48 The Special Yanling Spirit Root

Since there was only one stargazing flying ship that could go to the Tianling Sect from the Seven Treasures Immortal City and it would arrive here three days later, Fang Jinyu could only wait in the city.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu had removed his disguise, and his bamboo hat had been turned into ashes by his alchemy furnace.

Fang Jinyu was the person who had gone to the Sun family’s elixir store.

Fang Jinyu carefully analyzed his previous actions and said, “10 Foundation Establishment Elixirs are just enough for Sun Xinyu, who has the Yanling spirit root, to break through the Foundation Establishment stage.
At the same time, it is also a threat.
I hope the Sun family won’t do anything stupid.”

After all, Fang Jinyu was plotting against one of the six great sects in the Nine Desolations!

Additionally, Fang Jinyu was unable to foresee the enigmatic strategies used by Core Formation stage cultivators and Nascent Soul stage cultivators.
Hence, he tried his best to be careful.

It was also the reason why Fang Jinyu didn’t spread the news himself but disguised himself before coming to the Sun family!

The book once mentioned the Sun family.
The Sun family was once one of the top-notch aristocratic families in the Nine Desolations.
They even had several Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

Later on, the Sun family encountered problems.
Originally, they could have made it through.
However, the Liu family, which had received the Sun family’s favor in the early years, suddenly launched an attack, causing such a large aristocratic family to fall apart.

The Liu family even burned the Sun family’s bridges and caused them to disappear in less than a hundred years.

The Sun family only had Elder Sun and his descendants left.
They hid in the Seven Treasures Immortal City and struggled on their last legs until now.

Elder Sun didn’t dare to use the heritage left behind by the Sun family because he was afraid of being exposed.
As a result, his granddaughter, Sun Xinyu, died young because she failed to break through the Foundation Establishment stage.

Sun Xinyu had an extremely special spiritual root-The Yanling spirit root.
It was a kind of spiritual root that had only appeared briefly in ancient times!

This kind of spiritual root could turn a living person into a devil and torture them until they lose their humanity.
Moreover, cultivators with a Yanling spirit root would be extremely dependent on sorcery energy.

However, it didn’t mean that they had to become devils.

As long as the cultivator could break through the Foundation Establishment stage, they would be able to come back from death and recover their vitality.
In fact, they could even master powerful techniques that were similar to the authentic spirit’s great divine powers while having a Core Formation stage cultivator’s lifespan!

It was just that cultivators with a Yanling spirit root needed ten times more resources than ordinary cultivators to break through the Foundation Establishment stage.

Initially, Elder Sun had prepared 300000 spirit stones for his granddaughter to let her break through the Foundation Establishment stage.
Unfortunately, he encountered a sudden surge in the price of the Foundation Establishment Elixir.

On the other hand, cultivators with a Yanling spirit root only had less than a year left to live after they turned into devils.

A year wasn’t enough for Elder Sun to get 700000 spirit stones.
After all, his elixir store’s customers were all Qi Condensation stage cultivators.
How many spirit stones could he earn from a Qi Condensation stage elixir?

“I think I didn’t make any mistakes in my words and actions.”

Fang Jinyu recalled the whole situation and calmed down.

The book mentioned that Su Yier’s admirer dared to spread the news to the outside world as he pleased because he was a Nascent Soul stage cultivator!

He was a cultivator who ranked 7 in the Nascent Soul stage!

With such a cultivation base, even if the three missing Nascent Soul stage cultivators of the Liudao Sect returned, they wouldn’t dare to seek out Su Yier’s admirer for revenge.

However, things were different for Fang Jinyu.
It was because he was solely a cultivator who ranked 4 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Even a cultivator who ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage would be enough to make him suffer, let alone a Core Formation stage cultivator.
It could be said that cultivators who ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage would be completely different from cultivators who ranked below 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
The difference was bigger than the gap of strength between a Qi Condensation stage cultivator and a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator!

It was because a cultivator who ranked 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage could refine the spiritual fire.

It was especially so for those spiritual fires that could be ranked on the spiritual fire ranking.
Just a wisp of it was enough to easily kill a cultivator who ranked below 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage, even if the cultivator had the authentic spirit bloodline!

After that, Fang Jinyu began to cultivate his great divine powers.

Fang Jinyu wouldn’t refine the Core Spirit Elixir since he was outside the sect.
Even though he had all the spiritual items on him, he was still worried.
He took the chance to study the supreme wind-thunder scripture since he didn’t have the time to cultivate the lightning-attribute great divine powers in it.

The lifeless thunderstorm technique was different from the myriad transformation technique, the wind-attributed great divine power.
The lifeless thunderstorm technique would instantly erupt and could kill the enemy at the moment the thunder appeared!

Fang Jinyu had expected that he would only be able to understand half of it in three days.
However, he was surprised that his initial success in cultivating the myriad transformation technique had helped him understand the lifeless thunderstorm technique.
Moreover, he obtained two gains in lightning-attribute great divine power, which allowed him to successfully cultivate the beginner level of the lifeless thunderstorm technique three days later.

Although Fang Jinyu had lost too much of his lightning-attribute inner energy, he only needed to go back and refine a furnace of elixirs that could increase his vital energy, and he would recover.

After all, Fang Jinyu had the authentic spirit Kui cattle bloodline.

It could generate lightning!

Naturally, Fang Jinyu was in a good mood after cultivating the lifeless thunderstorm technique.
It was only when he arrived at the place where he was waiting for the stargazing flying ship that he realized that he had no more spirit stones on him.

Previously, Ling Xiaojiu had only given Fang Jinyu two “tickets” for the stargazing flying ship, which was just enough for him to make a round trip.

Although Fang Jinyu had gotten off the stargazing flying ship halfway, he had used up his second ticket.

“Forget it! When the time comes, I’ll just use a Foundation Establishment Elixir to pay for it.” However, Fang Jinyu didn’t care much about it since he had plenty of Foundation Establishment Elixirs.

Although Fang Jinyu had exchanged more than a hundred of them in the sect, he still had plenty of them left.

Meanwhile, a huge stargazing flying ship slowly landed.
The cultivators, who had been waiting for a long time, went up to buy the “tickets” and prepared to board.

Fang Jinyu followed after the crowd.
However, a dispute broke out between a man and a woman.
They were both Qi Condensation stage cultivators.
Fang Jinyu wasn’t in the mood to gossip until he heard the woman’s name, Fang Ning.

“Could she be that ‘Fang Ning’?”

Fang Jinyu recalled a character mentioned in the book.
Fang Ning was also an unlucky person, and more importantly, she was related to Fang Jinyu by blood.

Thus, Fang Jinyu listened carefully.

Fang Jinyu heard the woman called “Fang Ning” shout, “I’m your fiancée! But you want to sleep with another man for a Foundation Establishment Elixir?!” At this moment, he was sure that she was his distant cousin.
She was one of the top ten unlucky characters in the book.

Hence, Fang Jinyu walked over.

Meanwhile, the man was so angry that he slapped Fang Ning as he roared.



There were two sharp smacks.
The first was the man who slapped Fang Ning, and the second was Fang Jinyu who slapped the man.
Fang Jinyu slapped the man hard, which sent the man flying even though he didn’t use his inner energy.
The man spat out a mouthful of blood when he fell to the ground.

Fang Jinyu took out a Foundation Establishment Elixir and threw it at the man.

“Your engagement with her is called off.”

After Fang Jinyu said it, he pulled Fang Ning up in the stargazing flying ship.
As for the “ticket,” he used a Foundation Establishment Elixir to pay for it.

Due to the skyrocketing price of the Foundation Establishment Elixir, even if Fang Jinyu sold it at half the price, it would still be enough to pay for their “tickets.”

Ever since Fang Ning was slapped by her fiancé, she had been in a daze.
It wasn’t until Fang Jinyu pulled her onto the ship that she came back to her senses.

When Fang Ning realized that she was on the stargazing flying ship, she was shocked.
Afterward, she was stunned to see Fang Jinyu.

After a moment of hesitation, Fang Ning said in disbelief, “Brother Jinyu?”

“It’s me.”

Fang Jinyu naturally didn’t have any memories of Fang Ning.
However, it didn’t stop him from answering her.
It was because his cousin had a miserable ending in the book!

According to the book, Fang Ning’s scumbag fiancé would deceive her from the beginning to the end.
Moreover, she would also die tragically after being abandoned by her scumbag fiancé.

It could be said that Fang Ning had lost both her life and wealth.

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