50 This Girl Is a Little Weak

In the Seven Treasures Immortal City, the Sun family’s elixir store, which had suddenly announced that it would be closed for several days, finally reopened.
However, nobody cared about it because more than a dozen small elixir stores like the Sun families’ were operating in the Seven Treasures Immortal City.

Only people who were used to doing business in the Sun family’s elixir store would care about it.

Afterward, the cultivators who had entered the elixir store for the opening of it all found a strange, beautiful young girl inside.
People describe the girl in such a way because the girl’s skin was ashen as if she had no blood in her body.
Not only did she look thin, but she also looked fragile as if she could fall apart at any time!

Even an old man with one foot in the grave seemed to have a longer life than the young girl.

However, none of the Qi Condensation stage cultivators who entered the store dared to be presumptuous.
They even respected the young girl.

It was because the young girl was a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator!

Soon, the news that the owner of the Sun family, Elder Sun’s granddaughter had successfully broken through the Foundation Establishment stage spread like wildfire.

After all, the matter of breaking through to the Foundation Establishment stage was a big deal for any rogue cultivator.

Since the Sun family didn’t show any signs of purchasing the Foundation Establishment Elixir, it even attracted the city lord to send people to inquire about the situation.
Of course, the city lord didn’t intend to question Elder Sun.
The city lord just wanted to remind Elder Sun and his granddaughter not to spread the Foundation Establishment Elixirs if they had any of them.

It was because only the monopolized Foundation Establishment Elixirs were worth money!

Otherwise, a Foundation Establishment Elixir would at most be worth 2000 spirit stones.
After all, the early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators’ “divine elixir”-Spirit Summoning Elixir, only cost 800 spirit stones per elixir.
Not to mention that the Foundation Establishment Elixir was only an elixir that could help the Qi Condensation stage cultivators to break through the Foundation Establishment stage.
The initial price of 30000 spirit stones was raised by the joint efforts of the various sects and the aristocratic families!

Initially, the people sent by the city lord wanted to invite Elder Sun’s granddaughter to work for the city lord.
After all, in their eyes, Elder Sun’s granddaughter was a cultivator who naturally broke through the Foundation Establishment stage and would be good at fighting.
However, they immediately changed their mind when they saw Sun Xinyu’s “weak” appearance.

It was because the city lord had to compensate a large sum of spirit stones if a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator who worked for them died.

Even if the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator had died in an accident and not in the line of duty!

They were worried that “Fairy Sun” might accidentally overuse her inner energy while cultivating and end up killing herself.

Therefore, no matter how envious they were of a cultivator who naturally broke through the Foundation Establishment stage, they decisively gave up on her.

“Fairy Sun, I’ll see myself out.
Please stop sending me off.” After persuading Sun Xinyu, the people sent by the city lord left in a hurry.

Sun Xinyu couldn’t help but snort.

Sun Xinyu thought, “Hmph! I only looked weak, but I’m not that weak! I have just dispersed the aura of death and recovered my vitality.
It’s hard for me to regain my body of flesh and blood, alright?!”

“If it was a few days ago, they would only be able to see my skeleton!”

Meanwhile, Elder Sun walked out and cast a look at Sun Xinyu.
Sun Xinyu understood and went to the backyard with her grandfather.

Elder Sun finally opened his mouth and said softly, “We just need to wait for three more days.
The news that the three Nascent Soul stage cultivators of the Liudao Sect disappeared will spread like wildfire.”

Sun Xinyu thought for a while and said, “Great! Since our Sun family had already done as we were told, I believe the senior won’t harm us.
However, Grandfather, we must move to another place just in case.
Since he can find us here, it means that others can also find us here.”

“I’ve already found the new place.
It’s a secret place of our Sun family in the early years.
If I hadn’t accidentally found the key I lost back then, I wouldn’t have remembered the place.
Ah Yu, now that you have 500 years of life, you can stay there and break through the Core Formation stage!”

When Sun Xinyu heard Elder Sun’s words, she couldn’t help but slightly change her expression.
She asked, “Grandfather, how about you?”

“Since I’m old, I don’t have many years left to live.
If the Liu family finds out about the secret place due to my activation, I’ll stay here and attract their attention for you.” After Elder Sun finished speaking, he laughed carefreely.

Elder Sun would die without regrets if he could exchange his death for his granddaughter’s safe journey to the secret place and nurture a Core Formation stage cultivator for the Sun family!

Sun Xinyu said with a frown, “But… Grandfather, you’re only ranked 1 in the Foundation Establishment stage, and you can only make some elixirs for the Qi Condensation stage cultivators.
Moreover, you’re not even an alchemist.
Even if the Liu family knows about it, they will at most send an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator here.
They might not even care.”

Meanwhile, Elder Sun’s facial expression stiffened.

Elder Sun’s passion, which was just ignited, was all gone in an instant.

Elder Sun glared at his granddaughter and asked, “Then what should we do?”

Although it was the truth, it hurt his pride!

“Grandfather, please don’t be angry.
I have a better idea.”

“What idea?”

“Previously, it was not convenient for me to meet people before I broke through the Foundation Establishment stage.
But now, it’s fine since I’ve already broken through the Foundation Establishment stage.
I believe the Tianling Sect won’t reject a cultivator who has a Yanling spirit root and is sure to break through the Core Formation stage.
Grandfather, as long as I join the Tianling Sect, you will also be protected by the sect.” Sun Xinyu’s beautiful eyes flickered slightly as she spoke.
It was the idea she had long planned.

Elder Sun was shocked and asked, “Why did you choose the Tianling Sect while the Wanyuan Sect is the closest sect to us? The Wanyuan Sect has a Core Formation stage cultivator, and they once received a favor from our Sun family 300 years ago.” Elder Sun had considered joining a great sect before.
He thought of the Wanyuan Sect because it was one of the six great sects of the Nine Desolations.

“Sometimes, people who received help from us might become our enemies.” Sun Xinyu shook her head and continued, “Moreover, if that person remembers the favor we gave him back then, how could he not have done anything all these years? I remember that he’s already a cultivator who ranked 9 in the Core Formation stage, right?”

Elder Sun immediately became speechless.

Sun Xinyu continued, “As for why I chose the Tianling Sect? It’s because the Tianling Sect is the only one of the six great sects that aren’t completely controlled by the aristocratic families.
Hence, it can ensure fairness to the greatest extent.
Previously, the price of Foundation Establishment Elixir had skyrocketed everywhere, except for the Tianling Sect.”

Elder Sun asked, “Isn’t that because of an overly kind and honest alchemist?” He had heard about the incident.
If the incident hadn’t happened in the Tianling Sect and the alchemist was willing to exchange the Foundation Establishment Elixirs with cultivators outside the sect, he would have rushed over a long time ago.

“However, the alchemist is still safe and sound, right? What would happen to the alchemist if it was a different sect, such as the Liudao Sect?”

Elder Sun was speechless.
If there was an alchemist who dared to do such a thing, even in the Liudao Sect, where alchemists were scarce, the alchemist would definitely die.

Hence, Elder Sun immediately packed up his luggage and sold the elixir store.
He was ready to leave with his granddaughter.

Elder Sun didn’t plan to return, even if the Tianling Sect refused to accept Sun Xinyu.

It was because this place was no longer safe.

However, if someone like Elder Sun, who suddenly sold his family business, wanted to leave smoothly, he had to report his situation to the city lord.
Initially, he thought the process would be troublesome.
However, he didn’t expect the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator in charge of the matter to be particularly easygoing.
He immediately let them go when he heard Elder Sun was leaving with his granddaughter.

Once Elder Sun left, the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator’s disciple couldn’t help but ask, “Master, I heard that Elder Sun’s granddaughter has broken through the Foundation Establishment stage.
If we easily let them go, I’m afraid the city lord will blame us when he finds out…”

“There’s something you don’t know.
Elder Sun’s granddaughter is extremely weak.
Elder Sun sells his family business and leaves here, most likely to seek doctors for his granddaughter, who just broke through the Foundation Establishment stage.”

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