53 The Second Name, Qing Fu

Fang Jinyu was certain that the little girl wasn’t reincarnated after failing to break through the Nascent Soul stage.
It was because after the little girl disguised herself as an early-stage Qi Condensation cultivator and successfully obtained the identity card of the Tianling Sect, he saw her name on the card-Qing Fu.

Qing Fu claimed that she suddenly thought of it and she used it as her name because she couldn’t forget it no matter what.

However, the book once mentioned it.

There was a mysterious split soul of Su Yier.
When Su Yier returned from the apocalypse, it suddenly run out to take something, causing her to be in danger and almost die.

Although Su Yier managed to escape from danger in the end since she was the story’s main character and even obtained a huge benefit, she was still dissatisfied with it.

Thus, the mysterious split soul explained the reason.

It was because it had discovered something related to its donor.

It was a broken token with three names engraved on it.
However, the first name could only be seen with the word “Ting,” while the third name was completely blurred.

The mysterious split soul had said that the first name on the token was the name of its donor.

As for the second name that was clear, it was-Qing Fu!

If the little girl didn’t reveal her miraculous abilities, Fang Jinyu would at most think that it was a coincidence.
After all, there were many people with the same name in the world.
But now, could it still be a coincidence?

The little girl was definitely of the same origin as that mysterious split soul, and she might even be as powerful as it!

“Does it mean that there’s someone with the cultivation base above the Nascent Soul stage?”

“However, why is there no such thing as ascending to the higher stage here?”

Fang Jinyu muttered to himself, but he didn’t think much about it.

He began his closed-door cultivation again.

However, this time, it wasn’t to improve his cultivation base.

Fang Jinyu was preparing to open up his “mystery realm.”

The method was so profound that he had to work hard for more than a month and obtained more than 20 related gains before he successfully cultivated to the beginner level.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu used the stone orb magic treasure as a form of support to open up the “mystery realm” that Qing Fu had mentioned.

“No wonder she called it the mystery realm?”

Fang Jinyu finally understood the origin of the name as he was sensing the “mystery realm” which was less than a cubic meter.
It was because the small portable space was like playing hide-and-seek with him.
He had no idea where it was hiding, and even the stone orb magic treasure had disappeared.

However, the more amazing thing was that Fang Jinyu could place some items into it with just a thought.
On the other hand, he could instantly take out the items he had placed within with just a thought too.

“Ten years of life is worth it!”

Fang Jinyu looked at himself in the mirror.
Even though he had some gains in his appearance to prevent himself from being ugly, he had inevitably “aged” a little.
It was the price he had to pay for using the stone orb magic treasure.
He had to sacrifice a part of his lifespan and gave it to the magic treasure.

However, it wasn’t a big problem, because it only made Fang Jinyu look more mature than before from his original youthful appearance.

Fang Jinyu didn’t end his closed-door cultivation.
Instead, he began to cultivate the camouflage technique that Qing Fu had taught him.

The camouflage technique was harder to cultivate than opening up the mystery realm.
However, Fang Jinyu had better luck this time.
His hard work helped him to obtain gains related to cultivating the camouflage technique and didn’t obtain any useless gains.

Thus, Fang Jinyu successfully cultivated the beginner level of the camouflage technique that Qing Fu had called “I’ve hidden very well” in just a month.

“It’s a pretty good name but I think you can let the others name it next time.”

The corner of Fang Jinyu’s mouth twitched in slight disdain.
Then, he began to prepare for elixir refining.

Previously, Fang Jinyu had used up a lot of his lightning magical power to cultivate the lifeless thunderstorm technique.
Hence, he needed to replenish his vitality.

Fang Jinyu had all the spiritual items he needed for refining the elixirs beside him.

Fang Jinyu amassed a large collection of rare spiritual items during his extravagant sale of the Foundation Establishment Elixirs.
After all, his customers were the Tianling Sect’s disciples.
Who could achieve rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage when they didn’t have any treasures with them?

The supreme wind-thunder scripture that Fang Jinyu was currently cultivating could have been considered a treasure of his when he was still a Qi Condensation stage cultivator.

Fang Jinyu took out the alchemy furnace.

A superior-tier spiritual alchemy furnace could change its size at will.
After Fang Jinyu had opened up the “mystery realm,” he placed the furnace in it.

In addition, Fang Jinyu also put the Green Phoenix Scissors, some processed Foundation Establishment Fruits, the remaining Foundation Establishment Elixirs, some spirit herbs that could be used to refine the Core Spirit Elixirs, and some precious spiritual items in his “mystery realm.”

Fang Jinyu only left a few ordinary items on him.

As soon as Fang Jinyu took it out, he felt a sense of poverty because it even included talismans.

As Fang Jinyu circulated his inner energy, his hands created a series of hand seals.
The alchemy furnace named the “purple mystical alchemy furnace,” immediately began to burn with a blazing flame.

It was the flame that came with the alchemy furnace.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t spiritual fire.
Only part of its power was close to that of spiritual fire.

After all, it was a reward for outsiders, so the Liudao Sect naturally wouldn’t give him the best alchemy furnace.

Fang Jinyu began to refine elixirs.

A few days later, Fang Jinyu recovered his vitality after he consumed the elixirs.
His lightning magical power was once again restored.

It was the benefit of having an authentic spirit bloodline!

If Fang Jinyu obtained his lightning magical power from other external objects, he couldn’t easily restore it.

“It’s time to end my closed-door cultivation.”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel a little regretful.
Even though he had Authentic Core Fruit, he didn’t have enough supplementary spirit herbs to refine the next stage of the Core Spirit Elixir after his previous losses.

It made Fang Jinyu hate Liu Yuxiu even more.

Fang Jinyu thought, “If that fellow didn’t steal my spirit herbs, I will still be happily refining elixirs and cultivating!”

“Moreover, I have a treasure like the Six Alloy Elixirs!” Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but show a gloomy expression.
It was because there were some nameless auction markets suitable for him to use the Six Alloy Elixirs secretly exchange something.

Even if Fang Jinyu didn’t necessarily return with any treasures, at least he wouldn’t come back empty-handed.

More importantly, Fang Jinyu could replenish the spiritual items he had lost.

With this in mind, Fang Jinyu opened the restrictive enchantment and walked out.
He wanted to find someone to ask if there had been any major upheavals in the cultivation world.

Of course, it was a question with an ulterior motive.

Fang Jinyu had wanted to go to Mount Goddess to find out more, but a bird had stopped him halfway.

Fang Jinyu cupped his fists and said, “Second brother.”

A black bird landed on Fang Jinyu’s shoulder with one of its wings extended.
“Third brother, I heard you went to the Liudao Sect.
Did something happen there?”

It seemed like the news of the disappearance of the three Nascent Soul stage cultivators from the Liudao Sect had already spread!

Fang Jinyu immediately understood the situation.
He said with a natural expression, “Second brother, did anything happen since you asked? However, I returned two months ago and have been in closed-door cultivation ever since.
I’ve just ended my closed-door cultivation.”

“Alright, then.
Third brother, here is the situation…” The Jade Falcon Myna told Fang Jinyu everything it knew.
However, since it had only heard rumors, it not only exaggerated the situation but also turned it into a horror story.

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