The Happiest Thing to Do Is Tattletale

Mount Tianling was the highest peak among the 72 peaks in the Tianling Sect.
It was known for its unique soaring heights and steep-sided jagged peaks.
Moreover, it had the most charming climate and scenery.

Unlike Mount Xiaohe, where Fang Jinyu lived, there was a gate at the bottom of Mount Tianling.
Moreover, it was surrounded by restrictive enchantment.
Even Core Formation stage cultivators could not fly over it.
They could only enter Mount Tianling through the gate.

It was said that Mount Tianling was the actual entrance of the Tianling Sect.

The other 71 peaks were seized from the hands of the different sects when the Tianling Sect was developing and growing.

Of course, there were peaks that the Tianling Sect easily attained.
For example, Mount Xiaohe.

Some peaks that produced specialty products, such as Mount Goddess, were all occupied by other sects back then.

After all, in addition to a stable and reliable promotion channel, the benefit chain is the most crucial factor in an organization.
No matter how strong a sect was, it would collapse in the blink of an eye if one of the components was lost.

Fang Jinyu had arrived on a talisman tool.
For a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, his spirit item was too shabby.
After all, a spirit tool indicated the rank of a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.
However, no matter how shabby it was, he was still a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator!

Meanwhile, two disciples who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage were on duty.
They hurried over to greet him.

“Greetings, Martial Uncle!”

The Tianling Sect had around a thousand disciples who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage.
Thus, although the two disciples ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage, they weren’t familiar with Fang Jinyu.

“Junior Brothers, please help me report to the Sect Leader about me, Fang Jinyu, the new Foundation Establishment stage disciple from Mount Xiaohe, wants to pay a formal visit to the Sect Leader.”

When the two disciples who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage heard Fang Jinyu’s words, they immediately looked envious.

A new Foundation Establishment stage cultivator meant that Fang Jinyu had just broken through to the Foundation Establishment stage.
In other words, just a few days ago, Fang Jinyu held the same rank as them, ranking 9 in the Qi Condensation stage.

“Yes, Martial Uncle.”

The two disciples, who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage, quickly informed the Tianling Sect Leader of the issue because it was their obligation to do so.

Fang Jinyu thought that he would have to wait for a while.
After all, even though the Sect Leader was not a Core Formation stage cultivator, he was still busy.
Unless the other part was a Core Formation stage cultivator, no one could cut the queue.

However, the two disciples who ranked 9 in the Qi Condensation stage told him that the Sect Leader wanted him to hurry over.

Although their words seemed strange, Fang Jinyu still went up the mountain.
Meanwhile, he thought, “After all, complaining… No, it is more important to solve the problem of the chance of entering the Lingdu Secret Realm.”

“Although there are magic treasures in the Lingdu Secret Realm that will help increase his luck after refining them, none are more important than saving his life!”

After reading the book, Fang Jinyu knew of three locations where magic treasures were hidden.

However, he was now in an awkward situation.
Apart from one half-refined magic treasure that he could try to get, he would dig his own grave to visit the other two locations with his rank 1 in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Fang Jinyu didn’t dare to wander around Mount Tianling.
Instead, he headed straight for the main hall.

As soon as he entered, he found only the Sect Leader and a young man with his hands behind his back in the hall.
The young man seemed to be a mortal, but the Sect Leader was very respectful to him.

Fang Jinyu quickly bowed and said, “Disciple Fang Jinyu greets Senior and Sect Leader.”

Although Fang Jinyu had never met a Tianling Sect’s Core Formation stage cultivator, the young man in front of him was definitely a Core Formation stage cultivator.
He was likely on the verge of breaking his core and forming his nascent soul.

Otherwise, the Sect Leader wouldn’t have such a polite attitude.

Tianling Sect Leader, according to the book, was now meeting with Su Yier’s master and treating him as if he were a peer.

After all, the sect leader’s identity was exceptional, and he had his seniority.

The sect leader asked, “Tell us! What do you want?”

“Sect Leader, I am lucky to comprehend the truth of the spell and break through the bottleneck.
I broke through to the Foundation Establishment stage by accumulating my inner energy.
Therefore, I can’t have the chance given by the sect to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm, so…”

Fang Jinyu immediately explained the situation.
However, before he finished his words, the young man interrupted him and said, “Just have the chance with you.
Entering the Lingdu Secret Realm is quite a good opportunity for you.
It’ll save you 20 years of hard work if you’re lucky.
But before you go in, you must bring a Discipline Pearl.”

“Hurry up and thank Grandmaster,” Tianling Sect Leader said immediately.

Fang Jinyu finally understood the young man’s identity.
He was the Tianling Sect’s Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster.

A Foundation Establishment stage cultivator would have a lifespan of 200 years.

A Core Formation stage cultivator would have a lifespan of 500 years.

A Nascent Soul stage cultivator would have a lifespan of at least 1500 years.

As a cultivator who had gone through the ups and downs of history, he was indeed a true otherworldly celestial!

The Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster was why the Tianling Sect became the head of all the sects in the world.
Even if most of the 72 peaks didn’t have restrictive enchantments, nobody dared to provoke them.

Fang Jinyu immediately bowed deeply and said, “Thank you, Grandmaster, for your grace!”

Tianling Sect’s Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster nodded in response to Fang Jinyu’s words, “Yes.” Then, he continued, “You’re just like your parents, but if you want to go far in the cultivation world, don’t be too kind.”

Fang Jinyu finally understood why the Sect Leader told him to come up quickly.
It turned out that the former Fang Jinyu’s parents had an acquaintance with the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster!

However, they seemed not to have a close acquaintance with the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster, but that was alright!

Fang Jinyu quickly said, “Grandmaster, thank you for your reminder.
I’ll remember your reminder.
Sect Leader, I have something to report.”

“Go ahead!”

Fang Jinyu said, “Not long ago, Chen Baxing sent someone to look for me, asking me to give up my chance to enter the Lingdu Secret Realm.
Of course, I rejected his request.
However, the other party said that if I gave up, they would take care of all matters.
Moreover, a junior brother named Lu Shaojun, who claims that his father is an alchemist, promised to help me refine a Foundation Establishment Elixir.”

Since the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster was present, he didn’t dare to discuss too many details.
Hence, he briefly mentioned the two main culprits.
As for Lu Yifang, he chose to let him go.

Before the Sect Leader spoke, the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster showed a gloomy expression and snorted angrily, “Huh, what bold disciples!”

Fang Jinyu could not help but feel confused.

Why did Grandmaster appear even more enraged than him?

The Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster turned to look at the Sect Leader and asked, “You know what to do, right?”

The Sect Leader immediately answered, “I will deal with it according to the sect’s rules!” He knew that the Grandmaster personally set some of the sect’s rules.
Breaking the sect rules was equivalent to provoking the Grandmaster!

For example, rules like Tianling Sect’s Core Formation stage cultivators could not harm fellow Foundation Establishment stage cultivators.

Moreover, one who possesses the chance of entering the Lingdu Secret Realm must enter by themselves!

The Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster nodded.
Then, he turned into a stream of light and immediately disappeared.

It was the Nascent Soul stage’s one-of-a-kind ability.
Cultivators could switch between physical and virtual forms, gathering and dispersing at their hearts’ will.

The Tianling Sect Leader looked relieved after the Grandmaster left.
Afterward, he looked at Fang Jinyu with a smile and said, “Junior Brother Fang, you may go and collect a Discipline Pearl.
Just activate it before you enter the Lingdu Secret Realm.
Senior Brother will take care of the other matters!”

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