55 Don’t Worry, I Will Screw You Over

In the next second, the Core Formation stage cultivator destroyed all the restrictive enchantments in Fang Jinyu’s immortal estate.
He carried an embryonic form of a Core Formation stage aura with him and looked like he was the only one in the world wherever he went.

The Core Formation stage cultivator’s aura exploded in Fang Jinyu’s immortal estate.

However, in the next moment, the aura was completely retracted.
Afterward, the Core Formation stage cultivator said surprisingly.

“What a strong spiritual power! You’re refining the Core Spirit Elixir?! If I didn’t disturb you today, you would be able to complete refining this furnace of Core Spirit Elixirs, right? It seems that my poor grandson’s death has nothing to do with you! Fine! I’ll compensate you with this!”

The Core Formation stage cultivator threw something toward Fang Jinyu.
He then turned into a beam of light and left.

“Goodbye, Martial Uncle Qi!”

As Fang Jinyu said it, he looked at the item in his hand and changed his expression.

It was a Hundred-Treasure Box that included three stalks of Commiphora Myrrha Herbs, which had a green glow circulating them.
It wasn’t a type of rare spirit herb.
It was even very common in the stalls set up by various rogue cultivators who ranked 1 or 2 in the Qi Condensation stage.

The three stalks of Commiphora Myrrha Herbs were grown for over 400 years!

It seemed like they were picked from the same place.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but say, “What a pity.” If the three stalks of Commiphora Myrrha Herbs could grow for another 20 to 30 years and reach 500 years old, their medicinal effects and spirituality would be greatly improved, producing a qualitative change.

At that time, Fang Jinyu could use it to refine elixirs for Core Formation stage cultivators!

However, if the three stalks of Commiphora Myrrha Herbs were 500 years old, they wouldn’t have been casually thrown out by a Core Formation stage cultivator as compensation.

Due to the lack of a few decades of age, no matter how old the Commiphora Myrrha Herbs were, they could only be used to refine some Foundation Establishment stage elixirs.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu sighed deeply, “The sect leader is still acting like a brat…”

The book once mentioned that although the Tianling Sect Leader was responsible, he was inevitably biased toward the aristocratic cultivation families.

For example, if two cultivators caused trouble at the same time, one of them was from an aristocratic cultivation family, and the other was just an ordinary disciple of the sect.
The one to take the blame would definitely be the ordinary disciple of the sect.

As for the disciple who was born into an aristocratic cultivation family?

Of course, he wouldn’t be blamed at all, and the situation didn’t matter to him.
He might even appear as the person who discovered the disaster in time.

Therefore, the reason the sect leader specially summoned Fang Jinyu to investigate the death of the descendant of the Core Formation stage cultivator with the surname Qi was probably that he wanted Fang Jinyu to seem more suspicious and help the murderer get away.

“Fine, I should have thought of this earlier.
Even if it’s a low-tier lightning-attribute spirit tool, it’s still valuable.
How could it be returned to the Tianling Sect after the person died?”

With this in mind, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but exert a dangerous aura.

Even though Fang Jinyu had shown some talent in alchemy, he was still nothing in the eyes of the aristocratic cultivation families.

It was because even though there were very few alchemists who met the standards, there were many who did not! One could be an alchemist if their success rate in refining elixirs at their stage was 30%.
It was indeed a tough requirement for many cultivators.
However, it was a piece of cake for a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator to refine Qi Condensation stage elixirs and a Core Formation stage cultivator to refine Foundation Establishment stage elixirs! They could easily achieve a 30% success rate!

Moreover, the book mentioned that the aristocratic cultivation families seemed to have a mysterious item that could refine early-stage elixirs on a large scale.

However, the mysterious item had a time limit and could only be used once every hundred years.

Therefore, only a Holy Alchemist could be regarded highly by the aristocratic cultivation families!

“Speaking of which, the sect leader is acting in this manner for the second time…”

Fang Jinyu muttered to himself.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but want to change the sect leader when he raked up the past.

However, it wasn’t something easy to do.
It was far more difficult than breaking the Liudao Sect apart.

For a long time, the Liudao Sect was plagued by internal strife.
Their conflicts had been suppressed for hundreds of years, and all they needed was a spark to set them off.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t have caused such a huge commotion just from the news of three Nascent Soul stage cultivators going missing!

However, it was still possible to change the sect leader of the Tianling Sect.

It was because the current Tianling Sect Leader would be in danger because of the devil’s arrival.
At that time, he only needed to drag him down.

“Then I need to be at least rank 7 in the Foundation Establishment stage!”

After all, it wasn’t something an ordinary person could do, and it had to be done with reason.

The plan didn’t have to be seamless, but it had to be reasonable.

Afterward, Fang Jinyu continued to refine elixirs after cleaning up.
However, he didn’t continue to refine Core Spirit Elixirs.
Instead, he started to refine the Spirit Summoning Elixir.
It was because he had only prepared the required ingredients to refine two furnaces of Core Spirit Elixirs.
Hence, he had to exchange for more spirit herbs.

Two days later, Fang Jinyu officially began his closed-door cultivation.

[Today is a day of hard cultivation to refine the Core Spirit Elixir.]

[Refined spiritual power of elixirs +1]

Although Fang Jinyu had no idea how he managed to extract such a thing today, he understood more about the elixirs after he had mastered them.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu could refine eight Core Spirit Elixirs even if the spirit herbs lacked spirituality!

For some unknown reason, Fang Jinyu felt as if he had become a different kind of Holy Alchemist.

Other Holy Alchemists could refine elixirs that were beyond their stage, but Fang Jinyu could refine elixirs of quality and quantity with all kinds of spirit herbs that lacked spirituality.

“When spiritual energy disappears, my alchemy skills will become valuable…”

Fang Jinyu cursed in his heart and continued on his path of cultivation.

Although people said that all medicine was 30% poisonous, Fang Jinyu felt cool about increasing his cultivation base by consuming elixirs.

When Fang Jinyu ended his closed-door cultivation, he was already ranked 5 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
His breakthrough had been extremely smooth, and he didn’t encounter any bottlenecks at all.
It was probably because he had to sort out his cultivation techniques before he could break through the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment.

“There’s still one Core Spirit Elixir left…”

Fang Jinyu glanced at the last of the third version of Core Spirit Elixir in the jade bottle and shook his head in regret.

Fang Jinyu had already consumed seven third-version of Core Spirit Elixirs.
Now that he had broken through rank 5 in the Foundation Establishment stage, the elixirs were no longer effective to him.

If Fang Jinyu hadn’t consumed it before, he could use it to improve his cultivation.

“But I can sell it when I want.”

Fang Jinyu kept it and left.
When he reached the door, he found a few Messenger Talismans there.

They were all sent by strangers.
Fang Jinyu knew none of them.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel the situation strange, so he listened to all the messages in the Messenger Talismans.


Soon, Fang Jinyu showed a strange expression.
The Messenger Talismans were all here to ask for his help refining the Core Spirit Elixir.
However, they didn’t want the most common basic version of Core Spirit Elixir, but rather the elixir that was refined by increasing or decreasing the number of spiritual items according to their cultivation base.

The reason why cultivators came to Fang Jinyu was that the Core Formation stage cultivator surnamed Qi had advertised his alchemy skills…

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