44 There Are Bad Apples All Over

Fang Jinyu hadn’t left the Tianling Sect, but he was already popular among the cultivators outside the sect.
As for his reputation in the sect, everyone knew that he had won over all the alchemists and was only inferior to Nangong Li, who was in a life-and-death closed-door cultivation! After all, Fang Jinyu was someone that even a Holy Alchemist acknowledged that he was inferior to him!

It turned out that Holy Alchemist Lu angrily smashed several things due to the matter.
After he calmed down, his expression was as gloomy as if he had eaten rotten food.

It was because he had to pay the Tianling Sect at least 200000 spirit stones.

During the day Fang Jinyu spread the rumor, he had been focused on searching for information on the Six Alloy Elixir.

Although it was hard to find pieces of information about the elixir, luckily, he found it.

However, Fang Jinyu had to set off immediately.

Since the Liudao Sect and the Tianling Sect were very far apart, and the Nine Desolations was a land of cultivation without teleportation array formation, Fang Jinyu could only bring the elixir records with him to board the stargazing flying ship.

The stargazing flying ship was a means of transportation in the immortal cultivation world, similar to the subway.
It was led by the six major sects and assisted by other immortal sects to take a hundred years to refine it.
It would pass through various sects and immortal cities along the way.

Of course, there was more than one stargazing flying ship.

There were hundreds of them, and they were divided into several grades.
The higher the grade, the more regions the stargazing flying ship could go to.

Fang Jinyu was sitting on the highest grade of the stargazing flying ship, which cost 50000 spirit stones to ride.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t feel bad at all.

It was because someone had paid for his trip.

Meanwhile, Fang Jinyu was putting away the elixir records he had just finished reading in a business-class room on the stargazing flying ship.

“The Six Alloy Elixir turns out to be considered a Core Formation stage elixir…”

Fang Jinyu finally understood why the Liudao Sect was willing to offer a superior-tier spiritual alchemy furnace as a reward.

The Six Alloy Elixir was a Foundation Establishment stage elixir.
However, it differed from ordinary elixirs because it was an elixir that couldn’t be refined!

If a cultivator who ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage consumed one and cultivated it with his life, he could possess the pseudo-Core Formation stage magical power with it.
The great divine powers he could use were 30% of that of a Core Formation stage cultivator!

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but be shocked.
It was because the elixir could be considered a mini-cheat.
Cultivators who consumed the Six Alloy Elixir wouldn’t have any side effects and wouldn’t affect them to break through the Core Formation stage in the future!

Furthermore, since the cultivator had experienced some of the wonders of being a Core Formation stage cultivator, it might help him to understand the essence of breaking through the Core Formation stage!

Fang Jinyu’s mind began to race.

However, Fang Jinyu shook his head, activated the restrictive enchantment, and began to cultivate.

Fang Jinyu was serious when he was cultivating.
However, even though he was cultivating, he could not feel any improvement in his inner energy.

A few hours later, a familiar text box appeared.

[Today is a day of concentrated cultivation.
However, since the progress is slow, it’s almost a day of no gains.]

[Refined understanding in cultivating the supreme wind-thunder scripture +1]

Fang Jinyu couldn’t hide his joy when he saw it.
With such a gain, his trip wouldn’t be a waste of time.

The next day, a Messenger Talisman triggered the restrictive enchantment early in the morning.

Afterward, a voice sounded from the Messenger Talisman, “Junior Brother Fang, we’ve arrived at the Liudao Sect.”

The Messenger Talisman was sent by a cultivator who was in charge of steering the stargazing flying ship.

“So fast?”

“No wonder it costs 50000 spirit stones as a travel fee.”

Fang Jinyu’s heart skipped a beat, but at the same time, he was overjoyed.
He could return with the alchemy furnace and begin working on his alchemy the sooner he finished his mission.

Fang Jinyu was a man who could randomly obtain an opportunity once a day.
Hence, he wasn’t interested in exploring and looking for treasure, except for obtaining the main character’s opportunity.

Of course, the superior-tier spiritual alchemy furnace was an exception.

Fang Jinyu held the talisman in his hand as a token of proof and arrived at the Liudao Sect.
Afterward, he naturally didn’t encounter any melodramatic events and was welcomed inside by a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

The Liudao Sect was different from the Tianling Sect.
As one of the six great immortal sects, it was a huge immortal city.

Immortals and mortals lived together in an orderly manner.

It was because the Liudao Sect was a sect with many rules and a strict hierarchy.

The sect’s rules stipulated the benefits, tasks, and status that cultivators with different cultivation bases could have.

Of course, those with a strong background or those born into noble cultivation families could enjoy greater special privileges!

Because of the excessive restrictions on cultivators, the Liudao Sect was always short on alchemists.

The Liudao Sect, on the other hand, had excelled in the creation of formations, talismans, and other refinement-related arts.

The Liudao Sect was especially good at refining artifacts and was the best in the Nine Desolations!

No one would dare claim to be better than the Liudao Sect in terms of refining artifacts

Meanwhile, the Liudao Sect’s Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, who was in charge of welcoming Fang Jinyu, was explaining the rules to him along the way.
For example, Fang Jinyu had to greet cultivators with a higher cultivation base than him right away when he encountered them.
On the other hand, he could punish cultivators with a lower cultivation base than him if they didn’t greet him in time.

Of course, there were always exceptions if the other party came from a noble cultivation family.
If one’s status was inferior to the other party’s, even if the other party’s cultivation was lower than his, he would still have to greet them first.

Fang Jinyu’s mouth twitched when he heard it.
He thought, “No wonder the book mentioned that the Liudao Sect would mysteriously disappear after ten years.”

“The three Nascent Soul stage Grandmasters who vanished from the Liudao Sect are probably just an initiating factor.”

Fang Jinyu thought.

There were three Nascent Soul stage Grandmasters in the Liudao Sect.
They were all middle-stage Nascent Soul cultivators, which set them apart from the Tianling Sect’s Grandmaster.
The Grandmaster, who had the highest cultivation base among them, was only ranked 5 in the Nascent Soul stage.

Outsiders and even most of the Liudao Sect’s disciples thought that the three pillars were still in the sect.

However, the three middle-stage Nascent Soul Grandmasters mysteriously disappeared a long time ago.

It was just because the matter was being kept secret by the higher-ups of the Liudao Sect.
In fact, the disappearance of the Nascent Soul stage Grandmasters would never be exposed, even if it were hidden for more than a hundred years.

It was just like Foundation Establishment stage cultivators would occasionally go into closed-door cultivation for three to five months, and Nascent Soul stage cultivators would go into closed-door cultivation for decades or even centuries!

It was typical for a few Nascent Soul stage Grandmasters to vanish for more than a century without being found!

The reason it was discovered later was because of a bad apple in the Liudao Sect.

His father was one of the sect elders of the Liudao Sect.

Thus, he also knew the secret.

The reason his father told him the secret was that he used to be arrogant and despotic.
His father wanted to take the opportunity to make him restrain himself.
However, his father never expected that he would turn a deaf ear to everything and even provoke that Nascent Soul stage cultivator who was one of Su Yier’s admirers! He then exposed the news to survive…

Although Su Yier’s admirer wasn’t a cruel and merciless devil, he wasn’t a very broad-minded person either.
Moreover, who would be kind to him when he repaid evil with good?

Hence, Su Yier’s admirer immediately spread the news.

At this moment, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator who had been talking all the way suddenly stopped.
Afterward, he said in a serious tone, “Alchemist Fang, the sect leader is in the hall.
Since I’m not qualified to enter, you’ll have to enter alone.”

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