojiu, the peak leader of Mount Lingjian.”

“So he’s the peak leader of Mount Lingjian!” Fang Jinyu showed an appropriate look of realization.
Although he knew who Ling Xiaojiu was, since “Senior Brother Li” had introduced him, he didn’t have to embarrass his senior brother over such a small matter.

“That’s right.
Speaking of which, Junior Brother Fang, do you know who he’s marrying?” Fang Jinyu’s former Martial Uncle Li suddenly showed a strange half-smile.

“Who is it?” Fang Jinyu could tell that “Senior Brother Li” had something to complain about, so he responded appropriately.

“The person he’s getting married to is his disciple, Su Yier!”

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

Fang Jinyu thought, “Ling Xiaojiu and Su Yier got married so early? What about the emotional entanglement between Su Yier, the Devil Supreme, the King of Demons from the ruins, and the Lich King? What about the quarrels and disputes between the assassins’ leader, the Liudao Sect Leader, and the Lord of the Immortal City?”

“How is the plot going to go on?”

“It’s impossible that all of them are interested in married women! Or could it be that Su Yier had a heart that loved freedom too much? Then Ling Xiaojiu will be too pitiful!”

“Junior Brother Fang, you don’t have to be so surprised.
There are all kinds of people in the cultivation world.
Not only do masters and disciples frequently get married, but daughters frequently marry fathers as well.”

Fang Jinyu had no idea what to say because he felt that the plot of this world seemed to be developing in a way he didn’t understand.
However, he could only nod in agreement at this moment.

Fang Jinyu’s former Martial Uncle Li said, “Then please come with me, Junior Brother Fang!”


Fang Jinyu couldn’t obtain the core of the Core Spirit Elixir, the Authentic Core Fruit.
Now he could obtain some Authentic Core Fruit fair and square.
How could he refuse such a task?

Fang Jinyu followed his former Martial Uncle Li to Mount Lingjian.

Meanwhile, Mount Lingjian was very different from the past.
Not only was it immersed in a jubilant scene, but it was also very lively.
A large number of Qi Condensation stage disciples were busy here.
Fang Jinyu even saw Xin Qianqian.
She was busy decorating the flowers and plants on Mount Lingjian with several of her senior and junior sisters.

The two of them looked at each other.
Fang Jinyu was about to approach Xin Qianqian to extend a greeting when the aura of a great Core Formation stage cultivator suddenly appeared.

Thus, Fang Jinyu had no choice but to clasp his fists just like the people around him to greet the great Core Formation stage cultivator.

Fang Jinyu thought the great Core Formation stage cultivator was from another peak, but he didn’t expect him to be Ling Xiaojiu.
Ling Xiaojiu walked straight to Fang Jinyu but didn’t look at him.
He only looked at Fang Jinyu’s former Martial Uncle Li and said, “Since it’s a happy occasion, let’s write off our past grudges!”

Fang Jinyu’s former Martial Uncle Li lowered his head and said, “Thank you, Martial Uncle.” However, his tone was very calm, and nobody could feel the slightest bit of joy.

“Great.” After saying it, Ling Xiaojiu turned to Fang Jinyu and asked, “You’re the alchemist who’s been rising to fame recently?”

“I’m an alchemist, but I don’t have any reputation.” Fang Jinyu neither denied nor nodded.

However, Ling Xiaojiu didn’t care at all.
He waved his hand and said coldly, “I don’t care whether you have a reputation.
Once you’ve finished refining the elixirs, I’ll let go of the matter of you offending Yier.”

With that, Ling Xiaojiu turned and left as if he didn’t care about Fang Jinyu.

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