Kind and Honest People Are Always Troubled

Fang Jinyu’s expression remained the same, and his heart was as calm as a lake.
After all, he had known for a long time that Ling Xiaojiu was a neurotic, lovestruck person.
Therefore, even though the current situation exceeded his expectations, he wasn’t too surprised.

At this moment, it turned out to be “Martial Uncle Li,” who was surprised.

“How did you become enemies with this great Core Formation stage cultivator?” Since they were at Mount Lingjian, Ling Xiaojiu’s territory, Fang Jinyu’s former Martial Uncle Li no longer called him by his name.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but look at him silently and think, “Although this ‘Senior Brother Li’ looked righteous, it turns out that he is not an honest man!”

Fang Jinyu said calmly, “I can’t say much about the matter, but Senior Brother Li, you can ask around to know.
It’s not difficult to find out.”

“I’m sorry, Junior Brother.
I was presumptuous!” Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu’s former Martial Uncle Li seemed to have realized something and hurriedly apologized.

He realized he shouldn’t have asked it here, even if he wanted to know.

Perhaps because they shared a common experience, he now had a better impression of Fang Jinyu.
Hence, he didn’t address Fang Jinyu by his surname and treated him even nicer.

Fang Jinyu nodded.

Afterward, the two of them walked to the alchemy room.

According to “Senior Brother Li,” the lovestruck lunatic had specially prepared a place for them to refine elixirs.
Of course, the spirit herbs needed were also prepared beforehand.
Ten portions of spirit herbs could be used to refine the Core Spirit Elixirs, and the task would be considered complete if he could refine 20 elixirs.

However, when Fang Jinyu arrived at his destination, he realized it was a large hall.

Meanwhile, many people were gathered in the hall.

Fang Jinyu took a closer look and realized they were all alchemists from the sect.
Although Fang Jinyu had never seen them before, he had heard of their names.
With just a glance, he could tell their general identity.

Moreover, there were also some unfamiliar faces.

They should be the alchemists outside the Tianling Sect, as the Tianling Sect’s alchemists seemed to be chatting with them.
And the content of their conversation was all related to spirit herbs.

Fang Jinyu could tell their identities, but he had no intention of joining them.

Firstly, they were unfamiliar, and secondly, Fang Jinyu had decided to be a nobody.
He wanted the protagonists, the villains, and even time to ignore him!

Fang Jinyu was about to pretend to be a block of wood, but the people on the other side had already noticed him.

One of them immediately turned to Fang Jinyu and shouted, “Is that the junior brother over there, Junior Brother Fang Jinyu?”

After shouting it, the man revealed a profound smile.

When Fang Jinyu heard someone call out to him, he felt something was wrong with his expression.
However, he had no choice but to respond, so he cupped his fists and said, “Junior Brother Fang Jinyu greets the senior brothers.”

As soon as Fang Jinyu finished his words, he heard someone say rudely, “Hmph! I don’t have a junior brother like you, so don’t randomly address me as your senior brother!”

Fang Jinyu looked toward the source of the voice and saw that it was a person outside the Tianling Sect.

Thus, Fang Jinyu glanced at the other unfamiliar faces and found that they all looked like they were watching a show.
Afterward, he nodded seriously and said, “You’re right.
However, is there a possibility that I didn’t greet you, but you were just randomly responding to me?”

“How dare you!” When the man heard it, he was instantly enraged.

Fang Jinyu looked at him and thought, “What the fuck is this person’s identity? How can he be so arrogant in the Tianling Sect?” He immediately retorted, “What should I be afraid of? We are now in the Tianling Sect! Are you acting like you own the Tianling Sect?”

Fang Jinyu’s words were harsh, and the person couldn’t help changing his expression.

After all, the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster of the Tianling Sect existed!

“You’re talking nonsense!” The man said it hurriedly, and he seemed to be panicking.
He had gotten used to the flattery of the rogue cultivators and cultivators from small sects.
Hence, he had almost forgotten that he had come to one of the six great sects in the Nine Desolations!

“Junior Brother Fang, it’s a misunderstanding.
It’s a misunderstanding.
Brother Lu is only feeling troubled because of his son.” At this moment, someone spoke up to smooth things over.

Fang Jinyu recognized the man.
He was an alchemist from the Tianling Sect.
His name was Li Qiankun, and his nickname was Master Qiankun.
He was the Tianling Sect’s only Holy Alchemist… The Tianling Sect’s only Holy Alchemist’s disciple.

The Tianling Sect’s only Holy Alchemist was not around because he was in a life-and-death closed-door cultivation.
He was preparing to break through to the Core Formation stage with the help of an uncanny elixir! According to the book, the Holy Alchemist couldn’t break through to the Core Formation stage and even passed away due to the uncanny elixir’s adverse effects.

At this moment, only a pile of bones was left where he had done closed-door cultivation.

And the things he left behind were all used to help the female lead, Su Yier.

It was a cliched plot.

In the past, Fang Jinyu would have thought so.
However, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but have other thoughts.

It was because Su Yier was about to get married!

It was something that the book never mentioned.

“Could it be that Qin Haoyue, Chen Baxing, and Ximen Jianyi’s consequences had an indirect effect?” Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but wonder, “But what effect will it have? It didn’t affect Su Yier in any way!”

Meanwhile, as Master Qiankun smoothed things over, Fang Jinyu and Alchemist Lu stopped arguing.

Soon, Fang Jinyu could tell the identity of Alchemist Lu as they spoke.

He was the father of the mentally retarded young man, Lu Shaojun.

He was also a Holy Alchemist who ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage!

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but squint his eyes at the situation because he could be considered to have a grudge against him.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t have any more opportunities to come into contact with the Holy Alchemist because he had begun to refine elixirs.
For Fang Jinyu, it was a relatively easy task.

The first batch of elixirs had eight elixirs.

The second batch of elixirs also had eight elixirs.

Due to Fang Jinyu slightly letting his guard down, he didn’t manage to control the heat perfectly, and he produced only five elixirs in the third batch.

However, 21 elixirs were enough to complete the task.

Hence, Fang Jinyu cleaned up the rest of the spirit herbs and separated them into two Hundred-Treasure Boxes.
He prepared to take them away.
It was also an unwritten rule in the alchemy world.
No matter how many portions were given at the beginning, if more spirit herbs were left after the alchemist refined all the elixirs, they would all belong to the alchemist.

Fang Jinyu didn’t care much about the other spirit herbs, but he was satisfied to have seven Authentic Core Fruits.

Fang Jinyu opened the alchemy room’s door and took out the 20 Core Spirit Elixirs he had prepared earlier.
He handed them over to the person in charge and prepared to leave.
After all, there was nothing else to do here, and he couldn’t be bothered to deal with the lovestruck man.

However, although he didn’t want to be troubled, he was always troubled.

Someone said rudely, “Oh! Are you finally done? You’re the last one to finish refining the elixirs.
It seems that you have dejectedly managed to refine 20 Core Spirit Elixirs.
You’re quite lucky!”

Unsurprisingly, the person speaking was the father of the mentally retarded young man.

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