56 The Fragile Girl

The Core Formation stage cultivator with the surname Qi initially had no desire to promote Fang Jinyu’s alchemical abilities.
It was just that he stated in front of everyone in Mount Tianling that Fang Jinyu was not suspicious.
The basis for that was that Fang Jinyu was good at refining Core Spirit Elixirs.

The basic version of Core Spirit Elixirs was worth more than 10000 spirit stones.

Not to mention the enhanced Core Spirit Elixirs! Fang Jinyu could purchase a decent middle-grade spirit tool by only selling one elixir!

However, Fang Jinyu had already refined four of these elixirs.

Fang Jinyu didn’t put the first batch of elixirs into the “mystery realm.” He had only placed them in the Hundred-Treasure Box.
Hence, it naturally couldn’t hide from a Core Formation stage cultivator’s divine sense.

Who would dare disregard the advice of a great Core Formation stage cultivator, even though the Core Formation stage cultivator with the surname Qi did not consciously aid Fang Jinyu in publicizing his alchemy abilities?

In addition, the others took seriously what the Core Formation stage cultivator with the surname Qi said.
After people inquired about Fang Jinyu’s reputation, many cultivators who were at the same stage as him sent invitation letters to him.

The Messenger Talisman had many uses.
It could be used to leave a message, so it could be used as a token or an invitation letter.

Hence, Fang Jinyu appeared on Mount Jinsui an hour later.

It was one of the 72 peaks of the Tianling Sect.
Although there was nothing special about the mountain scenery, much spiritual rice was planted there.
The annual income of spirit stones was said to be twice that of Blossom Dew, which was produced on Mount Goddess.

The peak leader of Mount Jinsui was also a Core Formation stage cultivator.

The one who had invited Fang Jinyu here was the son of the peak leader’s disciple, Ning Daoan.

Ning Daoan’s father was only an ordinary sect disciple and his father had passed away a long time ago.
It caused that although Ning Daoan was still under Mount Jinsui’s peak leader, his status was naturally far inferior to that of the offspring of the other peak leader’s disciple.

Otherwise, Ning Daoan wouldn’t have come to Fang Jinyu for an elixir to break through his cultivation base.

After all, it was easy to get shade by leaning against a big tree.
Normally, Ning Daoan could easily get the elixirs he wanted while he was under such a great Core Formation stage cultivator.

Even if he didn’t have enough spirit stones, he could still settle the accounts.

People with special status naturally received different treatment from ordinary sect disciples, even though the situation in the Tianling Sect wasn’t as extreme as it was in the Liudao Sect.

“Junior Brother Fang, thank you for helping me refine the elixir!” Ning Daoan was only a cultivator who ranked 4 in the Foundation Establishment stage, but he addressed Fang Jinyu as his junior brother.

Fang Jinyu nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Senior Brother Ning.” Although he didn’t mind, he was a little speechless.

Fang Jinyu thought, “Why is Ning Daoan so confident of his status when he is already under such circumstances?”

Afterward, Fang Jinyu collected all the spirit herbs that Ning Daoan gave him.

Ning Daoan couldn’t help but ask, “Junior Brother Fang, when will my elixir be refined?” After all, he had paid a huge price to get the spirit herbs.

“I don’t have to refine it.
Here you go.
This Core Spirit Elixir just so happens to meet your requirements.” Fang Jinyu said it as he took out the remaining Core Spirit Elixir he had eaten.

It was also the reason why he had come to Mount Jinsui first to meet Ning Daoan.

Ning Daoan was stunned and thought, “There is a spot elixir?” He then hurriedly examined it carefully and found that it was true.
He couldn’t help but feel happy.

However, in the next second, Ning Daoan started to regret giving Fang Jinyu the spirit herbs.

If Fang Jinyu had made a lot of efforts to refine the batch of elixirs, Ning Daoan wouldn’t mind Fang Jinyu just giving him one elixir.
However, Fang Jinyu already had spot elixirs with him.
It meant that Fang Jinyu would take away all the spirit herbs that he obtained by owing people favors.
The situation made Ning Daoan feel uncomfortable.

However, each cultivator was aware that the alchemists would hold ownership of all the spirit herbs that remained after the elixirs were refined.
Moreover, Ning Daoan didn’t pay Fang Jinyu this time.

Therefore, Ning Daoan couldn’t help but say, “Junior Brother Fang, you have great alchemy skills to earn spirit stones easily.”

“Senior Brother Ning, you only see how alchemy earns me spirit stones, but you don’t know how it spends my spirit stones!” Fang Jinyu didn’t mind Ning Daoan being sulky toward him.
Besides, he was in a good mood.
It was because Ning Daoan’s spirit herbs were enough for him to refine the next version of the Core Spirit Elixir.

Other alchemists couldn’t refine the Core Spirit Elixirs that could help one break through to rank 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage from rank 5 because they lacked spirituality.

However, it was perfect for Fang Jinyu.

At most, it would only reduce the number of refined elixirs!

Afterward, Fang Jinyu prepared to return to his immortal estate and continue refining elixirs.

As for the others’ invitations, Fang Jinyu would meet them next time.

It was more important to work hard to improve his cultivation base!

However, when Fang Jinyu returned to Mount Xiaohe, he saw a girl he had met once before standing at the door.

The girl’s face was pale and bloodless, and her body was as thin as a stick.
Although she stood in front of the immortal estate with a natural expression, enjoying the gentle mountain breeze with her eyes closed and smiling, she gave Fang Jinyu the feeling that she could die at any time.

“Is she also a distant relative of the former Fang Jinyu?”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but think.

The book once mentioned that one of the elixir stores in the Seven Treasures Immortal City had an old man called Elder Sun, who had a grudge against the Liu family.
Elder Sun had a granddaughter.
She needed 10 Foundation Establishment Elixirs to break through the Foundation Establishment stage.
However, Fang Jinyu had no idea what Elder Sun’s granddaughter looked like.

After all, Elder Sun’s granddaughter had been buried for many years when she appeared in the story.

Elder Sun’s granddaughter had a Yanling spirit root, which was not inferior to the Tianling spiritual root.
However, she could only die with regret due to the lack of cultivation resources.

On the other hand, Fang Jinyu thought of it and quickly took a few steps forward.
After all, she might be a distant relative of his, and he couldn’t let her die in front of his immortal estate.
He wanted to avoid her death bringing him bad luck… No, he wanted to avoid being sad because of her death.

Fang Jinyu cupped his fists and asked, “Junior Sister, may I know what brings you here?” Since he wasn’t sure if they were his distant relatives, he addressed her according to her cultivation base.

The extremely weak young lady before Fang Jinyu was also a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

“Are you Senior Brother Fang Jinyu?” Sun Xinyu also saw Fang Jinyu.
She thought, “His looks are above average, but he gives people a sense of magnanimity.” When she recalled the content she had asked about before, she quickly returned the bow.

Fang Jinyu nodded and said, “It’s me.”

“Senior Brother Fang, I’m here to request your assistance in creating a furnace of elixirs that can restore my vitality.” Sun Xinyu quickly told him the elixir she wanted.

Fang Jinyu’s expression turned odd as he listened to her request.
Since he had a few elixirs that can restore one’s vitality, he nodded and said, “No problem.”

“Thank you so much, Senior Brother Fang!”

Fang Jinyu accepted Sun Xinyu’s spirit herbs, then took out a bottle of elixirs from his immortal estate and gave it to her.
Sun Xinyu was stunned for a moment.

However, Sun Xinyu didn’t say anything, because the elixirs were indeed beneficial to her.

Afterward, Sun Xinyu bid Fang Jinyu goodbye.

Fang Jinyu didn’t think much of it until a familiar text box appeared.

[Today is a day of selling elixirs and collecting spirit herbs.]

[Refined the fourth female lead’s hobby +1]

“What’s this?”

Fang Jinyu thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.
He thought, “What kind of hobby is this?” However, the next second, he realized something more important.

“The fourth female lead?”

“Isn’t there only Su Yier and Du Maner?”

“Then who’s the third female lead?”

Fang Jinyu was dumbfounded, and then he couldn’t help but think of a story.
“One monk carries water with a carrying pole, two monks carry water together, and three monks don’t have water to drink.
What about four?”

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