60 Going Too Far Is as Bad as Not Enough

Fang Jinyu asked calmly, “Senior Sister Jiao, why do you say that?”

Jiao Taohua didn’t explain but she said, “The technique that I cultivate can greatly increase my divine sense.
In addition, my divine sense is innately several times stronger than that of other cultivators at the same stage.
It allowed my divine sense to break through the Core Formation stage when I was ranked 5 or 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage.
However, my divine sense isn’t as powerful as a Core Formation stage cultivator’s divine sense.”

Fang Jinyu understood tacitly.

Jiao Taohua was telling him that she had discovered that he was slacking off by relying on her powerful divine sense.

However, Fang Jinyu would never admit it.
He replied naturally, “Senior Sister Jiao, you must be wrong.
I’ve already found a suitable candidate.”

“You found it?” Jiao Taohua was stunned and subconsciously said, “The disciple the Grandmaster asked us to find isn’t an ordinary disciple.”

“It’s a coincidence.”

Fang Jinyu repeated the lines he had prepared beforehand, “I just happened to hear about a junior sister who recently left the sect.
Her departure was very strange because no one noticed it.
However, she’s engaged to a Core Formation stage martial uncle.
Should we…”

Before Fang Jinyu could finish his sentence, Jiao Taohua said in disbelief, “A Core Formation stage cultivator will fall in love with a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator?”

Setting up an engagement wasn’t as simple as having concubines.

It had an extraordinary meaning.

Therefore, a Core Formation stage cultivator would marry another Core Formation stage cultivator if they wanted to get married.

A Core Formation stage cultivator wanted to marry a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator was inappropriate.
Furthermore, it was more of a disadvantage for a Core Formation stage cultivator.

Fang Jinyu didn’t respond.

After thinking for a moment, Jiao Taohua nodded and said, “Although I don’t have any proof, she should be the person the Grandmaster is looking for.
Since that’s the case, let’s go tell the Grandmaster!”

“Now?” Fang Jinyu was surprised.
Being so diligent wasn’t a good thing for a worker!

“Of course! Since we’ve discovered it, we naturally have to inform the Grandmaster as soon as possible!” Jiao Taohua said it with a look of righteousness.

Fang Jinyu had no choice but to follow her to Mount Guiwang.

However, Fang Jinyu couldn’t go up this time, because the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster only let Jiao Taohua go up.

Fang Jinyu didn’t mind.

Speaking of which, the book once mentioned that Jiao Taohua seemed to have tried to break through the Core Formation stage three times.
On the third occasion, she took a risk out of desperation and died because of a Qi deviation.

Fang Jinyu was deep in thought.
He had been puzzled before.
After all, the probability of a dual-attribute spiritual root cultivator breaking through the Core Formation stage wasn’t low.
It was just that they wouldn’t form a high-grade core.

However, as long as she had some opportunity after breaking through the Core Formation stage, she could still cultivate to become a middle-stage Core Formation cultivator.

However, Jiao Taohua failed.

Jiao Taohua even lost her life in the Qi deviation.

Fang Jinyu finally understood that going too far was as bad as falling short!

Jiao Taohua’s overpowering divine sense was the sole cause of her moniker as a “genius detective”.
However, they had also become her shackles.

When she was a middle-stage Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, she had a divine sense comparable to that of the Core Formation stage cultivator.

What about now? How powerful was her divine sense as she ranked 9 in the Foundation Establishment stage?

“She will fall short of success because she lacks quality, even if she has quantity.” Fang Jinyu shook his head slightly and thought, “It’s impossible all the benefits in the world be taken away by one person, right?”

At this moment, Jiao Taohua suddenly appeared at the foot of the mountain.

Jiao Taohua said solemnly, “Junior Brother Fang, I owe you a favor this time.
If you need my help in the future, just let me know.”

Fang Jinyu smiled and said, “Then I’ll thank Senior Sister Jiao first.”

Jiao Taohua nodded and left with her spirit tool.

Fang Jinyu returned to Mount Xiaohe soon after.
He opened his immortal estate but found that Xin Qianqian was no longer inside.
However, the situation was within his expectations.
After all, he had just activated the formations and restrictive enchantments that could prevent other people from entering.

One wouldn’t be stopped by any formation or restrictive enchantment when leaving the immortal estate.

Xin Qianqian had left Fang Jinyu a Messenger Talisman before she left.
She told him she was going to start her closed-door cultivation, and she could address him as her senior brother in public when they met again.

After reading it, Fang Jinyu resumed his closed-door cultivation.

Fang Jinyu would refine elixirs before he cultivated them.

As an ordinary cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage, Fang Jinyu’s life was simple and boring.

By the time Fang Jinyu ended his closed-door cultivation, though it wasn’t snowing heavily, it was already autumn.
Another half a year had passed.

Although Fang Jinyu wasn’t busy to the point where he ignored the change of weather, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Currently, Fang Jinyu’s cultivation base has broken through rank 6 in the Foundation Establishment stage!

Fang Jinyu looked around and noticed many Messenger Talismans were on his door’s restrictive enchantment.
He slightly twitched his eyebrows and thought, “It seems like I can get free elixirs and spirit herbs again.”

The fourth female lead, the extremely fragile Junior Sister Sun, sent the most Messenger Talismans.

Sun Xinyu needed Fang Jinyu’s help in refining elixirs.
Most of them were rare elixirs, which was Fang Jinyu’s first time seeing their names.

Afterward, there was a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the surname Lu.

He requested Fang Jinyu’s help to refine a furnace of Core Spirit Elixirs.
The spirit herbs he provided were exactly the ones that Fang Jinyu could use to refine the next version of the Core Spirit Elixir.

“Why does he need me to refine elixirs for him when he has such a powerful family?”

Fang Jinyu was perplexed, but he thought for a while before moving toward Mount Zhonglin, which his fellow Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the last name Lu had mentioned.

However, when Fang Jinyu arrived at Mount Zhonglin, one of the 72 peaks of the Tianling Sect, he found out that the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the last name Lu had gone out for some business.
He had left behind a Messenger Talisman, asking Fang Jinyu to go to a small immortal city to find him when he came.
He also stated that he would pay for all the expenses.

Although Fang Jinyu had to take a big detour, he could reimburse the travel expenses.
Moreover, he could use the elixirs he didn’t need to exchange for the spirit herbs he needed.
Hence, he was willing to do it.

Fang Jinyu went to the stargazing flying ship station near Mount Lingjian to ask for the prices.
It wasn’t only then that he found that there had been no cheap stargazing flying ship tickets recently.
He could only take the superior-tier stargazing flying ship that would pass by that small immortal city.

“Senior Brother Lu, since I’m in a hurry to see you, you don’t mind paying for the 50000 spirit stones for the ticket fees, right?” Fang Jinyu thought for a moment before boarding the stargazing flying ship.

Two hours later, Fang Jinyu arrived at his destination—the Monastic Immortal City.

Compared to the Seven Treasures Immortal City, even though there was a Core Formation stage cultivator in charge of the Monastic Immortal City, the Core Formation stage cultivator was only in name.
He wouldn’t appear in the Monastic Immortal City even once in ten years.

The entire area of the Monastic Immortal City was only one-tenth the size of the Seven Treasures Immortal City.

Therefore, it could be said that the good and the bad were living together in this city.

There were small sects, small noble cultivation families, and different kinds of rogue cultivators.

Fang Jinyu left behind the second Messenger Talisman from the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator surnamed Lu as collateral for the “ticket”.
After that, someone would naturally go to him to collect the spirit stones.

On the other hand, Fang Jinyu immediately went to the location where the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator with the last name Lu mentioned in the Messenger Talisman.
It was a valley outside the Monastic Immortal City.

Many mountains were around the Monastic Immortal City, but most of them weren’t high mountains.
Although it was located in a remote valley, Fang Jinyu could easily find it because it had the densest killing intent in the surrounding hundred miles.
Hence, it was easy to find out.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t notice that someone discovered him as soon as he arrived at the Monastic Immortal City.

“Tell Brother Lu that the fish has taken the bait.”


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